Recently, Chongqing. Zou Mi, a handicapped female master’s degree, was obstructed in the examination of teacher qualification.

It is reported that Zou Mi was disabled due to a car accident in her sophomore year, but with her own efforts, she obtained a master’s degree from two universities at home and abroad.

Today, Zou Mi is an off-campus English training teacher. In order to adapt to industry standards, she took the teacher qualification examination. After passing the written examination and interview, she was stuck in the physical examination due to lower limb disabilities.

Zou Mi said that if she fails to obtain a teacher qualification certificate, she will face unemployment.

Recently, the media reported that Zou Mi, a Chongqing handicapped female master, was originally an off-campus English training teacher. In order to comply with policy requirements and adapt to industry norms, she took the teacher qualification examination and passed the written interview successfully, but she was stuck in the physical examination due to a disability of her lower limbs. Zou Mi said that if she fails to obtain the certificate, she will face unemployment and seek help from the relevant departments. The reply is that the standard cannot be changed. The Chongqing Municipal Teacher Qualification Certificate Physical Examination Standard stipulates that “two upper limbs or two lower limbs cannot be used, and the two lower limbs are not equal in length more than 5 cm”, which means that the teacher qualification physical examination is unqualified. Zou Mi’s sophomore year unfortunately suffered a car accident, her lower limbs were disabled and she could only sit in a wheelchair. She obviously did not meet the medical examination standards and missed the career of a teacher. This made Zou Mi unacceptable, and it also made it difficult for others to understand. Zou Mi teaches children in any society, Zou Mi is a typical inspirational story, a vivid template used to inspire students not to fear frustration. Although she suffers from a disability, she has been constantly striving to improve herself. With her own efforts, she obtained a master’s degree from two universities at home and abroad. She first worked as a senior translator, and later switched to an English teacher. She was very popular among students and became well-known in the circle. Facts have proved that, whether it is academic knowledge or education and teaching ability, she is competent enough to be a teacher. Why should she be deprived of the opportunity to be a teacher because of her inability to change her disability and restrict her development in the field of teaching? Although the place is to act according to the rules, this kind of medical examination standard is obviously unreasonable. The law has never restricted the disabled to be teachers, and the current medical examination standards are stipulated by the education administrative department of the provincial people’s government. This means that there is completely room for self-improvement in the locality. But despite the appeal of similar issues for many years, in actual operations, the high standards of medical examinations are still habitually used in various places. Except for physical disabilities, chicken breasts, hunchbacks, short stature, large scars on the face, etc. are all regarded as unqualified medical examinations. I don’t know if I thought it was recruiting models or pilots, not teachers. It is undeniable that considering the actual needs of teaching, teachers need to have a certain threshold of physical conditions. For example, candidates who suffer from infectious diseases or have mental problems will directly affect the life safety of students, so they are obviously not suitable for teachers. But some standards should be eliminated long ago with the changes of the times. For example, people who are short or have disabilities in their lower limbs were worried that their bodies would not be able to reach the blackboard, and classroom teaching would be hindered. With the upgrading of teaching equipment and the application of multimedia technology, such worries have long been unnecessary. As for the worry that the disabled will not be able to control the child, or that the child cannot be rescued in time when the child is in danger, it is taken for granted. The ability of education and teaching is a comprehensive ability, and what is needed is a comprehensive evaluation. One cannot completely deny a person’s management level and ability to control the campus environment because of his physical impairment. Zou Mi’s domestic master’s degree certificate means that the teacher’s physical examination standards cannot be generalized and generalized, but must have a reasonable connection with the work to be completed. The physical conditions set should be necessary and reasonable for the completion of the work, otherwise there is a suspicion of discrimination. Of course, there is a general concern for the disabled in the locality, that is, most schools lack barrier-free access environment. If the disabled are recruited in, it is a problem to enter and exit the classroom, and go up and down the stairs. However, this is a specific issue that schools must consider when recruiting. It is not appropriate to pre-set thresholds and establish one-size-fits-all regulations in the process of teacher qualification certification. After all, not all schools refuse to provide reasonable convenience for the disabled, and not all teaching environments require special care for the disabled. Take Zou Mi as an example. She is an off-campus training teacher. Her previous experience has proved that she can overcome all the inconveniences of life and is competent for extracurricular training. In addition, she can also carry out online teaching and complete teaching tasks without leaving home. Why bother to take the insufficiency of her body, deprive her of her qualifications to become a teacher at the beginning, stifle her mature career, and destroy her job of survival? It is not easy for the disabled to make a living. The relevant departments should give them more humanistic care, relax the standards and create conditions to make them more convenient and barrier-free to be teachers, instead of imposing limits on their few life choices. For some long-standing outdated and rigid mechanical reasons, groups of people with enthusiasm for education were cruelly turned away. Compared with the practical considerations in teaching, the physical conditions in the locality are hindered at various levels, and perhaps more are worried about the unsightly physical disability, the lack of good looks, and the lack of an image of being a teacher. Since ancient times, to serve as a model for others, what has been investigated is a person’s knowledge and inner qualities, and his ability to preach and teach karma to solve puzzles. People with disabilities like Zou Mi can overcome physical disabilities, master the professional knowledge and skills of education and teaching, and have no limits on their own lives. Their spirit is powerful for students, and they are the best way to teach by precepts and deeds. It is the local authorities that need to change the discriminatory mentality and make up for the shortcomings of concepts. When formulating standards, don’t just focus on the shortcomings of others, look at their strengths, clear out discriminatory standards, and let more people with disabilities who are willing to use teachers as their ambitions to join in. This is the protection and promotion of the image of local teachers. It is respect for education.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

In fact, our society has no concept of equality for people with disabilities. The construction of various blind tracks is not standardized, and after completion, they are occupied by random parking. There is no structure for people with disabilities to travel in various building facilities. The simplest example, do you see how many cities in the 996 crowd are pushing wheelchairs to get off work? If my example is the hardware level, then the teacher in this question is rejected by the society in terms of software. It would be terrible if the university persuaded her to leave just because she was disabled. Although Chongqing’s regulations are clear, they are not equal. The explicit refusal is more terrifying than the previous persuasion. It achieves unequal treatment in a seemingly fair way. If you have to consider the original intention, I can only understand it as a city like the mountain city of Chongqing, because of its natural geographical conditions, it is natural to refuse labor with inconvenient retreat.

8 months ago

The teachers are singing praises to Zhang Haidi, but Zhang Haidi is not allowed to be a teacher? Judging whether a person is qualified for the profession of teacher should be based on his ability level rather than whether he is physically disabled. Zhang Haidi had high paraplegia when she was 5 years old. She was unable to walk almost all her life. She had four major operations and six spine plates were removed. Two-thirds of her body lost consciousness. But Zhang Haidi was not depressed, but challenged her destiny with tenacious perseverance! In literature, she has translated hundreds of thousands of words in English novels, and edited books such as “Question of Life” and “Dream in a Wheelchair” with more than 1 million words. Deng Xiaoping’s inscription: “Learn from Zhang Haidi and be an ideal, ethical, educated, and disciplined communist newcomer!” Over the years, Zhang Haidi has also done a lot of social work. She inspired countless young people with her speeches and singing up. She also often goes to welfare homes, special education schools, families with disabilities, visits widowed elderly and disabled children, and gives them gifts and warmth. In recent years, she has built a primary school for the village in the countryside to help poor and disabled children with medical treatment and education. She also donated money to children in the disaster-stricken area and donated her remuneration of more than 60,000 yuan. She also actively participates in various work and activities of the cause of the disabled, calling on the whole society to support the cause of the disabled, care for and help the disabled, encourage them to become self-reliant, and make outstanding contributions to the development of the cause of the disabled. Zhang Haidi has been invited to Japan and South Korea three times to give lectures and concerts. Her continuous struggle for self-improvement has also inspired people of different nationalities. Being elected as the chairman of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation in 2008, she inspired many people. Later, she became an official minister and used her actions to tell people that there is hope for persistence! Finally, it has to be said that the teacher qualification medical examination standards of the provinces have caused employment discrimination for the disabled at the system level. Although the current teacher positions do have rules, I hope that relevant education units will pay attention to the employment of disabled people, and even today, with the rapid development of the Internet, they can explore newer and fairer recruitment methods.

8 months ago

The medical examination for the qualification recognition of the disability master teacher is blocked: the unreasonable standard should be changed. Recently, Zou from Chongqing encountered obstacles in obtaining the teacher qualification certificate. After passing the written examination and interview, he failed to pass the medical examination for the qualification recognition of teachers because of his lower limb disability. In response, the staff of the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission’s Teacher Qualification Certification Center responded that Zou’s failure to pass the medical examination was due to the inability to move his lower limbs, based on the medical examination standards jointly formulated by the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission and the local health and health commission. . From the perspective of the implementation of the medical examination standards, the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission has no problems with its operations, nor is it deliberately making things difficult for the disabled. In fact, not only in Chongqing, but also in many other provinces, the teacher qualification standards have similar regulations, “two upper limbs or two lower limbs cannot be used; two lower limbs are not equal in length more than 5 cm (unqualified)”. Restrictions on the admissions of people with disabilities are the norm, not the exception. Not only that, the physical examination standards in many places also have restrictions on appearance, for example, “facial scars, numbness, hemangioma or vitiligo, melanoma, etc., are unqualified.” We rarely see people with disabilities in our lives, and it’s not that this group is small in number. There are more than 85 million disabled people in our country. The reason why they rarely appear in public places is that barrier-free facilities cannot meet the travel needs of disabled people, and that ubiquitous discrimination in employment restricts their rights to live and work. Many people with disabilities like Zou who cannot move their lower limbs, faced with various restrictions and obstacles, may simply choose to give up. However, Zou insisted on the road of studying, first completed his undergraduate education, and then obtained two master’s degrees in two universities, and realized his self-worth through hard work. It is precisely because she chose to fight against her destiny that she collided head-on with the teacher’s qualification certificate and medical examination restrictions, and this kind of highly conflicting news appeared in front of us. If he fails to obtain a teacher qualification certificate, Zou is likely to be unemployed and the road to self-reliance will be interrupted. What is the purpose of the medical examination for the qualification of the teacher? It is undoubtedly necessary to ensure that applicants are qualified for the profession of teacher. Judging from Zou’s situation, she can be said to have academic qualifications, ability and ability, teaching experience and teaching experience. She passed the written examination and interview smoothly. Although her lower limbs cannot exercise, she can’t tell from her past work experience. Does not affect her teaching. Moreover, the teacher’s job is to teach by precepts and deeds. Zou’s unyielding will and working state with his disabled spirit and optimism are in fact the best education for students. In other words, she is fully qualified for teaching. This undoubtedly highlights the disqualification of the medical examination standard, because this standard keeps a teacher who is fully qualified for teaching out of the teaching team. Not only that, if Zou’s path to teaching is interrupted due to medical problems, more people with disabilities may lose confidence because of this restrictive employment environment. Zou’s experience reflects not only the plight of the individual, but also the plight of other disabled people who want to work in the teaching profession, but also the plight of the majority of disabled people who want to be self-reliant and self-reliant. This is because not only the teacher qualification exams, but also other fields in other industries, such restrictions are everywhere. To solve Zou’s dilemma, the media’s appeals may be able to promote the local “online development”, but the most fundamental thing is to clarify the various unreasonable restrictions on the disabled in the employment environment. For example, there have been some adjustments to the content related to “the two lower limbs cannot move”. “Because I have not encountered such a situation before, it will still be implemented in accordance with the current standards”, which should not be a reason for rejection. Regulations are dead and people are alive. Taking this as an opportunity to adjust relevant standards is the proper work attitude. In further reflection, it is necessary to re-examine the unreasonable restrictions in the teacher qualification certificate nationwide, so that more people with disabilities who are interested in education can take up teacher positions and find their own value, which is also an incentive for students.

8 months ago

This experience is too real in the world. The University of International Business and Economics where she originally studied was paralyzed in a car accident in her sophomore year. The school forcibly persuaded her to leave. Paralyzed lower limbs were not allowed to participate in the college entrance examination, only to go back to school through self-examination, and finally got a diploma, and because of his disability, he could not obtain a teacher qualification certificate. Why do teachers need a physical examination? Physical examination is something that the work unit needs to consider when inspecting employees, because the work unit provides various insurances. Teacher qualifications only depend on whether candidates have the qualifications to become teachers, whether they are healthy or not, and whether they can obtain teacher qualifications, it should be divided. With teacher qualifications, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can get a job. But you can’t say that because your work unit may not want you, you can’t even have a teacher qualification.

8 months ago

What an inspirational story, what a touching story, how can you get stuck if you are physically disabled and hardworking with your own hands? A general search on the Internet, the failure of the teacher qualification certificate physical examination includes these conditions: (1) Anyone who has one of the following conditions is regarded as a teacher qualification physical examination failure. 1. Anyone who has one of the following medical history: epilepsy, hysteria, nocturnalism, malignant tumor, severe blood disease, severe neurosis, psychosis, psychoactive substance abuse and dependence. 2. Anyone who has one of the following diseases and has not been cured: tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, chronic nephritis, leprosy, hepatitis A, advanced schistosomiasis. 3. The height of men is not less than 155 cm, and the height of women is not less than 150 cm. Among them, those who apply for the qualification of kindergarten teachers can relax to no less than 150 cm for men and no less than 145 cm for women. (2) Anyone with the following diseases shall be deemed to be unqualified in the physical examination for teacher qualifications. 1. Organic heart disease: rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy, frequent premature contractions, and other organic heart diseases. 2. Various connective tissue diseases (collagen diseases), arteritis, endocrine system diseases (such as diabetes, diabetes insipidus, acromegaly, etc.), accompanied by complications. 3. Rheumatoid spinal rigidity, severe chronic osteomyelitis. 4. The liver is large and the quality is higher than medium hardness; the liver and spleen are touched at the same time, the liver is within 2 cm below the ribs (except for physiological sagging of the liver), and the spleen is within 2 cm below the ribs. Hyperfunction; simple splenomegaly is more than 3 cm. 5. Gonorrhea, syphilis, chancroid, venereal granulomatosis, nongonococcal urethritis, genital herpes, unhealed condyloma acuminatum, AIDS patients. 6. Other serious diseases that affect health and teaching work that are not included in the physical examination standards. (3) Anyone in the following circumstances shall be deemed to have failed the physical examination of teacher qualifications. 1. Lung resection of more than one lobe; more than one lobe of atelectasis. 2. If the blood pressure is greater than 140/90mmHg or less than 90/60mmHg, accompanied by organic changes, the specific conditions can be determined by the medical examination hospital. 3. Glaucoma; diseases of the retina and optic nerve (except for old or stable fundus diseases); color blindness, color weakness, applicants for kindergarten, special education or related professional teacher qualifications. 4. The sum of corrected visual acuity of both eyes is less than 5.0 (In case of this situation during the implementation of physical examination, use the corresponding decimal recording method in the standard logarithmic visual acuity chart to record the sum of visual acuity in both eyes and then convert it into 5 points to record the value) or obvious Those with impaired visual function and eye disease. 5. The hearing of both ears is less than 3 meters or the hearing of one ear is less than 5 meters, and the other ear is totally deaf. 6. Two upper limbs or two lower limbs cannot be used; two lower limbs are not equal in length more than 5 cm; scoliosis is more than 4 cm, muscle strength is level three, and thoracic deformity is significant. 7. Severe stuttering, hoarseness, oral physical defects and ear, nose, and throat diseases, which hinder teaching workers. 8. Scars, numbness, hemangioma or vitiligo, moles or obvious tattoos on the body with facial deformities above 3cm. (4) Anyone with the following conditions should be further inspected. 1. If the pronunciation is abnormal, the vocal cords should be checked further. 2. If the electrocardiogram is abnormal or the heart rhythm is severely abnormal or the heart murmur is obvious, an electrocardiogram or cardiac color Doppler ultrasound should be performed again. 3. If the liver or spleen is enlarged or there is a mass in the abdomen, a B-ultrasound or CT examination should be done. 4. If the liver function ALT and AST are higher than the normal value, hepatitis-related inspections are required. All hepatitis items inspections shall not be tested for hepatitis B items (except for work prohibited by national laws, administrative regulations and the Ministry of Health). 5. If blood sugar is abnormal, check for diabetes. (5) Additional inspection items. 1. For those who apply for the qualification of kindergarten teachers, the inspection items for Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Treponema pallidum, Trichomonas, vulvovaginal candida (Candida) (the latter two refer to gynecology) are added. 2. Add a chest radiograph to those with suspected respiratory symptoms. It can be seen from the relevant regulations that the lower limbs or upper limbs cannot move normally, and the teacher qualification certificate will not be certified. However, let’s take a look at public opinion: the common people do not agree, and things that the common people do not agree are a big problem. The inspirational girl is already a teacher of an off-campus English training institution. In order to prove that she has a standard for entering the industry, it is indeed a pity that she cannot obtain a teacher qualification certificate. In the area of ​​teacher qualification certificates, do the relevant regulations need to be further optimized? After all, women do not rely on other talents to move, and they can completely manage their lives in wheelchairs.

8 months ago

As a disabled person, answer this question with your real name. In today’s China, the general public’s welfare policies, job support and daily life guarantees for the disabled are basically at the level of “unclear, indifferent, and unsure”. This lady’s problem can only be said to be “extremely ordinary daily events in the disabled group” being brought to the news. The question is not “what do you people with disabilities want? How much benefits do you want? How much policy preference do you want?” But we don’t have any benefits and policies at all! The existing so-called measures are basically in a situation of “more than nothing”. If we want to live a good life, we have to face discrimination and physical obstacles to “rob work” with ordinary people! Some people say that the Disabled Persons’ Federation does not introduce jobs? Introduced. Local factories lack “workers”, “phone customer service”, “company cleaning” and so on. You will find a very interesting phenomenon. These jobs have “educational requirements” but there is no “educational requirements”. That is to say, these jobs will be the same when you go to college, and these jobs will be when you go to high school. These jobs are basically your monthly salary of 3,000 for entry this year and 3,000 a month after ten years. Because these jobs are from the starting point to ensure that “don’t let the disabled starve to death, don’t let them find a job and make troubles” and what if you want to find a better job? Please be generous to grab work from ordinary people. If you really get a good job against discrimination and physical defects and get a good job, then the local disabled people’s federation will be happy to die, they can lead the media to squat in your presence all day and report. “This is a big victory for the local Disabled Persons’ Federation! It represents the success of our work!” Some people say that the disabled have partial tax exemptions for enterprises and partial tax exemptions for self-employed businesses. Yes, the reason why companies can let go of a little bit of discrimination and contempt for your physical defects is because they can get some tax exemption after you work for them. Otherwise, a disabled person or an ordinary person who wants you? May I ask? ? ? As for part of the tax relief for self-employed businesses. . I’m lazy to talk about what the real economy looks like now, and this is a very contradictory thing in itself. They are all disabled. The money spent in hospitals alone may be astronomical. Where can the money be used for self-employment? Excuse me? As for corruption related to the disabled and the disabled people’s federation. . Ordinary people who have nothing wrong can also get a disability certificate. They use the welfare policy for the disabled and the staff of the Disabled Persons’ Federation to secretly auction job opportunities. Yes, you heard it right. If the disabled people go to the Disabled Persons’ Federation to find a job. If there is a way to get to know people, the staff can sell you some “job opportunities” on other channels. The benefits range from 5,000 to 10,000 yuan. The salary may not be high, but there are five social insurances and one housing fund, not tired, and the working environment is good. This kind of work is multi-party profit. The company wants to obtain part of the tax reduction and exemption, and do an image project with the local authorities. The staff of the Disabled Persons’ Federation wanted to sneak some oil from the company and the disabled, or simply from the disabled. What about the disabled? This kind of work is simply not found or grabbed at the corporate job fairs of the Disabled Persons’ Federation. You can only spend money. Some fathers and mothers with disabled children in the family can seek a stable future for their disabled children, not to mention begging grandpa to tell grandma, they can kneel down for the disabled people’s federation. Money is already a conscience price for the Disabled People’s Federation! All of this must be grateful! Speaking of welfare policies in education for the disabled. Ha ha, almost nothing. It’s okay to be in the same school as ordinary people from childhood, and it’s okay to be discriminated from childhood. Most disabled children have been bullied and discriminated against by students of the same age from childhood. There are countless things that indirectly lose their motivation and interest in learning. The school will not take care of them. Some teachers Being willing to help is the teacher’s character and conscience. Alas…what the hell am I talking about. These shit things that don’t make sense. No one cares. As for this lady, she was lucky to be in the news, and in the end she was probably able to pass the teacher’s certificate. Others haha, they are not so lucky.

8 months ago

When I saw this news a few days ago, I was deeply moved. There is a lot of helplessness in this world. No matter how hard you work, it seems that you can’t change it. In terms of regulations, she does not meet the requirements for the interview registration for the teacher qualification certificate. If she is to be dealt with according to the rules, this is not disputed. But why is everyone’s reaction to this matter so big now that it feels unfair? That’s because the rules are dead and people are alive. It is precisely because there are too many helpless things in this world, there are too many times when we are helpless, and there are too many times when we can do nothing. Therefore, a strong and brave person like Zou Mi has put together the destiny of his own efforts into a beautiful and complete picture. Those who don’t give up their life and hard work and grow up bravely are more worthy of our admiration. Houses, cars, jobs, parents, children, social interactions, etc., have all become pressures for modern people. Under these pressures, the individual is too small, and his weakness and dark side are exposed. Many times, I worked very hard, but still no results. In other words, I have worked very hard, but still can’t match the hidden rules in society. Survival, life, so difficult. How good is a girl like Zou Mi. Double master’s degree, returning from studying abroad, translation work experience at the British Consulate General in Chongqing, including the recognition and results obtained after engaging in training and education, which does not explain her hard work and excellence? As a healthy person, the ability to do the above is one in a hundred or even one in a thousand. And it’s harder for her to do it. The physical disability did not depress her will, but made her mind stronger. What a rare power this is. This power is like a beam of light, shining into the hearts of people who are struggling in social life, giving them a touch and strength from strangers. The teacher qualification certificate is a license to engage in the education industry, and the teacher qualification certificate itself is used to select talents who are suitable for the education industry and eliminate those who are not suitable for the education industry. Improve and strictly implement the teacher professional admission system, build a team of high-quality professional teachers, establish a sound management system for teachers with Chinese characteristics, and improve the overall quality of the teaching team. However, Zou Mi’s achievements in the education and training industry have proven that she can complete the educational task very well. People with academic qualifications, knowledge, teaching skills, and willingness to work hard are eliminated because of physical disabilities. Both the students and the parents were able to accept his imperfections, but in the end he was blocked by the rules. It feels like you have worked hard to overcome all kinds of difficulties, and your life is getting better day by day, but one day, someone suddenly pushes you out of the door again. The teacher qualification certificate is to ensure the quality of teachers engaged in the education industry. The regulations should not be cold, but should be humane. Regulations are for people, not for people. Should a special situation like Zou Mi be handled flexibly? I think it is needed. The unyielding spirit and hard work attitude like Zou Mi deserves to be encouraged. The disabled population in China is so large that they should be paid attention to and encouraged. Society should create more favorable conditions for them, encourage them to overcome difficulties and live a positive life, instead of restricting them in all aspects. I recently followed a grandma on station B (not an advertisement, improperly deleted), named Luyingliu. She is also a physically disabled young lady who returned from studying abroad with a wide range of interests and bright sunshine, but she suffered a car accident at the age of 25, completed spinal cord injury and was severely paralyzed. But she is still optimistic and has done three jobs, constantly proving the value and meaning of her existence. Every time she updates, I will watch it, because I feel that I can feel a strength in the “hers”, a strength that allows me to move on. People like this are worthy of being encouraged and affirmed.

8 months ago

It is good for people with disabilities to speak out and have media reports to let the public know about people with disabilities. There are 85 million disabled people in China, which is basically equivalent to 1 out of 16 disabled people. At present, our country has the largest number of disabled people in the world, but except for some specific occasions, have you seen them in your daily life? In the final analysis, the barrier-free facilities in our country are not perfect. In recent years, we can see more and more reports about people with disabilities. Why? Because this is the inevitability of social development, the general secretary has said that the social contradiction in our country is now a contradiction between the people’s needs for a better social life and the unbalanced and insufficient development. In the past, the construction of the social environment often ignored this 1/16 demand. Why can’t people with disabilities pursue a better social life? Why can’t they pursue being a teacher? Some people may think that barrier-free facilities have nothing to do with them, but when you are old, when you are pregnant, when you are still a child, when you accidentally fractured, you will know what is universal. Besides, we are a socialist country, and we pursue common prosperity. Why repair roads and high-speed railways in mountainous areas? Because they are our compatriots. Only when barrier-free facilities are improved, the disabled can better integrate into society and create their own value better. The country is struggling to catch up with the barrier-free physical environment, and various barrier-free laws are bound to become more and more perfect. However, barriers to the mind and barriers of concepts are the most difficult. Not people with disabilities, we will never be able to empathize with their needs. I think it’s normal to make reasonable appeals to the public through the media~ Some people even say that they are overseas NGOs. Just as the hearing impaired people could not get the teacher qualification certificate; just as the visually impaired people could not take the college entrance examination because they did not have Braille papers; just as the physically handicapped people were rejected by colleges and universities when their scores far exceeded the college entrance examination. But now, the state has issued a sign language test in Mandarin to prevent the hearing impaired from being unable to recognize a teacher’s qualification certificate because of the inability to assess the Mandarin qualifications; the regulations on education for the disabled have been issued to ensure that the visually impaired can obtain Braille papers, and it is clear that no colleges or universities are allowed Rejects people with disabilities. So, why won’t it become another one today as it was then? We always hope that this society gets better and better~ Haha

8 months ago

Once an undocumented disabled teacher, he taught in a non-public school for a year, and then retired to become a code farmer. I also have something to say on this issue! I don’t understand this policy a bit, why should I take the initiative? Originally, “qualification” is just the admission of ability. As for the physical fitness, whether you can get a job or not, you can hand it over to the employer. If you want to sue, you can only tell the employer. Why take the initiative to do it for the employer? Furthermore, policies should promote social progress, not hinder them; if it is such a policy that the disabled cannot obtain the qualifications of teachers, then schools can arrogantly refrain from improving barrier-free facilities and close the door to disabled teachers and students. If people with disabilities are allowed to obtain teacher qualifications, they can naturally force schools to improve barrier-free facilities. The refusal to grant the qualifications of teachers with disabilities on the grounds that schools cannot be barrier-free is putting the cart before the horse. Schools should provide barrier-free environments or at least provide convenience for teachers and students with disabilities in accordance with the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Disabled. It is also said that teachers not only have to attend classes, it seems that not every teacher is a head teacher, right? Are ordinary teachers who are not class teachers responsible for taking care of students?

8 months ago

Many answers have a feeling of being disabled and wanting to grab a job with normal people… In this era, disability and aspirations are no longer respected. This kind of spirit is nothing under the highly involved competition… Question Here, she is not a born disabled person. A normal person suddenly became disabled when she was in school, and then she was able to study hard to obtain a double master’s degree. It is impossible to estimate how strong the willpower is! This absolutely amazing special case does not give a chance, and there is indeed no spiritual belief in this society today!

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