According to a Reuters report on January 15, Laura Rosenberger (Laura Rosenberger) will serve as the “Senior Director of China Affairs” at the White House under Biden’s leadership.

Rosenberg is a veteran of the US State Department and the White House. He was the head of China and the Korean Peninsula affairs of the National Security Council during the Obama era. He held a series of positions in the US State Department and the National Security Council, including the then Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Bu Lincoln (Antony Blinken) chief of staff. Currently, Brinken has been nominated by Biden as the new Secretary of State.

She also served as a foreign policy adviser on Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign and is a senior researcher at the German Marshall Foundation, a US think tank.

On Thursday, Rosenberg tweeted that his new job was “a daunting task” and “it is an honor to be able to serve the Americans with an excellent team again.”

“World Journal” analysis pointed out that in the past, the director of Chinese affairs was ranked as “director” in the National Security Council. The Biden administration has promoted him to “senior director”. In addition to paying attention to it, it also shows that the future will be more cautious in handling relations with China. .

In addition to Rosenberg, her boss is also worthy of attention.

A spokesperson for the Biden transition team said that Rosenberg will report to another Obama administration veteran, Kurt Campbell. On Wednesday, Campbell has been appointed as Biden’s senior coordinator for Indo-Pacific policy at the White House National Security Council. The “Washington Post” pointed out that Campbell’s position is also newly created.

Campbell served as the top US diplomat in charge of Asian affairs during Obama’s tenure and is considered to be the designer of the “return to Asia” strategy.

After stepping down from the government, the 63-year-old Campbell ran the consulting firm “Asia Group” and provided advice to Biden’s Democratic campaign. He is also the co-founder of the think tank “New American Security Center”.

In 2016, Campbell published the book “Return to Asia-Pacific: The Future of American Asian Governance”, which outlined his Asian strategy. The book advocates consolidating existing alliances and establishing closer relations with countries such as India and Indonesia in response to the rise of China.

In an article in Foreign Affairs this week, Campbell talked about the need for the United States to “seriously re-engage” in Asian affairs and maintain the so-called “threatened by China” existing order through “special” alliances and partnerships.

There are 4.5 to 5 million Chinese in the United States, but the Chinese officials who have recently made the news come from this very small group: [outsiders who went to Taiwan with the Kuomintang]-this group is only 150,000 in the United States. 1. Dai Qi, was appointed as the United States Trade Representative. Grandfather Dai Peizhi, a native of Funing, Yancheng, Jiangsu, served as the Secretary of the Xuzhou City Government and Commissioner of the Nanjing Municipal Government before 1949. Become a middle school teacher -> university teacher after going to Taiwan. 2. Xu Ruobing was appointed as the Deputy Secretary of Defense of the United States. His grandfather Xu Kangliang, from Anji in Huzhou, Zhejiang, served as a major general of the KMT Air Force before 1949. After going to Taiwan in 1952, he was promoted to the deputy commander-in-chief/lieutenant general of the KMT Air Force. 3. Lu Peining was appointed as one of the U.S. representatives to the United Nations. His grandfather, Lu Hengzhi, a native of Zhengyang in Zhumadian, Henan, had an unknown deed. He died in 1947. Father Lu Zhengyang joined the KMT army in 1948 (17 years old), then went to Taiwan, and went to the United States to study in the 1960s. ——In addition, Lu Peining’s grandfather Wang Renyuan, a native of Qingyuan in Baoding, Hebei, served as the “legislator” of Tianjin before 1949, that is, he represented Tianjin in the parliament of the Republic of China; after he went to Taiwan, he became the “Minister of Justice and Administration” in 1970. “.


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8 months ago

It can only show one problem. The United States has officially regarded China as its biggest competitor and its biggest geopolitical opponent. Therefore, it needs to develop a comprehensive strategy to deal with China. This strategy may be complicated, and cooperation at one level will never hinder containment at another level. Of course, the overall view must be vigorously contained. In terms of methods, it is the old Democratic Party’s routine, with soft power deceiving allies first. To deal with this, we don’t have to be afraid at all. I said it is hard to hear. Even if China should not recruit, it can only be passively defensive. Four years later, Trump or Trump, who is not Trump, will definitely return, because Biden is absolutely impossible to solve the biggest problem in the United States in these four years, class contradictions and excessive income distribution. The only thing China needs to worry about is whether the United States will have a Caesar, and now only the dictatorship of Caesar can save the United States.

8 months ago

In the political context of the United States, setting up a special department for Chinese affairs and employing personnel familiar with East Asia in personnel appointments is tantamount to a cold war against China. The primary feature of war is mobilization rather than declaration of war. The mobilization of A to B means that A and B have actually entered a state of war. It does not matter who fired the first shot. The subsequent declaration of war is just a formality. In a war, non-combat behavior is actually Occupying the main content, the time spent preparing for the battle is often much more than the battle itself. Most of the time the main content of the war is to integrate resources, obtain information, evaluate opponents, and organize strength. It takes only a while to fight. Time and even post-war evaluation results took longer than the battle itself. The establishment of a formal listing department actually means that Americans have begun to organize human and material resources. Because the U.S. government’s operating model is often very close to the company, setting up departments is like opening bids, bidding and listing projects, publicizing project information, and then various mountainous people start to enter the market according to the project’s expected revenue, subscription subscription, capital injection, and subscribing. Then find a reliable manager, take everyone’s investment to operate, and after the profit is made, the shareholders enter the market and share the profit, and then the guests and the host will enjoy it. The establishment of a special department in the United States means that the project information has been announced, and the manager is also an East Asia Link, which is considered reliable. Then the next step is to do PPT drawing pie to lure various contractors and investors into the market. This kind of cutting against China actually cuts off the ties between the US interest groups in China’s relations with China and forces them to withdraw their capital. This is both forcing to stand in line and for protection, because only one’s own interests will leave the market to the greatest extent, and afterwards, they will not throw away the rat. In order to reduce the collateral losses, the real battle will come after all the players have entered the game. As for how to treat it? It is going to rain, and my mother is going to marry. What happens objectively is not subject to people’s subjective will. It does not matter how we look at it. What really matters is to strengthen our convictions and take good care of our armaments. East Asia Indo-Pacific is an area that relies on waters to achieve interconnection. It is very important to compete for waters. Where we face the enemy, we must win wherever we are. If we want to face the enemy and win over the waters, it is nothing more than building ships.

8 months ago

Regarding how China will deal with the Biden administration, I would like to make three suggestions: the end of cold violence, fixed-point sanctions to promote metabolism, and focus on the battlefield. The first suggestion is to end the issue with cold violence. This means that some issues that the United States would use to pressure China during the past Sino-US exchanges are listed as issues of refusal to communicate. For example, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, human rights, religion, and even the South China Sea. Make a list to inform the U.S. that China and the U.S. will no longer discuss these issues from now on. When the two sides deal with each other, prepare the yellow and red signs in advance. As long as the U.S. representative raises an issue on this list, he will immediately interrupt the U.S. side roughly, and then give the U.S. side a yellow card warning. If the U.S. side raises this topic for the second time, it immediately raises a red card and announces the termination of the meeting, and everyone immediately exits. Adhering to this strategy can actually prevent the US from exerting pressure on China through negotiations on this issue. The Biden administration has always felt that Trump’s play is too brainless, and that they may have a more civilized and controllable way to deal with China, and they must also include these issues on their list of controllable pressure. However, China directly adopts a cold and violent strategy that does not communicate at all. The U.S. government is faced with two choices: Either be as brutal as the Trump administration, or only accept China’s request to refuse to talk about these issues, and the controlled pressure they originally planned. bankrupted. But the main benefit of using cold violence does not lie in this. Let’s imagine what the Biden administration will do if it becomes angry and embarrassed. Presumably they will do two things. One is to work hard on issues that they think China is at a disadvantage and have to deal with them (such as the Taiwan issue). I will talk about this next. Another thing, they may be forced to use some of the Trump administration’s methods. For example, sanctions against certain people in China are imposed on Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, and human rights. In this way, he was drawn into the second item below, we just thought about it. The second article is called fixed-point sanctions to promote metabolism. What does it mean? When the U.S. cannot hold back sanctions against our personnel, we immediately imposed targeted sanctions on U.S. government officials (not limited to the diplomatic service). For example, prohibiting certain people from coming to China and refusing to engage in dialogue and negotiation with these people. These people can include important senior diplomats from the United States (such as the director and coordinator in the title), and it is better to have a countermeasure that clearly exceeds that of the United States. The intensity of the sanctions initiated. Of course, the United States will become angry and punish more people in China, including diplomats. China also continues to counter sanctions. After a few rounds of this, there will be a state where no one is available on both sides. Good things are coming at this time. The Sino-U.S. dialogue cannot be stopped completely. After all, there are still many issues that China and the U.S. are willing to talk about or even have to talk about. If both parties do not make concessions, the only way is for both parties to arrange new people to engage in dialogue. Young people in the intelligence department of China’s foreign affairs department have an opportunity to participate in the great struggle. This is a good opportunity for China to inspect cadres. But what is more important is to give young American cadres a chance to get ahead. Why is this important? Because many people in power in the United States are living fossils of the Cold War. Many of the officials under them who are in charge of handling practical affairs are a little younger, but most of them are more than 50. These people are too impressed with the situation in the United States in the early days of the victory of the Cold War. It can be said that these two groups of people have been stamped with their thoughts and cannot be reversed. What China needs to do is to force them to promote the younger generation who grew up after 2000 and who have a weak memory of the Cold War and even the politics of the 1990s. Not only found opportunities to communicate with them, but also conducted a survey of the young cadres among U.S. affairs officers to figure out who is reliable and who is unreliable, and even actively “feeds” some diplomatic achievements to young American cadres in favor of young cadres. Promotion. After all, if the United States wants to vote for the Communist Party, it will almost certainly be done in the hands of newcomers. The third suggestion is to focus on the battlefield. The above mentioned the use of cold and violent methods to forcibly close many issues that the United States feels can put pressure on China. The United States is bound to concentrate its efforts on a few issues that China is willing to communicate with the United States, and most likely concentrate its efforts on the Taiwan issue. Pressure. This is China’s default battlefield. Here, China can be super tough against tough, and internationally, it is said that the United States first put pressure on the Taiwan Strait (this is probably also true, because the United States was angered by cold violence and sanctions). Regarding the Taiwan issue, there are so many moves that China can use. Others have already put forward many ideas, and I have also put forward many ideas in my key political article. You can check it out. From drones flying over Taipei to military aircraft flying over Taipei, from military exercises set up around Taiwan Island to military exercises to attack Taiwan from the east of Taiwan Island, from threats to harass the leaders of the Taiwan authorities to threaten to harass the local leaders of Taiwan. And so on, can all be implemented, and continue to create tension in Taiwan, especially if the United States relaxes slightly, Taiwan may be blocked or reunified by military force. The main purpose is to make Biden’s diplomatic resources highly constrained by Taiwan. This is not only disrupting the US plan and rhythm, but also a war of attrition. The US leadership is facing far more domestic and foreign troubles than the Chinese side. If it is consumed, the US can’t afford it even more, not to mention that this is China’s default battlefield. I guess the Chinese side only needs “a general in charge of the work” to consume the “overview of the overall coach” of the US side, which is too cost-effective. It’s better to make Biden have to hold two meetings every week on the situation in Taiwan and even give way to domestic affairs. It’s best to make the old man exhausted. (Don’t worry, it’s not easy to be exhausted, but not to die is the best. Not bad). I have argued in the key political article before that the Taiwan issue is in fact a tool for China to blackmail the United States rather than a tool for the United States to blackmail China. I hope that in the four years of the Biden administration, the issue of who is the tool of extortion in Taiwan can be concluded. Well, the implementation of these three measures actually serves one center, which is to make the American elite feel a sense of despair and urgency. Can’t beat China in any way, this is a sense of despair. China will attack in a highly aggressive and tough manner. This is a sense of urgency. But the military is blocked, the economy is not competitive, and the internal consumption is extremely high. What should I do? Under this circumstance, those young American cadres who don’t have the stamp of thought, who have to think for a long time for the next few decades, have the opportunity to contact Chinese people and even have been “cared for” by China, may have different ideas. This laid the initial foundation for China to launch a large-scale propaganda of “recruiting refuge” in the United States after the mid-1920s.

8 months ago

In recent times, there have been many people who slandered me, the Jianzhou New Dealer, or the Yunxin cabinet member, who specializes in instigating and restraining Jianzhou. These horrible talks are really not worth refuting. I am cute. Since the moral saint’s skinning master Washington (by) ascended the throne. Qinghe Yan Siyi sincerely convinced black and white gays, friendship, love, fusion, my sage, young people, cherish the old, pity the poor, love the people, such as children, and set up these two cabinet members with the sage to sympathize with Jianzhou’s feelings, especially the heart of comfort, so special commissioners are set up to promote To protect me from the great splendor, Jin Ou will last forever and be brilliant for all generations.

8 months ago

Director of China Affairs Senior Director of China Affairs Special Director of China Affairs Senior Director of China Affairs No one is more senior Director of Indo-Pacific Policy Adorable New Coordinator of Indo-Pacific Policy Junior Coordinator of Indo-Pacific Policy Intermediate Coordinator of Indo-Pacific Policy Intermediate Coordinator of Indo-Pacific Policy Senior coordinator and above collectively (Indo-Pacific policy Dali special coordinator) Indo-Pacific policy Sudra-level coordinator, Indo-Pacific policy Visha-level coordinator, Indo-Pacific policy Kshatriya-level coordinator, Indo-Pacific policy Brahman-level coordinator, Indo-Pacific policy Policy coordinator for sharing the Ganges water and sharing Shiva sentiment

8 months ago

1. A very interesting point. They think that Chuanhuang’s failure was not the limit of pressure, but the incorrect and too frequent way of pressure, so it became “the wolf is coming.” The implication is that they think (or think they) have found a more effective way of pressure. This method may directly cause harm, such as incitement and subversion; it may also cause indirect harm, such as the reason for rapidly and vigorously increasing military expenditures in order to expand its military presence in the Asia-Pacific and India region, offsetting and suppressing China’s newly acquired influence. In short, there is only one purpose, to suppress and eliminate China’s influence, and to strengthen the influence of Mingming. 2. They know that they have to “cooperate” with us, but they don’t want to be equal with us. They said that they don’t want a cold war, let alone a hot war. It’s just that they are temporarily unable to handle it. Even a country like China, which relies on its own efforts to rise peacefully, refuses to face it. This is enough to show that what they want to maintain is neither civilization nor justice. It’s just that. It is the world where Daiming dominates the world. So in the final analysis, it is still the question of the right to survive. 3. This is another extremely hard-line and hostile faction towards China. Perhaps the politicians who have mixed up with the American and British political circles use this kind of empty output as a personality label, and they tend to be more aggressive than their male counterparts. Their “independence, courage, and strength” will serve as an example and guide for a certain movement. Therefore, we will appreciate more nonsense and farce from both sides of the ocean in the future, and a certain movement may further show a certain special position. Ah, I can’t wait to see Harris succeeding to the throne, and what the “Zhongzheng Yingchao” led by AOC and others is like. Maybe it is possible to increase some senior executives of sexual minorities? Or replace the bright stars and stripes with colorful stripes?

8 months ago

Biden’s four years, the main line of the script is revision, not innovation. The correction is the deviation from the establishment program of the Trump era, which can also be seen as a return to Obama’s rebalancing strategy. Two personnel, who were deeply imprinted by Obama’s old era, confessed their fate and announced the opening of the curtain. It’s eight years inside and outside. It is foreseeable that Biden will definitely adjust the intensity level of direct confrontation between China and the United States. But this does not mean that Biden will be more friendly to China, but that Biden will take over the baton to contain China in a more traditional, neater, or more beautiful (dai) country (du) way. Biden, and the entire U.S. establishment elite (including many Republicans) behind him, understand China-U.S. relations based on three basic points: 1. In the era of multi-polarization, it is unrealistic for China and the U.S. to decouple hard, and it is not in line with the U.S. interest. The world has already entered the era of multi-polarity, and it is not China and the United States. China and the United States will not maintain the hegemony of the United States. The United States binds to China, and will not hesitate to hurt China to hold back China’s progress. The end result is likely to be that China and the United States sink at the same time. At that time, the reaping Russia and re-armed Europe are bound to take the opportunity to expand their living space and even seek hegemony on the Eurasian continent. Neither China nor the United States would want to see this result. Making wedding dresses for others is not American style. 2. The United States must “orderly” shrink and concentrate its efforts against China on the basis of maintaining the original balance system. The so-called “orderly” contraction means that when American forces withdraw from a certain region, they must establish a balance of power in that region, and cannot allow a certain regional power to dominate. They believe that Trump’s reckless contraction will lead to the collapse of the traditional balance system, which will accelerate the decline of American hegemony. This is Obama’s “rebalancing”. The United States has increased its investment in the Asia-Pacific to bridge the power imbalance brought about by China’s revival, while in the Middle East and other traditional strategic directions, it has created a new balance to make regional forces restrict each other and avoid the emergence of regional hegemony. The influence of the United States has failed. 3. The United States must rely on the circle of allies to fight against China and keep allies tied to the chariot, instead of offending allies like Trump. Biden believes that the ally system is the capital that the United States relies on against China, rather than squeezing the value of allies like Trump did. Such short-sighted behavior will only lead to the collapse of the US ally system. It is not wise to go to battle shirtlessly against China in person. In order to balance the most important ally, Europe continues to be tied to the American tank, the United States must abandon its attempt to get closer to Russia in order to continue to maintain a high-pressure posture in Eastern Europe and cut off Europe’s chances of peace with Russia. Shaping the Russian threat is a necessary condition for the United States to tie up Europe. In the Asia-Pacific direction, the United States will continue to build a small NATO in the Asia-Pacific region and undermine RCEP, isolating and suppressing China from both military, political and economic aspects. Based on the above three points, Biden will return to the traditional game strategy of the United States, not forcibly decoupling, maintaining the balance of power in Asia and Europe, and maintaining the alliance system. As far as China is concerned, Biden’s coming to power has several advantages: 1. Biden must use Russia as an imaginary enemy to tie Europe down, and it is difficult for the United States and Russia to get close. This way, the possibility of Russia’s backstab on our road to recovery is greatly reduced. 2. Trump had tossed for four years in the early stage, and most of the resources invested in countering China have become sunk costs, and the fault of this policy is a drain on the United States. As for the milder confrontation that Biden may adopt, I personally don’t think it is a good thing. After Biden is elected, China and the United States are expected to return to a state of fighting and not breaking, but we must be vigilant. This kind of containment of boiled frogs in warm water will not be more kind than Trump’s torrential rains. Whether Biden or Trump, Democrats or Republicans, fundamentally represent the interests of the United States. Containing China has already formed a consensus among the American elite, and it is unnecessary to expect the United States to be friendly to China. Just give up your illusions and be prepared for a protracted battle. However, the long-term prospects of Sino-US confrontation are still very optimistic. The root of America’s anxiety does not lie in China. The root cause is that the US hegemony system is no longer adapted to this era. One of the most basic principles in political textbooks is that productivity determines production relations, and it also holds true for international relations. As for whether Trump or Biden is elected, whether the United States engages in unilateral priority or returns to the Democratic Party’s old trick of offshore balance, for us, it will not change the basics.

8 months ago

Behind Biden is the Democratic Party. In order to compete with the Republican Party for its domestic political interests, the Democratic Party has developed into a wide-ranging alliance of political and economic interests across borders. Rosenberg served the Obama administration. A brief review of some major events that occurred worldwide during Obama’s presidency. The following are not sorted by time node: Malaysia Airlines lost one flight and one was destroyed. Various spring sports in the Arab region. The wars in Syria and Libya. The Flower Movement in Ukraine and the East Ukrainian War. Crimea dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Flower movement in Central Asia. Occupy Central (beginning at 14). Cheonan ship incident. . . Many emergencies and so on. These incidents involved regions including China, the Korean Peninsula, Russia, Central Asian countries, most countries in the Middle East, parts of the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, and countries in Eastern Europe. From the Mediterranean to the Black Sea to the Arabian Sea to the Indian Ocean and the western coast of the Pacific Ocean. To put it simply, the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa are plagued by various incidents from east to west, and they are all disturbed by emergencies. What cannot be avoided is that these unexpected events were concentrated in the eight-year administration of the Obama administration. The director of China Affairs must be one of the participants. According to the information that has been widely disseminated by the media, it can be judged that behind the emergencies and wars in the above regions, there are shadows of the active participation of the United States. Active participation means active offense, subjectively purposeful behavior with clear goals. Obama’s eight-year foreign strategy is a broad initiative to destroy the stable environment of the “enemy and adversary” identified by the United States. The newly appointed director is one of the members who took the initiative to participate in the planning. The Rosenberger is about to return to employment under Biden. Last year the new crown virus spread, and the media reported a lot of information about the coronavirus. Including the following: Middle East Respiratory Disease that appeared in 2012, the Middle East region corresponding to the time node can be compared by yourself. Various variant bird flus that have emerged after 2013 have been circulated in Shanghai in the past few years, but were immediately extinguished with SARS-like virus infections. The Georgian Biochemical Laboratory reported in Russia to study poultry and livestock viruses and the new swine flu coronavirus spreading to a wide range (CCTV news). Combine the events and time periods mentioned above. It can be seen that during the Obama administration from 2009 to 2017, people in the vast regions of Europe, Asia and Africa have been facing various threats and persecutions from wars and turbulence. This is the result of a clear set of external strategies. Obama’s statement that the United States will continue to lead the world for 100 years (remembered to be 150 years before) is not only a slogan and declaration, but also a set of planned strategies and actions behind it. This point must be recognized. Now that the Democrats are back in power, some of the former Obama administration teams who have returned to their old jobs will probably continue their previous strategic thinking and make plans. The tragedy of the injured countries in Europe, Asia and Africa continues to the present, and there is no need to say more about various reports. Please don’t forget these tragedies. We hope that we can continue to move towards a better life in the future. We must cheer up, face the future vigilantly, and prepare carefully and thoughtfully! We also need to look broader. The people of those regions and countries that have been harmed are also eager to live a happy life, eager to get rid of continuous harm, and they also eager for strong support and help. They are natural allies of peace and development policies. There are enemies and friends. This must be treated positively and cannot be avoided. Although the new crown epidemic will continue for a period of time, the imperialists’ “competition by unscrupulous” mentality cannot be underestimated. During the anti-US aggression and aid Korea, the volunteers and the people on the northeast border had to face not only aircraft and artillery, but also various germ warfare weapons. The new battle during the new crown epidemic is about to begin. Looking back at the history after the end of World War II, we can find that the imperialist powers have never been willing to fail temporarily, from the Korean Peninsula to Vietnam, from Grenada to Iran to Afghanistan, from the Gulf War to the Syrian-Libyan war, from the ISIS to the series of al Qaeda in Africa. The war it launched has continued from the end of World War II to today. The imperialist power not only uses aircrafts and cannons to harm innocent people, but also invades and attacks countries that have never harmed the interests of the empire. Now they have developed the temptation of economic interests to lure the internal forces of various countries to promote turbulence in various countries, and use biological weapons to attack and fight against them. Power of justice. Summarizing the history after World War II, we can confirm that when various means are exhausted and the goal cannot be achieved, the imperialist power will not hesitate to find a reason to promote war in various situations and impose war on people who love peace and development. Body. The imperialist power is based on a fully privatized social system. A privatized society not only enslaves its citizens internally, but also attempts to enslave the people of other countries externally. Such aggression and enslavement continue to harm others and accumulate their own enemies. Only after they are completely overthrown and the privatized society eliminated will the imperialist power disappear. The privatization society suppresses the development of human beings and causes various disputes and harms among human beings. It causes the human society to fall into the trough of development again and again. The privatization system is a backward system, and the privatization society is a society that continuously brings harm. To eliminate this backward system and society, it is necessary to develop a socialist system, explore various types of public-owned enterprise systems, and encourage self-reliant private workers and groups. Going out of the earth and exploring the universe and oceans can not only provide greater development increments for human beings on the earth, but also help us build better social development theories and social systems. The development of the socialist system and the widespread publicity of the socialist system, the protection and development of public-owned enterprises and self-reliant labor groups, and the resolute and continuous march towards the universe are the best way for us to face the various threats launched by imperialist powers. We do not only want to To resist the threat of the dark and decadent forces on the earth, we must expose their roots of their thoughts, expose their various lies, and establish a new path of development for the earth’s human beings in the arduous and glorious struggle. The previous case that developed in difficulties was the Red Army/Eighth Route Army/Liberation Army led by the Communist Party of China, nearly 100 years ago.

8 months ago

Generally speaking, when we do a project, there is a fundamentally problematic organizational structure, that is, we have a team, each of which performs their duties, divides the work and cooperates, in order to get things done quickly, efficiently and economically. Now the old Biden must find it a bit difficult. Several methods have been used, and the group that should be added has been added back, but it seems that it has no effect? In order to conceal others, he made an action that everyone knows: adding people. This is really good for everyone. If you add three people, you can add five and then eight. It looks serious. As for it doesn’t work, it probably doesn’t work, it just seems to be doing things. Paper tigers are just paper tigers, there can be no more.

8 months ago

1. Rosenborg is a Chinese expert who has been deeply involved in Northeast Asia for a long time, and is very aware of the historical origins of the “contradictions between China, Japan and South Korea”. She has contributed to the deployment of the THAAD system. Therefore, in the future, it is very likely that the Biden administration will continue to tease the relationship between the three powers in East Asia and create conflicts in order to contain my country for a long time. 2. Although the position of Chinese affairs was upgraded from director to senior director, Taiwan affairs was excluded from this position for the first time. Within the scope of its functions, this is a very dangerous signal. 3. The Biden administration has also continued to “learn from the barbarians to control barbarians”, appointing hard-line Chinese like Dai Qi as the new trade representative, and negotiations will not be much better than now.

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