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I am very happy. My roommate and I went to Huashan. We originally planned to go to the East Peak to watch the day. I bought water and snacks on the way to Huashan. My roommate bought self-heating hot pot and luncheon meat (it turns out to be wrong). I asked for a safety lock and safety rope at the foot of the mountain. I lost mine when I asked for a lock. Water, I can’t buy it again at the foot of the mountain (It’s so expensive that a bottle of 1.55l C’estbon is expensive). After arriving at Huashan, he asked him to take two photos of me. , A straight guy who is more straight than me to take pictures, I was a little angry but helpless, after all, I couldn’t ask him too much; I couldn’t find my roommate’s ID card after I walked for less than five minutes, so I went back to find the ID, and tossed for about ten minutes. I found it in my bag, helpless and helpless, my heart was manic, but from another angle, would I be like this if I were a girl? No, so I stabilized haha. On the Huashan road, there is a steep slope of about 3,000 meters ahead, and there will be a supply point on the road. We met a couple at the first supply point. Thank them very much for their spurs along the way, otherwise we may not be able to persist. The male lead is Xinxin, and the girl is Peggy. He is 30+ years old and works in the Internet industry. He is very active in thinking and has a strong ability to accept new things. He is backward compatible to chat with us. Interesting things in life urge us to find someone. We climbed Huashan at night, and we walked all the way on the road at night. There are mostly couples, including a family of three, or a dormitory with all members. It is very beautiful and youthful. Someone on the road is humming and saying cheers to passers-by. The air is full of youth, free and casual, and there is no need to worry about anything. If you want to rest, just sit down and go up the mountain together. If you have enough rest and yell to go up the mountain together, if anyone is dejected, hahahaha, Hurry up, the one hundred and six tickets don’t watch the sunrise, it’s not vain, come and come, come and come, come and come, and then turn on the repeater mode, making teammates laugh, shit shut up, and the father left. Can’t? Climbing Huashan at night, the lights on the road are interesting, and the people are also interesting. I can’t see how far away I am when I look up. When I look back, I see that I have walked a lot. Isn’t the so-called achievement knowledge accumulated from the feet in this way? Isn’t the life course the same? We cannot see the risks and dangers in the future, and we will not shrink from worrying about the future. Since ancient times, Huashan has been a road, and there has been no pain due to choices. All that needs to be done is to look at the feet, and then step by step or use both hands and feet. Conquer every pass, without others, go on doing it, don’t ask the reason, there is no choice. Looking back on the roads, slopes, stairs, thousand-foot buildings, and hundred-foot gorges, all the difficulties were defeated by us, and I couldn’t help feeling proud of it. It turned out that Huashan, the world’s most dangerous mountain, was nothing more than this. As a kind of auxiliary equipment, trekking poles did not play a role in Huashan, where there are many stairs. If you hold your hand and throw away the money, it is really tasteless. When going through some places, it becomes a burden and a burden. When you add it, it will be broken (installed in the bag).里), may be a good choice. Huashan has flat roads and steep slopes. There are too many flat roads. People can’t help being arrogant, doing things presumptuously, running and jumping and playing around, don’t put difficulties in their eyes at all, wait until the next pass, watch The stairs in the garden are filled with two lines of tears, and it is the combination of the hands and feet of the improper series. It is called the phenomenon of one-second return to ancestors (learning from monkeys is the most excessive haha) Isn’t it the same in life? I always don’t know how to cherish a stable life, I can’t properly evaluate my status and abilities. If I don’t pay attention, many moths are formed, and they are overwhelmed by risks that they can bear. How about a strong recovery ability, but a weak recovery ability? So we need the ability to stabilize ourselves. As long as I don’t make mistakes and live long enough, I have a chance to succeed (perhaps from another angle). Some people come to climb the mountain late, but want to reach the summit as soon as possible to see the sun. So I didn’t dare to stop for a moment. The replenishment point did not rest and re-send, step by step, and move forward. I was too nervous and gave up rest and relaxation. Instead, I crawled more slowly, and my body and mind would be more exhausted, losing the original meaning of travel. . Enjoy travel, enjoy life, and don’t forget to relax in life! I carried a few bottles of water in the bag. The value of the water has not changed, but the price has been changing. As the mountain road travels far, the bottles of water in the bag seem to be getting sweeter and sweeter. What is the reason? Step by step, keep moving forward, and finally reach the peak. Seeing the sunrise, the couple beside me left without saying goodbye. After thinking about many reasons, it may be that we can’t be found. Don’t remember, don’t miss, we spent our lives together. The 7h is more happy and fulfilling. Everything is the best arrangement. Some people are destined to only stay with you for a while. After watching the sunrise, I decided to go down the mountain between Nanfeng and down the mountain. I met a pair of sisters on the road, the sister who was cold and powerful and the sister who walked slowly, and the two-minute discussion made the two teams decide to work together. Going down the mountain, “There is no turning back arrow in the bow, prince, let’s do it.” We set off in such a mighty way. It’s so fun. Along the way, if I choose to choose again, I’m still willing to spend 7 hours walking down the mountain with you. , Although the legs are scrapped, I can only take the crab step, the overbearing kind, the brain fills the hips and the training method goes down the stairs. My sister has a particularly strong skill. No matter how steep the stairs are, there is no need to hold the handrails. Thinking of the elves of the mountains, every step is where they should be. My sister stared at the stairs. I did it. It was so high and steep. I didn’t want to go anymore. My roommate and I are also very tired. The four of them walked and stopped, walked for five minutes and rested for ten minutes. Tens of thousands of steps taught us to be human again. I also became the Parkinson’s patient I laughed at yesterday, with trembling hands and bulging legs. It’s not that I was saving my life. The May Day holiday is really pleasant, I haven’t been so happy for a long time, kind people, who have accompanied us all the way, life shouldn’t be lonely, right?


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Unless I’m crazy, I will rush to squeeze the highway on May 1st. So today I made an appointment for a meal and met a girl I just met for the first time (blind date!). I have to say that Hefei is really not a tourist city. I usually go to the lively Yintai Center on weekends, but today I don’t see a few people. So let me take a clean picture and chat with the girl slowly and eat. The girl was not particularly satisfied. The small abalone was okay, but the lobster didn’t move for a long time. It was at the end of the trouble that the girl didn’t like to make juices on her hands, so she didn’t have any feelings for crayfish. Yes, let me disassemble the shrimp myself. Quite a good chat, I asked my sister to see the comic show tomorrow. Wish me luck! It’s still early to finish the meal, and my home is just across from Yintai. So we went to my house for tea together. I ordered a bunch of minced garlic today, it tastes a bit heavy in my mouth. The first thing I do after I go back is to rush into the bathroom and brush my teeth. After all, I don’t want the smell of garlic in my mouth to get to others. Thank you Jiebi waterpik, thank you very much. As a first-class smoker, there will inevitably be a pale yellow spot on the teeth, even if I have to brush it three times a day. I have washed my teeth before, oh my god, the rubber wheels feel like grinding on my teeth! Later I started with this electric toothbrush, but I didn’t feel comfortable at the beginning. But after using it for a period of time, I found that the electric toothbrush rubs the tooth surface, which is much more efficient than manual. So far, the amount of smoke has not decreased, but the teeth have not been tossed again. Note that when using an electric toothbrush, don’t move it back and forth like a traditional toothbrush, just put it on a certain tooth and let it vibrate slowly. The effect is remarkable. Just when I returned to the living room confidently, made tea for the girl, and prepared to learn more about the family background of each other… My mother came here… Carrying big bags and small bags… I was crying to death, although my mother brought them. Here comes my favorite Cantonese-style red sausage… But, my mother, it’s not time for you to come… The girl was shocked, and she didn’t expect to see my parents so soon. So I said hello, and I was ready to leave… Fortunately, I made an appointment to go to Manzhan tomorrow! See you tomorrow, good luck to me and let me get out of the order as soon as possible!

8 months ago

Tired and happy! I usually don’t have time to go out to play, the national holiday finally gave myself a perfect reason to go out, short and carefree. Depart from Wuhan to Changsha on 4.30, leave Changsha in the evening on 5.1, and head to the next destination. There is a kind person who has been taking us with us, so he doesn’t use his brain to think about where to go, what to eat, and what to play. But it’s still quite useless. With so many people, I drank it twice and drank it well. The member who registered on the first day went there, and then filled the birthday on the second day, so today I had a drink for nothing. happy! There are so many delicious foods in Changsha. The small fried beef was very well received, and I made two super-full rice bowls! I didn’t feel spicy during the meal, but after eating, I put on a mask and felt a hint of spicyness on my lips. There are a lot of snacks, but the stomach is limited, and there are not too many to taste. There are too many snack streets here, and I feel like eating everywhere. The urban area of Changsha is not large, and the distance between destinations is also very close.

8 months ago

Tired and happy! Traveling is really a physical task, and I feel that I can’t lose weight. Traveling has helped me lose weight. Today, I have taken 16,000 steps, and I have to check in on the Huangpu River cruise at night. The data should be even higher. I heard that the broken bridge at West Lake in Hangzhou has been transformed into a human bridge. The terracotta warriors in Xi’an can only see the heads of the warriors. Haha, there are many tourists in these places, but there are many people in Shanghai, but they are not so exaggerated. This morning I checked in the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium in Lujiazui. It is a suitable place to bring children. I have seen most fish, but it is still very beautiful, especially the little penguin, which is very cute. In the afternoon, check in Yu Garden and Chenghuang Temple, crowded with people. Attraction bars are just average, shopping places, I bought some specialty products back.

8 months ago

I just returned home after driving for four or five hours, and now I am lying on my bed to answer. After being closed for a long time, Moments was reopened yesterday afternoon in order to watch Moments outings. Looking through it, only one person arrived at the scenic hotel, and two of them had arrived the day before. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see the ticket circle that posted photos of traffic jams and complained that people followed the crowd. Open again before and after dinner, well, there is no new news about traveling. From last night until now, I have opened the circle of friends four or five times, and only two new travel information have been added, one is a wedding and the other is a music festival. Is it because everyone doesn’t like to post in Moments, or is it that they haven’t gone out? The opening of the circle of friends this time was disappointing, and I didn’t see a picture that praised the festival and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The hope of online travel was dashed.

8 months ago

Going out on Labor Day in 2021 is a really bad experience. People are still at the police station. The reason was that in a children’s playground, there were too many people during lunch, and there was a conflict with one person. She called the police, and I was waiting for her test results at the police station. It has been an hour and a half. The police just called her and said that she was still queuing in the hospital. The reason is that there are not enough chairs, and there are many people looking for seats to order food. We waited for a long time and finally found a place. So I asked my husband to queue up and order, and I took my son and waited. After waiting for a while, a woman next to me took away a chair from my table (a small round table, three chairs), I hurriedly stopped and told her that there was someone at this position. There were also three chairs at her table, but one of them was left behind by someone else. She said that she will pay it back to you when the next person comes back. After waiting for another while (there are too many people in line to order, the line is very long), I looked around and there were still no free chairs around. It just so happened that one of the chairs on her side was empty, and I wanted to put ours Moving back, she stopped again. There were four of them and two children. I said that we will get people back right away, and everyone who was with her said, isn’t it that they haven’t come back yet. At this time, I was a little angry. There were only two or three people in front of my husband. I was ready to move, but was blocked again. Here is where I am impulsive. I have to say that impulse is the devil and completely destroyed my vacation. After my husband came back, I walked directly over and said: We are back now, can you give it back to us now. Then she took the chair away, and then she staggered and almost fell to the ground. The husband who had just ordered the meal looked dumbfounded. Subconsciously went to help him, and turned to ask me what’s wrong. She didn’t fall to the ground just now, but she was sitting on the ground and splashing. He said that he was injured and he wanted to call the police to check. Said he was a lawyer or something. But she just sat for a while and got up quickly. I guess she also thought it was really ugly. She moved a chair and sat across from me and wanted to talk to me. At this time, it was mainly my husband who was comforting her. I was still in anger, and I would definitely fight when I opened my mouth. I restrained myself and didn’t talk much. The staff came to mediate and laughed for a while. She said that your position was too small to solve it, so she called your manager over. The young lady still smiled and said, I am the manager. She turned to my husband again and said, “Don’t talk, I don’t want to listen to you, it’s her cause, so she wants her to talk, and point to me when she talks.” I told the story to the manager, she said this is not your chair next to your table, why can’t I take it. I couldn’t help but slammed her back: there is nothing in the restaurant that belongs to me, but there is no one of you either. There must be a first-come-first-served one for everything. As you say, no matter whether there are people in other places, you can sit casually. But I thought about it. The act of forcibly pulling the chair behind it really shouldn’t be, so I stood up and apologized to her. I said that I was really impulsive just now. I’m sorry. If you feel hurt, you can go for an inspection. I can pay for the inspection. She accepted my apology and went back to her table. Miss Manager communicated with her for a while, and they started to eat. Our meals are also coming up one after another, and my son is still arguing about going to play again. During this period, a relative or friend of her came, and they discussed together for a while, and when they were about to leave, they came over and asked us for a mobile phone number, saying that we still had to check it. If there were any questions, they would contact us. He was also called, saying that she was asked to testify. Based on the principle of minimizing major issues, the staff persuaded her that she did not actually fall. She is also very young and there will be nothing wrong with her. The staff brought paper and pen. She wanted more detailed information. My husband refused and told her that you should call the police. The staff wanted to stop, but she had already made the call. The young lady manager came to comfort us again, saying that there was nothing wrong, and she would just sign a letter downstairs later. We went to the front desk and waited together. The police came to register the personal information of both parties, and first asked her what she wanted. She said she needed to be inspected if she was injured. The police looked at me, and I expressed that I was willing to bear the cost of regular inspections. Then I exchanged it and meant that they should check first, and he took me back to the bureau to wait for the result of the check. Who knew they would not leave, and asked the police: “How are we going?” The police said, “Do you want me to take you there.” “How can we take a film if you don’t go.” “It doesn’t need to go to the hospital for an examination. Accompanied by the police.” “So today is a holiday, I don’t know if I can take the film?” “It’s OK to call the emergency room.” “Then we have to take a taxi?” The police urged her to check and said, “Don’t say yes. This kind of small conflict is that she really beat you up, and you have to pay for the car and medical expenses first, and keep the invoice.” The lawyer said to the policeman, “I am very dissatisfied with your attitude now.” The policeman Urging: “If you really need to pay attention to your health, you should go for an examination as soon as possible.” I asked my husband to take my son away first, and arrived in the police car by myself. The police uncle gave me a lesson in the car: Why should young people be impulsive, you see something like this… I was busy apologizing to the police uncle: I didn’t want to disturb your old man, but we are talking about this. . After waiting for three and a half hours, he said that there was nothing wrong. The taxi fare for checking and filming the film was compensated more than 400. Now I can finally go home. The lesson learned is: don’t be impulsive in everything. It’s not right to hurt people. When there are a lot of people, you must fill up the seats in the restaurant. If you encounter someone forcibly occupying a seat, you can ask the staff to negotiate, don’t do it yourself. The most important thing is: don’t go out to play when there are too many people. Isn’t it good to watch dramas and play games at home?

8 months ago

At four o’clock in the afternoon, go to climb the mountain in front of the door. A few years ago, it was still a barren mountain, with only trees, grass, bamboo, and graves all over the mountain. Passing by during the Qingming Festival, it looks good. A small asphalt road with a width of three meters was built halfway up the mountain and there are fire hoses on the side of the road. It feels very refreshing. There were a lot of people in Qingming, but now only a few pairs of parents are walking with their children. Five days off, maybe everyone went to the famous mountains and rivers to play, and disdain the nameless mountains that don’t need to spend a penny, or I’m too late to go. But just right, I like the feeling that the whole mountain is almost me alone, and the whole mountain is mine. I started to sing with my voice full of voices, sing the mountain ridges and see far away, sing the sheep’s belly and towel three times blue, and sing the sorghum is ripe and red all over the sky, singing over and over again, sing in chaos, sing in tears, and sing until I get tired of singing. , Began to hum across the ocean to see you. Well, this mountain will be my KTV box from now on.

8 months ago

I was in Xi’an and just got off the train. Experience all the way, the first few old people in the carriage get together to spit out the children who have no object to their daughter-in-law, are not filial. A few women in the 233 carriage get together to spit out their husbands and their parents-in-laws don’t do good things. Everyone is as quiet as a chicken. Everyone holds a mobile phone. Don’t want to sleep well anyway. [Cracked] You can’t get a few old people or a few women or middle-aged men in a car. There are so many common topics. , All kinds of topics are full of cars. [split]

8 months ago

The experience is to catch up with the long-lived high-speed rail delays. Beijing West Railway Station is completely paralyzed. After more than 5 hours of standing at the railway station, the mobile phone has no signal, the phone cannot be reached, and the WeChat cannot be sent. No more. After finally squeezing into the station, the car drove away. The staff instructed me to find a car with the same destination. Because there were too many passengers stranded in the station, I could take it regardless of the schedule. It’s also a magical experience.

8 months ago

The trip is now in progress Dalian—Penglai—Yantai—Qingdao—Tianjin—Beijing—Dalian. God knows how I packed these places for five days. The question is that I am neurotic and I am merciful everywhere (5.1 12:37 Penglai City Station) Yesterday I boarded the boat at Lushun New Port late this morning and got off at Penglai Port at 5:20 this morning. After disembarking at Penglai Port, I wandered around Penglai, first near the district government, and then walked to the coastline and then walked along the coastline to Penglai Square; there was no place to ask for money Although I did not go to the scenic spot, I still saw a lot of scenery and it is not a scenic spot so there are not many people; (5.1 21:05 at Yantai Station) I came back from doing Brownian exercises in Yantai, let’s put a rough trajectory first, of course this is impossible They all rely on walking; I wanted to go to Zhifu Island first after I got off the train at about two o’clock in the afternoon, because when I looked at the map a long time ago, I felt that the coastline of Yantai was very strange, how the shape of a place is so prominent (I’m curious. jpg ) Later, I learned that this is a land-connected island, that is, an island connected to the land by sand dams, bridges, and the like. The formation of Zhifu Island is probably the result of the combined effects of land blocking, wave action and river deposition. Zhifu arrived by bus District Court, walked a short distance west to the west coast; I sat here for a while to bask in the sun, and returned to the original road. I plan to go to Phoenix Mountain Park to see if I can overlook the city, then walk along the waterfront, and then go up. As a result, Yantai Mountain overslept on the bus and even drove the bus at once, and was about to drive back to the place where I boarded the bus (Zhifu District Court). I stumbled and confirmed my position first, and then thought about it again. During the trip, the car drove past the court and turned into the street where I didn’t know what was wrong. Anyway, I took the 11th road 4 times, and it hurt. Because I overslept, I changed my itinerary and went directly to Yantai Mountain. I got off at Yantai Daily. After walking a few steps forward, I saw a snack street that leads directly to Yantai Mountain, so I went to the snack street. The snack street has a good flow of people, neither deserted nor crowded. There are people singing

8 months ago

On the afternoon of May 1, 2021, the high-speed rail successfully caught up. The bus took 4.5 hours to arrive at the station, which was 1.5 hours longer than usual. But I couldn’t eat at the high-speed rail station, so I had to buy some snacks at the high-speed rail station and board the train to eat. Then there was a lot of people before the ticket check started. After the ticket check started, I moved forward little by little. It took more than 10 minutes to get on the train. It took only a few minutes after sitting down and the high-speed rail opened. I was almost the starting train. It’s full. There are not many people getting on and off the bus at the intermediate station. Probably most of the passengers are going to the terminal station Shanghai like me. I can already imagine how many people are in Shanghai.

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