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The biggest feature of Long Ye Yuhuo is that the protagonist’s psychological description is completely castrated, almost nothing. The character of Shang Jianyao is very difficult to write a psychological description. You can make up your mind. What will happen if you describe it? First of all, the suddenness of the “wonderful witty words” of Brother Shang has been greatly reduced, and Shang Jianyao’s thinking is not normal, it is difficult to describe clearly, it is easy to appear “stiff and deliberate” or the protagonist is stupid and stupid. Not much to say, you can try it yourself. For Shang Jianyao’s character design, it is indeed quite appropriate not to write a psychological description. As far as the current portrayal of Shang Jianyao is as an ordinary character, there is no problem at all, but Shang Jianyao is not only a character, but also the protagonist of this book, the problem is very big. Character image, character is the soul of the novel, the most important core. The long night Yuhuo is currently portrayed very wide. Shang Jianyao not only has no psychological description, but the “drama” for Shang Jianyao is seriously insufficient, resulting in a very thin character image of Shang Jianyao. If the protagonist has a problem, it is not just the protagonist who is affected. The protagonist is the reader’s second pair of eyes. Many content readers may not be aware of it, but if the protagonist realizes it and expresses it through the descriptive technique, the reader To know. For example, many of the feelings between Dunn and Daly in the previous book Mystery were revealed through some of Klein’s psychological descriptions. If there is no Klein to assist readers in understanding, how many people can say with certainty that Dai Li likes Dunn? How many people can tell that Dunn loves Daly but feels a little inferior in his heart? The reason for inferiority Klein also “specially told” readers. The protagonist affects not only the protagonist himself, the protagonist is simply a reading aid artifact, the protagonist understands it, and the reader will understand it if it is reflected. Does the protagonist have to have a lot of psychological description? Of course not necessarily. Shang Jianyao not only has no psychological description, but all the portrayals are seriously insufficient. Psychological description is the most direct and labor-saving. If you use something else, you have to do extra work to supplement it. In fact, Shang Jianyao relied on personal dialogues and detailed actions to portray a dangerous person who is hard to guess and no one knows what will happen next moment. It reminds me of joker in the movie, or Feng Bujue in “Thriller Paradise”. Squid is indeed preparing to portray Shang Jianyao as a protagonist who doesn’t know what will happen next moment, with a “dangerous” taste. But now it is far from achieving the expected results. The fundamental reason is that Shang Jianyao has too few roles, and he is not as good as Jiang’s mother. Moreover, Long Ye Yuhuo’s sense of substitution is far worse than that of Mystery or I. Needless to say how important the sense of substitution is to the novel, it is a point that should be caught as hard as possible. It’s too long to say too much. I mainly talked about the problem of the character’s image, and I was basically dissatisfied. I vomited some black mud, mainly because the previous work was secretive and made people full of expectations. The decline in the fire after the long night is a bit obvious. To add: Some people think that the protagonist does not have a special psychological description, but it is really special for the squid. The rich psychology of the characters in the previous work is a very eye-catching highlight of the squid. But in fact, there are many novels in which the protagonist’s psychological description is insufficient in the Internet articles, and many of the protagonists are not as much as the psychological description of Jiang’s mother. Most of those novels are not very good, and the characterization is flawed. It takes a lot of work to portray a lively character without relying on psychological description, and most people don’t have this patience. After all, the main reason why they have few psychological descriptions is that they are lazy and take a simple and straightforward path.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

A “wasteland” that is not like a wasteland. The earliest confusion and struggle have been skipped, and the new era will become normal, but it will take time to return to “prosperity”. So the world is not tense, most of the risks are “known”. They will have a clear map. Will know the distribution of social personnel. There will be a detailed roadmap for technological development. It will even gradually begin to regain humanity’s position in the food chain. “Organization”-has always been the greatest force of mankind in the wasteland. in other words. The core content of this story is not the actions and choices of the protagonist himself. It is the changes and imagination of the entire society. At this point, I think the pen power and accumulation of squid. Awareness of the evolution of science and technology. And the setting and application of technological equipment. All are far inferior to big eyeballs. The squid still stays at trying to interpret the “society as a whole” from the perspective of “personal daily”. You can see the leopard in the tube. ——But it’s just a spotlight. Many people say that there is a problem with psychological description. In fact, this is not the source of the problem. There are many ways to write third-person perspectives, and psychological descriptions can be lacking. But if there is a problem with the entry point, it will be very troublesome. Our protagonist has multiple identities. The identity of the mental patient can lead to the medical system. The identity of the armed team can lead to the military system. Religious membership can lead to belief systems. The identity of a superpower can lead to a superb system. This role is an eye that observes the world from the bottom up.

9 months ago

I hate fantasy novels with science fiction skins, and I hate not only science fiction skins, but also fantasy novels that seriously explain my ability. At the beginning, I thought it was an ordinary apocalypse. Suddenly, the abilities appeared. It was still the standard “electric eel principle discharge” of “sci-fi leather-like fantasy”, and the “contained” that the bullets could not penetrate. Metal scales”; these two moments changed my impression of this novel from “unclear, but the author’s previous book is really awesome, this book should be good too”, to the apocalypse of “can’t describe it.” The real world, so the protagonist and the villain can only be opened to make the plot look more exciting and exciting” second-rate post-apocalyptic novel. As a military house, it is difficult for me to accept the assumption that carbon-based biomass can withstand the power of bullets. If it is stated from the beginning that this world has powers that cannot be explained by science, and it is a fantasy novel, then I will forget it, but at the beginning this is marked as a doomsday novel. Brothers, what is the end? It’s war, death, and destruction; it’s the surviving people lingering between the ground and the refuge, it’s everything that the civilians have to spare for a little resource that can keep him alive, it’s the intrigue and disagreement among the scavengers Draw a gun and face each other. Without abilities, without supernatural elements, it is impossible for a person to move faster than the speed of pulling the trigger. When a person is forced into death, he is really dead, instead of: “It’s just an anaconda, it didn’t find me, look at me A shot blasted his head.” Encountered a seemingly simple target. “Fucking bullets can’t penetrate his scales, and he moves so fast! We can’t hurt him! He’s here! He’s here!” As a result, he found that any of his methods were useless for that thing, so he moved so fast! Dead. “Hey, I lied to you, I’m not afraid of you at all, I’m Rachel!” So when the audience is expecting how you will solve the thing, tell the audience that you still use magic, and you will use this kind of unreasonable Means to solve the problem. … Is this the end? This is the end of the hammer. What is magic? Or to put it another way, what is an ability? ——Ability is the power that provokes miracles! You have told me that there are miracles in this world, and it will not make people feel strange that anything appears after that. So the question is: Is this book really an apocalyptic novel? It’s not that I can’t accept eschatological novels with supernatural powers, but can I read this novel with the expectation of supernatural novels instead of eschatological novels?

9 months ago

The book is very good, but also very bad. The story is still great, and the characters are very delicately portrayed. Then why are there so many bad reviews? Because it is not up to expectations, people who choose bad reviews are not watching the story. After the Lord of Mysteries has passed the early stage, he upgrades and fights monsters to become stronger, so to speak, it is more “orthodox”. The Nikkei stickers in the post bar are also strength contrasts. Will those who are attracted to the pit like long nights? will not. Long Ye has not had a clear upgrade route until now. The protagonist is not a traverser, and there is no psychological description. The ability is still fixed, only numerical growth. The essence of Long Night lies in Yaoge’s leaping thinking, the customs of various places in the wasteland, and the story of team travel. At the moment when there is a lot of sign-in, it is normal that telling a good story will not be recognized on a large scale. So is Xiao Bai giving negative comments? I don’t think it will be enough. The Lord of Mysteries has indeed written to a certain height. You can not only experience the happiness of the protagonist becoming stronger, but also enjoy the happiness of traveling in another world. Squid chooses not to write down along with the Lord of Mysteries. Naturally, it does not meet the expectations of some people. It is normal to receive negative reviews. However, I need to explain one thing here. If the squid wants to guarantee the bottom and do not seek innovation, then there is no need to wait for the Lord of Mysteries 2, the Lord of the First World can write a sequel to the end of the world (I heard that Douluo has opened 5). There is even a martial arts master who spreads dog food in the middle. The squid who changes their routines and seeks new changes can be liked by everyone. People who enjoy the fire of the long night naturally have good stories to read. Those who don’t like it can also look forward to Lord of Mysteries 2. There is really no need to PVP online and vent your anger. Squid is not the only author of online articles.

9 months ago

Not good-looking is not good-looking. Originally, he was not good at writing and was good at setting. Now in the transition period, the book Squid is really a crappy translation. It has created too many things without plot promotion. This is completely different from his previous books. But after all, the great god is a great god. The courage to try this is admirable. Secondly, he is the sticky and sexy person of his author, who is obviously not good-looking or even understandable, and then all kinds of brain supplements. . . . . Can only say nb

9 months ago

I’m an old reader of a book chasing squids starting with “Missing Luck Catalog”. I have ordered several books, so I can barely count as an author fan. As a female reader who has read the Internet articles from the starting point for more than ten years, Squid’s book is more to my taste: the world view is clear and reasonable, the combat power system and economic system does not collapse, the supporting role has brains, the storyline is ups and downs, and there is a refreshing point of upgrading. There is also passion and humanistic care. On the whole, it is in line with the taste of readers who have a good literary taste between Lao Bai and Zhong Bai and tend to be in good order. Such readers are also the basic discs of squid works.

9 months ago

The article “The Fire in the Long Night”…I am not a literary critic, I can only talk about my personal feelings intuitively: the world view is still well constructed, but it is uncomfortable and cannot resonate emotionally. One is that the refreshing point of the upgrade is not obvious. Squid’s other articles, the upgrade of the strength and status are all written with a sense of substitution, even if the protagonist is ridiculed as a “poor god” “Lord of the Mysteries” is the same. There are more than two hundred chapters in “Long Night Fire”. The improvement of Shang Jianyao’s strength is not obvious in the battle, and it has no effect on social status, so it can’t make me a little excited. I don’t doubt Squid’s pen ability, but he just wants to write Jin Yi Ye Xing, and he didn’t allocate much energy and space in upgrading the sense of coolness. The second is that emotions cannot resonate. The protagonist has no psychological description, and other answers to the problem have already been mentioned, so I won’t expand on it. In terms of supporting roles, the roles other than the squad members and the protagonist squad are general acquaintances during the journey, and I am not impressed at all. In “Lord of the Mysteries”, there are a bunch of civilian supporting roles whose names I can tell a classic plot. Even the long-awaited “Fortune” has many supporting roles for passers-by who impressed me, but “Long Night and Fire”…3 The plot is flat. After a lot of investigation and analysis, the cool point of ending the incident was rather short. This kind of writing rhythm is definitely not that the squid loses control, he sacrifices the sense of coolness for the sake of rationality. There are also many travel plots in “Arcane Gods” and “The First World”, but they are much more lively and interesting.

9 months ago

Squid’s book has been chasing, but so far, this book feels the most unacceptable one. Let’s not talk about the slow heat. The protagonist is suspected of being mentally ill. Now I write it like this. There is no sense of substitution at all. The overall feeling is not as good. Secret, a bit tasteless. The reason why I can see it is entirely supported by the signs of squid. In this book, it feels like squid is trying to make some changes, but this kind of change is just not liked by the online literature market. If it is a normal way of writing on the Internet, it will quickly develop a detailed description of the protagonist’s abilities, seeking to maximize the double point to grab the reader. But he didn’t do this in this book. Instead, he chose to talk about it, making the story look more like a story. I don’t like this way of writing, it may be more substantive. This is really relying on our own readers’ taste research. Successful opening of the road will benefit the follower, and even if the opening of the road fails, it will help ordinary authors who cannot afford it. But who makes people a platinum writer, and the number of fans can also play. Of course, so far, this book is only two hundred chapters, maybe it is possible to be wonderful in the later period. After all, Squid is one of the rare online writers who dares to challenge himself constantly. He is not indulging in copying existing models like some other writers, but constantly experimenting with new fields and new styles. The four long stories he wrote before, “Missing Fortune”, “Arcane God Seat”, “The First World” and “Budo Master”, either created new styles, or challenged existing styles, and they were all good.

9 months ago

“Long Night Remaining Fire” depicts a different picture of wasteland. The differences here include not only the differences in shaping the world, but also the changes in the author’s writing techniques. The character of the protagonist is quite interesting. The protagonist, Shang Jian Yao, became an “awakened” because of experiments, and his thinking is different from ordinary people. As a result, a less serious wasteland story is ready to come out. The protagonist takes saving the world as his own duty, and is no longer so bitter and enmity. The description of the protagonist has changed. So far, the squid has not once described the protagonist’s inner drama. As we all know, the inner drama of the protagonist in the novels of squid has always been very full. From Shi Xuan, who loves to complain, to Meng Qi, who has an off-character, to Klein, who plays the fool with countless dolls. Aspect. This time, the author took the initiative to abandon this characteristic, not to write about the inner world of the protagonist, only to describe the outer actions of the protagonist, it has to be said to be a rather risky attempt. The traditional setting of “company” reveals an alternative. The main part of the company where the protagonist is located is a 650-story underground building, which is almost self-sufficient. There are also other similar works that can be used for reference. However, there are many unfamiliar points in the familiarity. Although the setting of “religious believer” is often present, have you seen how the religious believer sees the child’s religion? The style of painting is not right in an instant. Lime is not a complete wasteland. The wasteland in my mind is often gloomy weather, an environment that is not suitable for human habitation, and so on. The whole picture seems to be dark. But the gray soil in “Long Night” is indeed bright in tone. After natural recovery, for nature, the world may have become better. For a long novel, it is just a beginning. I believe that with the perfection of the squid setting, the future story will be more exciting.

9 months ago

Squid writing is an infinite nesting doll to what he wrote before. But he didn’t completely copy it, he stretched out a paragraph from the previous novel and reinterpreted it. I used to be a diners, now I am a chef, constantly tinkering with different dishes with the same ingredients. The scary thing is that many chefs specialize in one cuisine, he doesn’t, he often changes. But many people, especially readers of online novels, may only adapt to a few dishes. You may not be comfortable after you change, and you will feel that the chef has changed. There is no way, old customers come back after eating the dishes before, and they will inevitably whisper when they see the decoration of your store and the dishes provided are changed. After the taste, it will inevitably compare with the past. Some people may leave without adapting. Now it doesn’t matter if the old customers are partly gone. He has grown bigger, and his reputation has already started. It is estimated that new customers will come. Moreover, some people will go back after the evaluation of his new book. Squid’s writing is definitely more than that, it is to match the role of the wasteland. Personally, he speculated that he was playing “Cangzhuo” when he changed his words. It was quite interesting that he didn’t get used to watching too much at first. Compared with the cold and rational organs of everyone (God and God) in the mystery, the humanistic care is a bit deliberately overstretched. The long night is softer and the details are fuller. It is not suddenly inserted but spontaneously woven into it, which appears more real and more capable. Impress people, this is progress, brothers. I was so scared that I was trembling with the evolution of squid. With the protection of the previous work, the squid will not let the story be unclear, and will only become tempting to turn to the front research evidence. The price of digging pits and ambushes too much is that the early stage is boring and too watery. So far, quite a few fights are in wit. Personal feeling is still very good, but I think the food is good or not, depending on everyone’s eating habits…Squid The treatment of this is to use the protagonist of the snake essence disease. I am a little doubtful whether it is affected by the big eyeballs. Use funny to enhance the fun to make up for the boring set of a lot of dumping in the early stage. Funny can also dilute despair and sadness, and brighten the cruel dust. stand up. I don’t know how Shang will realize his great long-cherished wish to save mankind. After all, the differences between people are hard to eliminate. If everyone is really a brother, it would be too low, isn’t it just unlimited monthly reading? I hope this is not the case. Probably it will be an open ending ((ง ˙ω˙)ว to say a digression, I am here to make a prediction that the squid will have a baby. When he wrote the article, he was also linked to the three-dimensional life, such as writing dog food When I was in love when I was the grandmaster? I kept talking about parenting and having children in the long night. (゚ω゚) I think it’s possible. Is it a male squid or a female squid? If I really predict it, don’t come to the sword. I

9 months ago

The main problem with this book is still too low-spirited, but the previous book was written so well that everyone read it with high-spirited expectations. It doesn’t matter whether the protagonist has a psychological description, but the skills of each capable person are “mental manipulation”, which is really a bit tired. I look forward to the magical power battle between arcane and mystery — readers who like the master of mystery will generally like full-time hunters and jojo — rather than a group of capable people hypnotizing each other… Definitely is different from the common protagonist’s writing, it is an attempt of Ma Rong (referring to squid)… But the consequence of the lack of psychological description is that the situation of “in order to express the protagonist’s maverick and maverick” has begun to appear. There is definitely no need to tell the small story. The big main line squid will not pull the hips. I know that there are a few plots that are well portrayed, but after the psychological description is missing, the Shang has not fully stood up yet, and the vividness is even less than one meter. Seventy-five, the flat-looking little red.

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