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When people reach a certain age, most of the so-called contacts you think are illusory. When you really want to use them, you will find how wishful thinking it is. People who stay in an industry for a long time will naturally have a certain amount of accumulation. If you know a lot of people, many people will take it for granted and attribute it to personal connections. However, few people lie down quietly and imagine that when they are unemployed or need a job, can these really help you take off and get back on track? I am 43 years old this year, and I have been in software development for 20 years. In my current company, my title is considered senior. If you have to talk about personal connections, including classmates, friends, and former colleagues, there are not 100 people in the industry, but dozens of them. But I also often think, if I lose my job that day, can they really help me start a new job easily? Among my friends, some first-line companies have already achieved middle management positions. At that time, if I ask them to ask them to find a position for me, I am thinking, what should this position be? software engineer? Sorry, a friend who is 40+ like me told me clearly that even if I apply for me while licking my face, it is very likely that I can’t even go through the process. Even if it passed, he asked me to work overtime with a guy in my 20s all day long, not to mention whether I can bear it psychologically. The point is, can my body stand it? The architect? Development manager? How many positions can there be in a large department? A typical turnip is a pit! Moreover, in most cases, in order to improve morale and stabilize the military, companies tend to promote internally. Even if some companies can accept the airborne, how can I be sure that wherever I have contacts, when I am unemployed, there will be such a vacant position waiting for me? Counting with your toes, you can understand how low this probability is! In fact, as far as I can see, 40+ years of age have lost their jobs. If you do not consider starting a business (including working for a startup company), for most people, you may be really unemployed. The reason why a midlife crisis becomes a crisis is that everyone will age. As you age, what you can engage in, accept, or be willing to accept your work is destined to become less and less. Therefore, middle-aged unemployment, as far as the whole society is concerned, is a fate that most people cannot escape. If you are lucky enough to avoid middle-aged unemployment, then behind your luck and success, there must be many failures and loneliness. The essence of the midlife crisis is aging, and the decline in productivity that accompanies aging. Therefore, as long as the work you are engaged in is still dependent on your personal physical and intellectual abilities, then your value will decay. Even under a certain labor intensity (such as 996), it will directly decay to zero. If you disdain my remarks and think that 35+ is a good year, then 40+? 45+, 50+? Therefore, for thousands of ordinary people, this is a dilemma, a dilemma that cannot be solved. In fact, for most ordinary people, our life is nothing more than: “The city is famous, but I am not.” Our profession is nothing more than: “The company is famous, I am not.” Finally, I write the following paragraph again to mark this fucking life, fucking afternoon! In the golden age of my life. I have a lot of extravagant hopes. I want to love, I want to eat, and I want to become a half-dark cloud in the sky in an instant. Later, I learned that life is a slow process of being hammered. People get old day by day, their extravagant hopes disappear day by day, and finally they become like a bull that has been hammered. But I didn’t foresee this when I celebrated my 21st birthday. I think I will live forever, and nothing can hit me.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

35-year-olds to middle-aged, all in the same place, everything is unpredictable. If the company is dismissed or closed by the company at this age, then it is only a last resort to apply for a job through the recruitment platform. Don’t people who are ashamed or ashamed are looking for work? You can’t afford to be old at this age, even if you think about it, the economic situation doesn’t allow it. Some people say that they are embarrassed and stand at their thirties. What’s more, they should have been standing for several years. When they are more than 35 years old, they still submit their resumes like young ones. Compared with the older ones, young people, especially fresh graduates, are more cultivable seedlings. Popular, so old in the original unit is old oil, whoever wants it, this is the idea of ​​some people. Some people say it’s not shameful and worthy of praise. For the sake of living, he can still find courage to find a job when he is so old. Such a responsible man has no hesitation for his family. What shame is it? Not to mention that he has rich work experience and has many units. I like to find people who can be proficient in the business after entering the unit. Maybe they are switching jobs when they submit their resumes. This is to go to a larger platform. understand? Anything is two sides of the coin. Some people say that they are ashamed and others say that they are not ashamed. Don’t think too much about many things. At that point, you have to do it. It is only one way to find a job through the recruitment platform. Live your own life and walk your own way.

9 months ago

I used to be afraid of being unemployed at the age of 35. I was always worried that I would not get an interview on my resume at the time of the overseas investment. It was not until recently that I frequently dealt with various managers and intermediaries in the financial circle that I was too worried. I am not discriminating against anyone, nor do I have the qualifications. After all, there are very cutting-edge talents in various industries, but if you can break away from the circle of your technology company or university laboratory a little bit, you will find that the society has low intelligence or low emotional intelligence or two. Those who are all low are the majority. Take finance as an example. According to my observations, most of its jobs are to make phone calls, fill in some numbers on the company’s software, generate a form, and then make a phone call to properly service the industry. Of course, limited by my social class, most of the financial industry workers I can contact should be the grassroots in the industry, so it should be understood that the intelligence, logic and analytical ability of this group of people is not high. So I was relieved. If I get older and can no longer find a job as a technical post, I will join them. Even if my life is difficult, I won’t get mixed up too badly. Trying to get a local average income is nothing. problem. I usually mix with a group of phd, which is not good because it will cause a serious deviation in your perception of society and make you feel that you are always the stupidest one.

9 months ago

There is nothing to be ashamed of, earning one’s own money, self-reliance, much better than those who cheat the old people. Not everyone is a 985, who is in the United States, just got off the plane, just a few years after graduation, easily became the CEO. Most of us are just ordinary people in our lives. Maybe you have been in a position for several years, and your salary has not risen much; maybe you are working diligently in your daily work, and you still have no chance to get a promotion or raise; maybe you haven’t grasped the opportunity, and you can fly even if you catch up with the pigs. Up the wind. But this is how most people work. We may not be able to become excellent managers, but each of us also creates performance for the company through our own efforts, creates GDP for the country, and earns income for ourselves. Not most people over the age of 35 have headhunters who take the initiative to provide good jobs, and there are still many opportunities that they take the initiative to fight for. The online world only presents what they want you to see, and many times they spread anxiety. Tik Tok is full of beautiful little brothers and sisters, and Weibo is full of celebrities with fine hair. Knowing that there are 985,211 returnees all over the world. The salary has doubled in a few months. After changing career Life is at its peak, and stories like this emerge one after another, just because everyone refuses to change slowly and loves to watch such content. You have to calm down, slowly accumulate hard work, and accumulate your skills. Who said that after the age of 35, there will be no more exciting career life!

9 months ago

When I was 25, I sat next to a 34-year-old ordinary employee who used to be the CEO of a startup company. I feel that this kind of thing is quite common in big factories. I have seen at least 3 colleagues in the goose factory. At the beginning, they will not reveal what they did before. It can feel that they don’t want you to know how much they have before. Fascinating, but now forced by the situation, he has returned to a large company as an ordinary employee. After working with the former CEO for almost half a year, he slowly let go of his guard against me and told me about his experience. After graduating from a prestigious university in science and engineering, worked at Microsoft, and finally got the money from TOP5 venture capital for starting a business, but the business failed in the end. After the failure, he went through a decadent period of about half a year. He played games every day and brushed up on American TV series. He didn’t want to find a job. He felt that it would be embarrassing for a CEO to work for someone again. Later, when he figured it out, he changed his resume and changed his previous CEO to product director, which would make him feel better. I also looked for a job for more than three months, and finally came to the goose factory as an ordinary product manager. It’s really not a shame to submit a resume at the age of 35.

9 months ago

The appreciation speed of assets may often catch up with personal appreciation. Some people say that I wrote a real estate speculation so tall, but in fact it is not real estate speculation, it is just a financial management method. I can buy one at a time. Sets are inferior to those who buy dozens of sets at once, that is real estate speculation. Buying houses, stocks, funds, and bonds is actually just a financial management method. You have to analyze whether they are worth investing in at different time periods. I remember a great economics guy said that the main contradiction of the people now is that “if you don’t invest money, you will lose value, and the money you put out will lose money.” In fact, this great guy just said the first half of the sentence. If you don’t invest money, the value will depreciate. It is certain. Anyone who has studied finance a little knows that this is a great probability. But whether the money invested will lose money depends on personal level. Let’s talk about the house first, at least our previous generation, or the most recent wave of people who got on the car during the inventory destocking in 2015, all made money from the floating profit. I myself got on the car in the past few years from 2014 to 2016. I felt very stressed at the time. At the most, I took three loans at the same time. I regretted it during the period. Why did I put so much pressure on myself at a young age? Because of the mortgage problem, I could only make continuous efforts to make money and continuously improve my own skill level. What is 996? I was basically 897 at that time. My income continued to grow in the next few years, and now my loan has basically been paid off. I thought it might take 20 years to repay it. Now it seems that the rate of currency inflation is indeed too fast, and the human potential is also forced out. Now even if I don’t have a job and don’t engage in any investment, I can still live on rent, that is, the quality of life will be lower than before, but after all, I’m a person who has lived a hard life in the past. There is nothing for a big man to be able to bend and stretch. Let’s talk about stocks and funds. I have never recommended retail investors to participate in stocks. I have written 2 posts before. You can take a look again: How do you outperform more than 90% of stockholders in the stock market? In the trading market: Why do people have the talent to lose money at birth? I personally learned this skill from the purchase of funds. The foundation is relatively stable. After all, professional work is left to professional people. But once you start paying attention to stocks, you will definitely not be able to stop, you will definitely try to buy stocks, because many people believe in their own level too much. I am a relatively cautious person. I read a lot of books on investment masters in the early stage, and then I visited a lot of second-level private equity experts to listen to their investment logic, and I also went to some brokerage analysts to listen to their views, and then I first tried small steps and took tens of thousands of dollars to test the waters. The time for early learning is definitely longer than the time I spent learning a computer language. Ordinary people should not have the time and interest to learn for so long. Even after learning it now, I still feel that I still have a lot of things unclear. In the past two years, my personal stock income has been able to beat some fund managers. Of course, I think the main factor is still due to the good market conditions in the past two years, luck + some skills. I think investing in stocks requires the abilities of two animals, “the meticulousness of an owl” and the “a sloth mentality”. If there are people with these two animal characteristics, I think they have an advantage in talent, and they can gradually master the skills by learning later.

9 months ago

From a work perspective, people should not hang themselves on a tree. Boss Lei concluded that entrepreneurship must follow the trend. I think the same is true for people. If you think that your job is an industry issue, even if you work hard by yourself. That’s it, it’s better to jump out and think of something else to do. Analyzing from the perspective of the type of work, in fact, it is inseparable. I roughly divide occupations into two types of “sales” and “technical.” Many people used to think that investors are the superior Party A. I never think so. I think investors are a big sales. They are always optimistic about the low-priced team and then buy, then package, help him grow, and finally sell. Drop. The same is true for fund managers. They are optimistic about potential stocks, buy them, and sell them when appropriate. The same goes for real estate speculators. It’s just that these sales are leveraged sales, which are a lot more principal than ordinary sales.

9 months ago

Technology is easy to achieve, but sales I don’t think. If the Internet is not easy to mix now, it is better to change to a traditional industry. At the beginning, I don’t think the position is important. If you have strong sales ability, you will naturally shine. It’s really nothing to think of other people’s CEOs as ordinary employees. Of course, it is better if sales can understand some technology, and this barrier will be higher. A 35-year-old man may still have 25-30 years to retire. Thinking about it, there is still such a long time. Personally, I feel that 5 years is enough to make you proficient in an industry, so don’t be discouraged. In the end, I felt that Li Bai’s hard way was used to encourage myself. If you want to cross the Yellow River, you will climb the Taihang and snow-covered mountains. I am free to go fishing on the Bixi, and then I dream of the day by a boat.

9 months ago

You have the so-called contacts, or you can retire in a company, but you can only work in marginal positions, and you can’t get a lot of money. Then let alone bragging online, you will lose face when you go home during the holidays. But even if you don’t have any contacts, you have to find a job through the recruitment platform after 35 years old, and finally find a high-paying position… You are the “other people’s good father/mother” in the eyes of the neighbor’s children! Who cares where you got your job? Everyone will drool over your income and so-called social status. Envy, jealousy and hatred are too late! Whether you can do it or not depends not on “channels” but on your own real materials. You know, even if you brag on Zhihu every day, you can get it right, let alone big platforms such as Douyin and Station B. The subject of your own claim that you have seen the video bloggers render anxiety, but you don’t know that people rely on this to make money. Unexpectedly, what about being recommended to BAT and recommended to a well-known financial company? The boss is not doing charity!

9 months ago

Not ashamed! For bloggers, you can filter out 95% before listening. The goal of submitting a resume is to find a job that suits you, regardless of whether you use an online platform, headhunting, internal recommendation or traditional media. The advantage of the network platform is very obvious. It can search for a wider range of industries, functions, company types and even regions, which is unmatched by other media. Since it is a good platform, everyone is willing to use it. Why should people over the age of 35 be given priority? I just want to imply that people at this age should have enough contacts and should use contacts to recommend. It’s ridiculous, let’s not talk about whether the network is really easy to use, how many people a person can know, and they have a few opportunities to recruit people and just can think of you. The network platform is your way to take the initiative to attack. You can’t wait passively all the time, just wait for it, right? Recently, the topic of the so-called dying line of the 35-year-old workplace has been repeatedly mentioned everywhere. It is already difficult enough for people in middle age, so don’t strengthen this theory of workplace discrimination. Next time someone will tell you about this, and you will ask him, “Are you shopping online now?” If the answer is yes, you will say “It’s shameful, you should rely on contacts for delivery at your age!”

9 months ago

It is not ashamed to find a job in any way, but ashamed to find a job. There was a time when I planned to be unemployed before, and it happened that the climax of the financial crisis had to take the CFA exam. It was around July 2009, which was probably the most difficult month to find a job in the United States in the past 15 years. I went to review the exam, I was only responsible for answering the phone, outsourcing the resume job to my wife, about 5 templates, and taught her how to search mechanically. Kpi sends more than 200 emails a day. My goal is for all headhunters in the US market at that time to have a copy of my resume. I never felt ashamed of this. She worked this way for more than a month and submitted nearly 10,000 resumes. When I got a job, she changed her phone number. A few years later, there were still headhunters who harassed me on LinkedIn because of this batch of resumes. ps: I used to persuade every friend who could not find a partner to go to If You Are the One. They often feel ashamed. I’m surprised, I’m ashamed to find someone…

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