I’m not saying this is bad, but it’s not the only way out. Is there no other way for a person to enter society better? It just feels that too many parents care too much about this matter nowadays, and it puts too much pressure on the children.

I think this issue can be viewed from multiple angles. The philosophy of scholars in our country has been “to learn and to be good, and to be an official”. Reading is to be an official. Of course, you can also jump out of the worldly stereotypes. Wang Yangming said that this statement is wrong. Wang Yangming’s philosophy is: The sage is to read. This is a more lofty and pure concept, which can also stimulate people’s inner motivation. We often hear a saying in our lives: education is not important, ability is more important. Is this sentence wrong? No. For example, Huawei, in actual work, the ability is indeed more important. However, if you don’t have a diploma, and if you don’t even have the qualifications to enter, what abilities can you talk about? Therefore, there is a prerequisite to say that this sentence is correct. The prerequisite is that the same academic qualifications, the same position, and ability are more important than academic qualifications. I am the parent of a high school child. Why do I have to have my child go to high school, but definitely not technical school? In our place, the economy is relatively developed, and vocational education is still relatively developed. However, let’s look at the real situation of vocational high schools: the teacher is giving lectures, and the students below do what they want, playing with mobile phones and sleeping while sleeping. The only requirement is that you don’t talk or disturb others. At the age of sixteen or seventeen, the best years in life, should it be wasted like this? ! This is the actual situation. You said how could I let my child go to technical school? Going to high school or college may not be the only way out, but if you were not born with a golden key, maybe this is the best way out. You can succeed without going to a university, such as Gates and Zuckerberg (we will not discuss Gates’s mother working at IBM for the time being), but you must know that this is a small probability event. Finding a good job by going to university and living a dignified and quality life is a high probability event. If you can go back in time, I think I can be better than I am now. This is the truth. If you are still a student, I would advise you to study hard! When you are excellent and strong, those problems will not be a problem!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Academic qualifications are the stepping stone to your career, which has a great relationship with your income, promotion, and job title evaluation. In fact, high school is already a bit behind, if you can, you must continue to go to school. Knowledge is the primary creativity and productivity, knowledge is power, and knowledge is money. If you have knowledge, you will have an additional ability to choose a job. Without knowledge, the job will choose you. In the future society, it is difficult to move without knowledge.

8 months ago

Going to high school and college is not the only way to change the future, but it is the best way for most ordinary people. You can search for jobs that you can do with your junior high school diploma on the job site to see if any of them can make you earn money in a decent way. The answer is almost none. Don’t tell me about being an internet celebrity, playing e-sports and the like. There are hundreds of millions of people in China who have made short videos. How many internet celebrities can you count now? Are there 100? No. There are hundreds of millions of people playing games in China, but what about the players who can show their faces in professional competitions? A few hundred at most. On the surface, it seems that everyone has the opportunity to become an Internet celebrity, and everyone has the opportunity to play a career. But this type of thing that everyone can do is the most powerful thing. The first one in ten million is glamorous. The vast majority of the rest can’t eat enough. And reading is a boring thing, but at any rate one step will have a footprint. With a diploma, others will give priority to you when you enter the factory. Have an undergraduate diploma, apply for some small companies, at least the resume will not be erased by the first batch. If it is a related major of 985 or 211, then at least many company HRs will give an interview opportunity. If it’s Tsinghua and Peking University, even if it’s not the top few of your classmates, your choice and treatment are much better than an ordinary undergraduate. Going to high school is not the only way to change the future, but it’s For most ordinary people, it is the best way to go.

8 months ago

Because going to high school and college can represent your cultural level and quality, the amount of knowledge you have can also represent a person’s breadth and depth of thinking to a certain extent. At the same time, if you can go to a university and it is a very good university, you can also see a person’s learning ability and will have a very good working ability in the future. Learning does not necessarily require us to master a certain kind of knowledge, but it can cultivate our ability to learn a certain skill and learning methods. If we replace textbooks with any other things, we will have faster learning ability. In this society where there is no absolute fairness, passing the college entrance examination is the only fair way to change your life. A high degree is not a panacea, but it will definitely provide you with a good platform and become a stepping stone for you to enter the upper class.

8 months ago

The goal of life is freedom. Freedom means that there are more choices and choices. Going to high school, college, and especially good colleges, for most people, it gives you more choices. Reading is not only about diplomas or earning skills, high school, undergraduate studies, but also training your thinking so that you can better understand the world. As for the pressure that is not stressful, it is caused by the parents’ own psychological characteristics or limited insights. My child, I guess it’s okay for him to take an ordinary undergraduate course, because he is smarter than me and loves to study better than me. What’s the problem. Since the child is sloppy and not hard enough, I didn’t expect him to go to a prestigious school. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if he really can’t go to university. I went to university and also got a master’s degree, so what? It’s not going out to be exploited, you think 996 is to keep you in the company for snacks! Therefore, my advice to children in life is, either, enter the system and live a healthy life to a hundred years old. Or, do some small business yourself.

8 months ago

People living at the bottom of the society, the hardships they endure, the livelihoods, the middle-class and above, can’t appreciate it. Facing the loess and back to the sky, steel bars on the construction site, dry powder, etc., this is difficult, who can understand, and can earn a few dollars. I am the son of a farmer. Before I entered high school, my mother had been farming at home, and my dad had been carpentry. After high school, my mother worked in the factory. Every time I harvest and plant in summer, especially late rice, I use pesticides once a week. I have seen the hardships in my eyes and experienced it myself. My dad worked for others. When he did the work, they were all smiling. When the work was finished, when talking about the salary, he was crushed, and it was generally difficult to give it all back then. I often heard my dad tell my mom, This family’s salary itself didn’t have much money, and it was suppressed by a few hundred, the most being suppressed by one or two thousand. My mother works in the factory, basically all year round, because there is no salary after rest. In a snowy day, riding on a bicycle, going in the wind and rain, and lunch is not accurate, the old stomach disease fell. When I was a child, I had no money at home. I bought clothes for a year. I just waited for the salary my dad asked for in the twelfth lunar month, and it was like a fight. My sister and I have both experienced it. When my mother applied pesticides, my sister and I went home from school and had no food to eat. When the summer harvest and summer planting, the family cut rice and transplanted rice seedlings under the scorching sun. When my dad asks for wages, he usually takes our family (because he usually goes directly to the street to buy new year goods and clothes after he asks for money). We have all seen the kind of sadness and helplessness that can’t be asked for. The factory where my mother works. I have been to the factory where magnets are made. People with bad heart and lungs will feel suffocated by the smell of the factory. It is precisely because they have gone through a lot of hardships and made little money, so when I was young, they told me that I must get ahead, go to university, and go out of the countryside. Fortunately, I did not live up to their expectations. I worked hard and worked hard and finally walked out of the countryside and came to a big city. I can get the money that my dad can only earn in five or six years at most in a year, and I don’t need to pay for the salary like they did. Worry, the wind comes and rains, and there is no need to deal with mud. Decent, what is decent? This may be because they believe that their children must lead a decent life, and they must not be rooted in the countryside for a lifetime like them. This is the true portrayal of thousands of Chinese parents, so this is why many parents think that only by going to university can there be a way out. They belonged to the generation of reform and opening up. At that time, China was relatively poor. Many of them wanted to study, but they couldn’t continue studying because of the lack of conditions at home, so they could only place their hopes on their children. They were also a generation of hardworking workers. At that time, information was not so developed. They didn’t know that there were more ways to lead a decent life. Even if they knew, they didn’t have enough money to go this way. This is the result of the times, and it will always exist. After all, academic qualifications are still the only criterion for society to measure talents.

8 months ago

It is not the only way out, but compared to those who have not received education, most of the educated people are more in line with the recruitment requirements of the company and the requirements of the society. (The following are in general terms, not for people.) Because before the age of 18, minors are not very mature in their minds, and their work ability is not strong. Learning is a must. Except for learning, they can’t do anything else. . And learning is not forced by parents or teachers, but through learning to mature one’s mind, cultivate the correct three views, gain knowledge, and understand the nature of the current world (not to be deceived by the earth’s center, cults, etc.). As you progress from junior high school to high school to university, the deeper you learn, the less absolute and one-sided views on things, and people’s thoughts will not be carried away at will.

8 months ago

Because this is the most sure thing right now. You can choose not to go to high school to go to university. It’s like playing a game, you can do it alone without teaming up. Then you need to accept that, first, it is extremely difficult to single-swipe it, and second, you can’t single-swipe some copies. You must know that the vast majority of people in this world are ordinary mortals. If you don’t follow a normal path, you have to follow an abnormal path. You feel that reading has put too much pressure on your children, but you have not seen many people who do not put pressure on their children or let their children study, and children will have no pressure throughout their lives. They have only a lifetime of suffering. When you feel stressed, at least your life is not bad, you have time to think, have choices, and hesitate. Those who have better conditions than us still choose to let their children go to school. Why should we give up? You can obviously take a few steps to the starting line in front, but if you are not happy, you have to take a few steps back? There are many children in the mountains who do not go to school. What pressure do they have? He went to work at a young age, and became a parent before he matured. For them, they may not even know what the way out is. Just as there is a video asking a little girl what she wants to do when she grows up? Answer, plan the ground. This society must have a better way to enter without studying, but it does not belong to you and me. Just like climbing a mountain, some people can go up by cable car, but you can only climb the stairs, so you still feel tired and want to climb the cliff? The purpose of going to school is very simple, to learn knowledge and reform thinking. Many times thoughts can determine a person’s life.

8 months ago

Because high-end jobs require people’s thinking ability and brain logic ability, and these high requirements can only be trained through a good high school or even a good university. If you have not undergone such training, there is a high probability that you will not be exposed to such an industry. And this kind of industry is basically the leader of each industry, and it needs to work in the following industries through the decision-making group. It can be understood as some of the following ordinary industries. Ordinary jobs are controlled by cutting leeks. If you feel that you are being manipulated and you are happy with low wages, then you don’t need to read on.

8 months ago

The college entrance examination can be said to be the fairest talent selection system at present, and the current society has higher and higher requirements for academic qualifications, which can be seen by the current number of postgraduate entrance examinations. On the other hand, when you are still young, what do you do if you don’t go to school? School is not only about studying, but also about life. It is a wonderful life to grow up with a group of peers at school. It does not mean that it is the only way, but if you have the conditions to go to high school and university, it is better to go to school, especially high school. I can’t think of anything more appropriate to do than to go to high school at that age.

8 months ago

It should be said that only more “study” can have a good way out, not only “going to school” is the only way out. It’s just that in the course of the past few decades in China, due to various limitations, people have concretized “reading” into “going to school”, or “going to a good university.” First of all, this idea is reasonable. This is nonsense. An ideological concept so deeply rooted must be tested and approved. However, there is still a market for the uselessness of studying. It is nothing more than saying that “college graduates work for high school students.” However, out of the sample, the statistical conclusions are all hooliganism. If the school where the subject of the question is still divided into classes based on grades, then you will come to the conclusion that classes with good grades will have scumbags, and classes with poor grades will have scumbags. However, in general, the learning atmosphere of a class with good grades will be better than a class with poor grades. The lower limit of the class with good grades is limited, and the upper limit of the class with poor grades is limited. The same applies to universities. Graduates who resume diplomatic relations in Qingbei will have better overall indicators, and their overall performance will be better many years after graduation. The overall performance of college graduates will also be better than those with only junior high school education! But this is all about overall performance. It is a statistical concept. Second, there are individual differences. We have to find a way that suits us. Maybe not everyone is suitable to go to a serious university. There may be people who are more suitable for vocational training, but how many people do you think will find that they are more suitable for vocational education when they are fourteen or five years old? Before, a classmate from Tsinghua University or Peking University dropped out to receive vocational education and was very successful. But you have to pay attention, they dropped out of Qingbei and went to a top vocational technical training in China, which seems to be CNC. This also proves that the better you do the current things (learning), the more choices you have in the future. You can choose to learn your favorite technology, you can also choose your favorite major to receive a college education, you can even choose to kill pigs. Even if you kill a pig, you will probably kill better than others (please refer to Baidu for the case). Most of them are not, most of them are vocational education forced to go to good schools. This is a problem with our educational philosophy and education system. This may be changing. Even so, there is no doubt that reading is better than not reading. Not to mention that different schools have different resources. In a general sense, studying or studying in a good school has a limited personal limit, and not studying or studying in a less good school has a limited personal upper limit! If the subject of the question has not yet reached the stage of the college entrance examination, study hard, don’t think about those that are not, as long as there is no mine at home, everyone has to work hard. At different stages of life, struggle refers to slightly different things. Before going to university, your content of struggle is to study hard and get admitted to a good university. If you can read more books in the process of studying the knowledge of textbooks, it will be even better! Boy, come on!

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