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Xiao transparent expressed his sincere fear and received so many likes, but it was also uncomfortable to see that many cute little cuties had such a sad experience. I still hope that the little cuties will have good results! Where you can’t see, someone loves you, loves you! I will continue to add some sand sculptures in the following text! Make everyone happy. 2021-2-26, Happy Lantern Festival! Everyone has Yuanxiao! Although my Lantern Festival dumplings are silly and can’t tell the urgency! (Yeah, I was fortunate enough to have a very low score in the sixth level. I plan to consider preparing for the BEC intermediate level. I have a small spoken partner… The probability may be in the second half of the year, because I have already prepared for other exams in the first half of the year… Solicit oral friends online, and ask the big guys to take me a little fool) the original answer below. Yes, even if you don’t feel in love, you will feel dependent and ambiguous. After that, you will look forward to his chat reply, start to speculate on his thoughts, coupled with his good looks and interesting style, it is easy to make you feel like “Hey, this person is good, I shouldn’t miss it”. . You will unconsciously sink deeper and find a topic. If he does not reply to you or responds slowly, you will start to think about it, and even the most important study work will be put aside, but please stop, think about how many times have you met together? Have you been out to play? Frequent? Does his friend know you? Do you know his friendship status (meaning he did not chat with other girls like this)? This trouble makes you fall in a false love, and even thinks that you are a girl in love. You start to search the Internet for “how do you like it?” “Why did he? “No reply”, “What should I do”, “Tarot divination feelings” and so on. You have spent very little time on these. Your study and work are wasteful, and you are all complaining and guessing when you chat with your friends. Your friend may be a little troublesome because of the lack of face. You frequently update the dynamic circle of friends, hoping to get his attention, or even frantically check every few minutes to see if there is him in the page view, and he does not give you points for him to like others. Praise sad. You become sensitive and sad, but he doesn’t know all of this, and it may even be your own fantasy. In his eyes, you may be an ordinary friend or even more cruel, you are just a netizen. In fact, this is my own personal experience. I feel that I am irrational. I feel like an idiot. My suggestive confession has been declined. I also wake up. Is my feelings for him as deep as I think? I tried not to contact him and not pay attention to him. I only answered briefly when facing his news and stopped looking for topics. It turned out that I thought too deeply about myself and got out of it, and found that real life is the most important thing. Because I still have parents, the pressure of studying for examinations, and my lovely friends, I am paying the price for my behavior in the first four months. I stay up late every day to study at the desk. I understand. I can’t ask for anything that disturbs my study and work. ! So, isn’t learning fragrant? I’m so stupid, I have to chew the book after I show my feelings, goodbye, I’m studying, I love to learn. Hahaha Ignore the meaningless and hypocritical conversation and delete his remarks and turn it into his screen name, and then hide him in the group with the most friends, so that I want to chat with him, I will not bother to look through the list, I don’t want to find him, of course, because I can’t remember my screen name, my friend search is not good,,,,,,, I developed a new hobby of learning, and I continue to focus my spare energy on watercolor learning. Then I learned the Tarot Oracle to heal and help my friends. Maybe I was a little injured, so I want to be healed. I can do my best to help my friends relieve. This also diverts my attention. I played Heping for him, so I uninstalled it. I was really afraid of that game. After all, I was just a dumb man and machine. Isn’t cute little happy, I can’t think of it if there is no emm, so don’t look it up, don’t play with your phone, just lock the phone, and study it. Xingba, I will revise the answer again, I found out, You are the emojis that greet me!!!!! Withered


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9 months ago

Most of my consultants will ask me something like this: “Teacher, I want to chat with him, what excuse should I use to start the chat”? Some people may have a guilty conscience and are always afraid of being discovered by the other party. Then I found all kinds of weird excuses. For example: “Senior, I don’t know this question, you can help me explain it!”. Or: “Classmate, you learn computer, my computer is broken, help me fix it”. There are also colleagues or partners who always use work as an excuse to contact each other, making themselves mentally retarded and annoying each other. Really, everyone is very busy now, no one wants to answer some questions that can be found on Baidu every day. Chatting really doesn’t need a reason, just let the other person know that you want to chat with him openly, so what? This is a kind of signal release, if the other person has such a good impression of you, he will immediately jump on it.

9 months ago

And many girls, in the process of chatting, showed their friendliness and politeness in 360 degrees, and all kinds of expressions and respectful expressions were flying! The words and sentences were all 130 points in the college entrance examination language. The other party saw that you were typing for five minutes, and as a result, you got back a line of words. Do you think he won’t find you like him this way? You are wrong!!! If you are not a straight steel man with zero experience, you can tell in a word whether you like him or not. Now that the Internet is so developed and it is so convenient to repair the computer, you want to let people repair the computer and then invite dinner. Do you think your purpose is not obvious? ? I asked my husband. When I was chatting with him, he made a very cute expression and he knew that I liked him!!!!! My husband, a straight man, only fell in love twice! Not to mention you guys Chasing old drivers! Don’t think of the other person as a superior male god, nor as a prey that is inevitable. You only need to treat the other person as a kind classmate. Don’t be afraid to say something wrong. There is a high probability that if you don’t speak to others. Bad things, don’t yell at him, don’t swear, don’t brag, don’t let him hate you, no one says everything perfectly and decently, and sometimes they make some small mistakes to look cute. If he occasionally does not respond, or is indifferent, it is normal. No one is obliged to cooperate with your orgasm all the time. So calm your mind, you have to let go of the other party to let go. 3. The speech is very explicit, straightforward, and purposeful

9 months ago

This is exactly the opposite of the previous one. Some girls are very self-confident. They can’t wait to tell them their intentions as soon as they add friends, such as: “I miss you” “You haven’t returned to me for a long time” “Why didn’t you talk to me yesterday “Are you busy now, don’t bother you anymore” “Can I chase you” “What do you think of me” Some of these are relatively euphemistic, but in my opinion, they are all! ! Equivalent to confession! ! ! ! In the early days of Liaohan, this was really bad. Think about it. A guy who has not met him for a long time and has not met him several times will come up and say that he likes you very much and wants to chase you. Would you doubt him? Sincerity? Do you think he is too hungry, do you suspect that he just wants to find a girlfriend, do you believe that he really likes you? Other boys will have this concern too! ! In addition, being too purposeful will really put a lot of pressure on the other party. In the early days of acquaintance, it should be relaxed and happy, full of mystery and uncertainty. This kind of atmosphere is more fascinating. Here is a supplement, some girls will often send boys some self-portraits, beautiful videos, etc. This situation is also undesirable, if you really take super beautiful photos, please guide Boys find out by themselves~~

9 months ago

Some girls are really glass-hearted. For example, I once met such a suitor. I just added a boy’s WeChat and didn’t dare to chat. So one day I finally got up the courage to give a like to the boy’s new circle of friends, but nothing After a while, the boy deleted this circle of friends, so the girl collapsed and came to me and asked me, “Teacher, does he hate me, or delete the circle of friends if I like him a little.” At that time, I really wanted to say, girl, then you still don’t chase after, but I still held back. There are some girls who interact very well with boys. Boys talk to her every day, and it is about to be done. But suddenly there are two days when boys don’t find her. This situation is very common. It is likely that the boys are in a bad mood, or recently There are exams, busy work, and so on, but girls can’t stand it. What would she do? She would be cold and violent. The next day even if the boys talk to her and explain, she still won’t return. This kind of cold war directly cut off the sprouts of love. There are also some girls who are not very familiar with boys or even have seen them. In this case, is it normal for boys not to actively chat? Does blind enthusiasm be considered irresponsible without knowing a person? ~ But the girl just felt that the other party didn’t like herself, she must be out of play, so she gave up decisively, and even blacked out the boys. Many girls asked me, “Teacher, am I out of play like this?” When I saw that this was nowhere, they didn’t even start to know each other, so why didn’t I have a play. Then the girl said: “If he likes me, he should come to chase me.” At this time, I usually say: “Girl, I’m just here to guide sultry guys, women chase men, and I need you to act. I don’t know how to do it. Let him fall in love with you at first sight”.

9 months ago

There are some girls who chat with boys and talk about a lot of things happening around them every day, such as what happened to their roommates, who was late for class today, watched a movie for themselves, and what they were talking about. Think of the male god as a listener. In fact, unless it is a boy who likes you, who wants to be your tree hole! ! ! You should care more about his life, guide him to talk, let him talk more, let him tell you the secrets and unhappy things in his heart, and then you will be a close sister, patiently answer, encourage him, Give him advice and let him rely on you! !

9 months ago

First of all, you can’t say bad things about others unless he is the enemy of the male god; you can’t talk about your very serious shortcomings, such as buck teeth before being corrected, etc.; you can’t show off someone chasing yourself, this is really narcissistic; try your best Don’t talk dirty! ; Don’t take the initiative to talk about your own failed emotional experience. Summarizing these misunderstandings, what should we do? This time, Miaomiao specially summed up several years of chatting experience and years of teaching and guidance experience, and taught everyone to chat with boys. I will focus on how to start topics, find common topics, flirt online, and the frequency of chats, and so on.

9 months ago

The first step in opening an online chat is to open the topic. Many girls end the chat before it even starts. The reason is that there is a problem with the way the topic is opened. Most people will choose to open the chat box and ask the other person “Are you there?” or “What are you doing?” This kind of unnutritious question and answer mode will naturally lack topicality and it is difficult to have in-depth conversations. The sentence stopped abruptly. Be sure to prepare before you are ready to start. The best starting point is to start with the circle of friends. The circle of friends is equivalent to a person’s personal business card. His interests, hobbies, and recent life will be reflected in his circle of friends, so you can take a good look before you are ready to start chatting with him. Look at his circle of friends to learn more about the things he is currently paying attention to. If you happen to see the circle of friends he posted, you can like or comment, because when the other party is posting in the circle of friends, there is a high probability that there is free and desire to chat Yes, you can take the opportunity to talk to him. However, many girls also told me that male gods don’t post much on their Moments, or they can only be seen for three days. This is also very common. In this case, you need to get to know him in other ways. I believe he understands the basic situation. For example, if he is studying a certain major, you can learn more about what he is studying in this major and his future career. Development, postgraduate entrance examinations and employment. If he happens to be a junior, you can start with these topics. For example, if you learn that he has just traveled to a certain place, you can talk to him about the culture of that place; you can also start from work. For example, if he is a lawyer, you can ask him if he has encountered any special difficulties. Of the parties, what strange cases have they encountered, or their views on a certain social hot case.

9 months ago

Topic interaction When you are sure that the boys’ mood is relatively high, you can enter the second step. The best way is to gradually substitute the boys into the ambiguous atmosphere. At this time, as a foreshadowing before flirting, topic interaction is very necessary. Topic interaction is to exchange things you have encountered recently with boys, and it is something that makes people feel relaxed and happy. In order to help everyone better interact with topics, I will teach you a lively chat technique-secretly changing concepts. Swap the concept is to steal some seemingly the same concepts, but in fact it changes the specific connotations of the concept’s modifiers, scope of application, and referents. When flirting, we can use this logical concept to deliberately change the concept. For example, a boy asks you, “Are you busy lately?” You can answer him: “Fortunately, except when working, I am quite idle~” At this time, we secretly changed the meaning of the word and changed what the boy asked. The overall busy state of the person is secretly changed to separate the working state and the living state. The advantage of answering this way is that boys can intuitively feel that there is a logical problem with what you say, but because you did it on purpose, it makes this sentence very playful and interesting, which is more busy or not busy than a simple reply. More active chat atmosphere.

9 months ago

Ambiguous escalation When two people enter the chat state and the conversation exceeds 20 sentences, we can consider entering the third step, ambiguous flirting. The state of flirting at this time can be changed from the second step of shallow flirting to open flirting. The more obvious chat content for flirting is to compliment each other. Generally, you can get feedback from the other party by praising the other person. We have to compliment the boys and observe the feedback of the boys to you, so as to decide whether to continue to interact with each other ambiguously. When praising the other person, you can start with a certain compliment on the boy’s appearance, for example, his dress, hairstyle, eyebrows, eyes, etc. The more detailed the appearance of the boy, the more credible he is. And don’t simply compliment him with the expression “It’s so good-looking”, but use specific adjectives, for example, “Your eyes are very bright, especially God.” Next, we can also praise his character, humor and wit , Be considerate and careful, and then upgrade to his ability to work, smart and capable, decisive and so on. When complimenting a boy’s character and work ability, you must be able to say specific details, for example, “The information you helped me find last time not only solved my urgent needs, but also carefully marked out the key points. , As soon as I opened the file, I was very touched, you are really too careful and considerate!” When chatting with boys, you must form a conditioned reflexive compliment to satisfy the boys’ self-esteem. In Lesson 5, we learned how to compliment specifically, so we won’t expand it here.

9 months ago

I remember that I used to line up with an old man Zhihu with high intensity. At the beginning, it was still a turn-based system. You post a few in the morning, and I return a few in the evening, to speak logically, and then mock each other with yin and yang. Later, when he came back to me one night, I happened to be there. I was annoyed when the inking time was too long, so I went straight up and started spraying on the line. The unreasonable pure Yin and Yang person, he happened to be there, so I started to spray. I can’t remember exactly how many items I said, and it’s not too much. Anyway, no one can swear at the end. If you want to talk about the illusion of love, it will not produce a little bit, but there is one thing, and the impression of that old man is not very bad, so I just have a disagreement, unlike some replies that seem to be disgusting. So, high-strength and high-strength cannot be generalized.

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