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For most of the novices, the subtext of this question should be-to buy on the top of the mountain, in the face of a fall, do you need to cut all the meat? Investment funds, if you have clearly bought the most powerful fund on the market, if the bubble is not rising, then cutting the meat to stop the loss is the least recommended operation. Once the meat is cut, permanent and irreversible losses will occur. Of course, if you buy a junk fund, or an industry-themed fund that has enough bubbles to overdraft the growth rate in the next 5-10 years, then the cut is still going to be cut. 2. Is the fund’s plunge this time serious? This time the fund fell sharply because it was led by baituan stocks such as baijiu and new energy. In the past two years, the fund group has pushed some A-share assets to historical highs, creating a huge structural bubble, which is a structural bull market. So, is the fund crash serious or not? The answer depends on the specific fund. If it is some Shigekura Baijiu’s liquor-themed funds, consumer industry funds, and value growth funds that prefer liquor, this decline, if the short-term cannot be stopped, and there will be plate rotations and style switching… Then this wave, many high points to buy Investors who enter such funds will face the dilemma of buying funds without making money, or losing money in the next 3-5 years. After all, short-term thoroughness is too serious. But what cannot be denied is that this time it was fired up and the huge bubbles were all high-quality assets, which can even be called the core assets of A-shares. If your investment cycle is more than 10 years, then looking back at this mountain top order, it is nothing more than that… If you buy a balanced strategy fund, equity-debt balanced fund, or structural market, it is “abandoned” , But still very high-quality assets. So, the impact of this fall in the fund is very limited. They do not have too many bubbles, and it is difficult to talk about the magnitude of the risk, let alone the seriousness. 2. Funds plummeted, and most of the time they could only be carried hard. Stock fund managers almost all have unbearable big callbacks. A 30% callback is considered low. Don’t think that buying or selling is investment. In fact, waiting and holding are more important investment behaviors. It is a war of mind and patience. It is also a touchstone to test a person’s inner strength. 3. Uncle Wang tells a true story: An aunt, when a certain fund was established in 2003, bought 47,000 yuan and was going to keep it as a dowry for her daughter. Soon after, the aunt forgot the existence of the money gorgeously. In the next 17 years, the aunt discovered this fund that she had forgotten for 17 years. After opening the account, she was stunned…1.37 million! Holding the position intact, it also earned 1.323 million in 2017, and the holding income exceeded 28 times, with an average annual profit of 21%, which significantly outperformed the broader market index. 4. But there is a premise: the fund you buy is a high-quality asset, and it was bought when the valuation was moderate or undervalued. When investing, please keep one sentence in mind: “Good business, good company, good valuation.” When it comes to buying funds, you essentially buy a lot of company stocks, so remember “good business”. An index fund, buying a wide base, must be a good business package for a country. The bet is on the national fortune. The industry index fund you buy must be a powerful business. It is either a money printing machine or a rapid development. If you don’t know how to find “good business, good company”, then please entrust a powerful fund manager to help you trade. Therefore, to buy an active fund, you must also add one, and you must buy an awesome fund manager. To select the best fund managers, you can read this exclusive cheat by Uncle Wang: Dig deep into the 30 best fund managers in China (2.0 upgrade version, attached list + fund manager inventory + screening strategy) 5. Then, what should I do if I make a mistake? ? The first situation: bought junk assets. For example, junk industry funds, or junk fund managers’ funds… The answer is one sentence: direct cut, the sooner the better. The second situation: the high-quality assets were bought correctly, the valuation was bought too high, and when the valuation was killed, there was a big correction. The answer depends on the situation. (1) If the valuation has fallen to an appropriate level or is too low: continue to hold and cover the position at the same time. (2) If the valuation is still at the top of the mountain, redemption may be considered to reduce the pressure. Don’t hesitate too much when you encounter the cut. 6. In China, the phenomenon that funds make money but the citizens do not make money has a long history…Although the average return of funds is very high. However, in the entire fund market, the proportion of people who really make money is less than 20%, and the vast majority of investors are losing money… Take the historical Daniuji “Harvest Growth” as an example: “Harvest Growth” from 2003 to the end of 2015 , After many rounds of bulls and bears, the total annualized compound rate of return is 23.8%. Looking back at the historical data, Zhuge Liang will sigh with emotion afterwards: As long as the fund is selected well, fools can earn enough! but it is not the truth. Uncle Wang checked the profit and loss data of the fund and found that there are 530,000 people who have bought Harvest Growth Fund. Only 326 people can earn 12 times the profit. For the rest, 325,000 people made less than double the profit, and 169,000 investors actually lost money… Ten times the big cow base. Besides, the tragic state of other funds with sluggish growth can be imagined. The overall performance of public offering funds in 2019 was relatively good. Among public offering funds with stocks as the main investment direction, 95% of the funds received positive returns. However, according to the “Equity Fund Individual Investor Research White Paper” jointly released by Invesco Great Wall Fund, China Fund News, and Ant Wealth: Even in 2019, the average return of equity funds was 39.61%, and there were still nearly 39% of investment respondents. Fall into a loss. The Fund Industry Association has investigated the profit and loss data of Citizens’ investment in the past 20 years and found that: “In the past 20 years, the average actual rate of return by investors through holding funds has approached zero, or even made a loss.” The reality is shocking. 7. When the fund is so profitable, why do most people still lose money? 1. The root cause is that 80% of people don’t understand how to invest in funds. The reason for the loss of funds is very simple. After all, they don’t understand blind investment. Speaking of this, Uncle Wang wants to talk to everyone about Newton, and that’s right, the one who was smashed by Apple. The teacher has made remarkable achievements in history. He has made great achievements in many fields such as physics, optics, astronomy, and heat. It is no exaggeration to say that he is an epoch-making genius. In the spring of 1720, as beautiful as tulips, were the shares of the British South Sea Company with a government background: from 128 pounds per share in January to 1,000 pounds per share in July, a 6-month increase of 700%. With such excitement, our Newton teacher will naturally not miss the opportunity to get rich overnight. At the beginning of the same year, Teacher Newton invested nearly 7,000 pounds in Nanhai Company, and quickly sold it at the end of April that year. In just three months, he made a profit of 7,000 pounds, and his first shot was doubled! But the story did not end perfectly here. After Mr. Newton shorted the stock, the shares of the British South China Sea Company were still rising, and the increase soon reached an astonishing 8 times. Seeing the friends around him making a lot of money, Teacher Newton felt regretful in his heart, alas, it was too early to buy. Driven by greed, Teacher Newton felt that there was still a chance. In order to earn more income, decisively smashed all 10 years of income in…


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9 months ago

Investment and financial management generally use idle funds, which means it is obvious that there is a possibility of short-term quilt. Generally speaking, the idea of ​​buying funds is to hold a group of high-quality stocks for a long time, but high-quality stocks do not rise every day, and star fund managers cannot make stable profits in the face of disorderly fluctuations in the market. Such fluctuations are actually normal. . If the weak warehouse can take advantage of the sharp drop to cover up the position in batches, and the heavy warehouse takes advantage of the rebound to make profits and reduce the position, safety will always be more important than making money. Every rational investor has the ability to think independently and will not completely believe in the views of some big Vs, and so do I. Of course, everyone’s investment philosophy is different. Some people like to borrow loans and leverage. It is also possible. In any case, there is only one life in your life, and you can feel good. If you really just want to make some pocket money in the market, you can look at the concept of wealth management and investment big V output on Zhihu, such as @Jack Wang @木十一@陆十一忆白, etc., you can’t get rich, at least not. warehouse. I myself often read the official account Chaoyan Essays, Jack’s Viewpoint, and the Guide to Avoiding Trading Pitfalls. I am happy both on trading days and non-trading days.

9 months ago

Regardless of the rise or fall of the fund, if the fund falls, you are not happy to think, too good, the good fund I fancy can be bought at a low price, but you are worried, then either the fund you bought is not yourself The selected fund, you basically have no knowledge of him, or there is a problem with your position management, and you like a one-time stud full position fund. Buffett once said: “If you don’t want to hold a stock for 10 years, then you don’t even hold it for 10 minutes.” I think it is also appropriate to put it on the fund. If you are unwilling to hold a certain fund for 5 years (not too long, you still have to have confidence in 5 years), then you should not buy, especially for novices, except for those who like band operations.

9 months ago

In the stock investment market, there may also be many investors who have bought and held stocks that have subsequently risen a lot, but there may be very few investors who can really make a large rise. The most critical reason may be that they cannot To achieve long-term holding, if you want to invest in stocks to truly obtain a large long-term investment return, you may not only rely on the stock price difference, but may rely more on the growth of the company’s profits and value, and the growth of the company’s profits or value may also need to be relatively large. Over a long period of time, it may be difficult for most companies to increase their profit or value in the short term. Even if their profit or value increase in the short term, it may be difficult for them to grow in the long term. Therefore, even a good company, It may also take a long time for the value of its stocks to really gain a lot of growth. Since the fund is behind the holdings of stocks, the same is true for investment funds. As long as you choose a high-quality fund, these excellent fund managers will help you choose the best stocks. All you need to do is to work with the fund manager and wait for the harvest. season.

9 months ago

The classification of funds and the corresponding returns and risks Why do we need to understand the risks of funds when choosing a fund? Because everyone has different definitions of risk and different levels of acceptance, just like carrots and cabbage have their own loves, it is important to find the type of fund that matches their risk preferences. The general classification is divided into these categories according to the classification of Tiantian Fund and Morningstar. The difference between the two is that Tiantian Fund is generally classified according to the fund’s prospectus, which is the official classification. The classification of Morningstar depends not only on the official classification of the fund, but also on the style of actual operation of the fund. For example, some funds are called flexible allocation. In fact, they have conservative trading styles and low returns. Morningstar will classify him as a conservative mixed type rather than a flexible type. Tips: Morningstar, an internationally renowned fund research and evaluation institution, is also the first domestic fund to carry out this work. Generally speaking, the higher the stock position, the higher the risk, and the lower the stock position, the lower the risk. Therefore, choosing a fund is essentially to choose a fund that matches your financial goals and risk appetite. Otherwise, a good fund in the eyes of others may not seem like that to you. For example, if you are more conservative and pay more attention to the principal, but are not satisfied with the yield of the bond fund, you can try a partial debt hybrid fund. If you pursue higher returns, you can choose a balanced or even partial equity fund. If you are inclined to a particular industry, you can buy the industry theme fund. If you don’t know yourself, that’s okay, you can try it for a small amount.

9 months ago

Fund companies will not promote this, because it is difficult to guarantee that their fund managers will not change because of the hard-hitting battalion. Why are all the awards publicizing the fund company and the name of the fund? Fund managers are rarely judged when awards are judged. This is also because of this. But you see, when the fund company is issuing a new fund, they move out the fund manager to promote it. What a prominent background, beautiful performance… Isn’t it ironic? The most typical is “China Market Selection”, which is a legendary fund many years ago, with long-term outstanding performance. However, since the resignation of fund manager Wang Yawei, the glory has disappeared (Wang Yawei went to private equity, and his performance is also very average). Canaan found that there are still many big Vs when screening funds. Because of the influence of the 4433 rule and the annualized rate of return, the listed funds still have it… Canaan can only hehe.

9 months ago

The market is inherently volatile, and the ups and downs are normal. The market has risen too high in the early stage. We can see that in 2020, the performance of funds in the medical, consumer, and new energy categories is gratifying, and there are many funds that have doubled. The continuous decline of funds that began after the Spring Festival was because the funds rose too much some time ago, and now they need to be adjusted appropriately; for example, liquor funds have gone crazy – there is no reason for only rising and not falling, just open a hole, and you will lose a lot of money. . Some investors sell some high-yield funds (or maybe they are falling). The market is full of various voices and styles of rotation. Pro-cyclical, and some investors are susceptible to this kind of voice. They have no independent opinions and buy a deal. Chasing liquor when the liquor rises, chasing the cycle when the cycle rises, it is inevitable that the quilt will be covered. If you are still unwilling to pretend to be dead, you can only kill the fall. Such a fall has a counterproductive effect on the market, causing the market to fall-investor sentiment interacts with the market.

9 months ago

In addition to the decline in funds with large previous increases such as medical care, consumption, and new energy, other funds have also fallen. At present, market funds should be mainly allocated in these popular industries (funds cannot be adjusted so quickly after ideal adjustments. In addition, adjustments are made. Positions can also cause stocks to fall) – Recall the fund holdings a while ago (Baotuan stocks are overvalued, the valuation can be referred to but not superstitious), these industries are falling and falling, naturally the overall environment performance is not much better , A fall and a fall, triggering a knock-on effect. For some companies whose valuations are too high and there is no corresponding performance support in 2021, the stock price may be adjusted to some extent. If the market does not pull back, how can there be a suitable buying opportunity? Many of the recently issued hot funds have not yet completed the opening of positions. The market decline for several days may provide a good opportunity for opening positions. In addition, the phenomenon of fund grouping (intentionally or unintentionally) will not collapse.

9 months ago

Before financial management, first consider the risks. Some investors may take for granted that the market conditions in 2021 will be good or even better than the previous two years because the market conditions in 2019 and 2020 are good. There are more black swans – risks are everywhere. , So be optimistic about your principal, choose a financial management method that suits you, and adjust your plan flexibly according to market conditions. It is recommended that you allocate your own funds for financial management. In addition to setting aside some of the funds needed for daily life, you should also set aside some emergency funds, which can be placed in the bank. (Emergency use or bank fast, take it as you go. If the fund is sold on the trading day, it will not arrive until the second trading day.) In addition, you can also set aside some funds and plan well to bargain when the market drops (every day). Days) Buy in batches. When constructing a fund portfolio, you can consider holding some bond funds based on your personal risk tolerance, such as stock-type and industry-type index funds. When they rise, they will naturally have a large range. Hello, I’m hello, everyone, but when they fall, they will let you Do you know what is meant by “dead mother deny”.

9 months ago

I mentioned the same thing in [2021 fund investment layout-these three industries still have opportunities]: I have said many times that bond funds can be used as safe-haven assets with little fluctuations in the stock market; they can be sold in emergencies; stocks Funds of type and index type are volatile, and it is possible that when you are in a hurry to use money, they will fall sharply. At this time, you can only cut your meat (don’t wait until the market plummets to think of bond funds); convertible bonds are not recommended here. Funds are not suitable for hedging because of relatively high risks. For friends with low risk tolerance, pure debt funds can be the main choice. The annualized return of good pure debt funds can reach about 8%, which is much stronger than Yu’ebao; mixed debt funds can use no more than 20% The assets of investment in stocks have certain volatility, but the risk is lower than that of index, hybrid, and stock funds. It can also be used as a part of the portfolio. Good hybrid bond-based performance is better than many index funds.

9 months ago

Unless you are buying a particularly poor fund, under normal circumstances, the fund can make money through fixed investment and amortization at low cost. Of course, this process may be more painful, because some funds may fall by 50%. You can increase your position if it falls by 5%. A 10% drop is a bit panic, but you can still increase your position if you are cruel. If it fell 30%, I felt that it was a bottomless pit, and I didn’t dare to increase its position. It fell 40% and felt hopeless, and just needed money, so I shed tears. Of course, I’m talking about extreme situations. This year’s market position is not high, and the probability is that it will fall by 20%-30%. The premise is that the fund you bought is not that bad, because I don’t know what kind of fund you are. , Can not be analyzed in detail. After the fund has fallen, whether you should increase your position or sell it. You do not have a clear plan, indicating that you may not have a good understanding of the fund and the nature of the risk of the fund. At this time, in fact, the most important thing is to study. The old saying goes well. It is not too late to sharpen the knife and chop wood. It is not too late to invest after learning the knowledge of funds.

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