I still have to repeat that sentence, this is just a comedy show, not a game! This is just a comedy show, not a competition! This is just a comedy show, not a competition! It’s not enough to say important things several times. After each episode is broadcast, there are always people who look at the show with the attitude of watching the youth song competition. I really feel that these people are very sad. They are completely in the late stage of “being the subject” thinking, as if everything must be separated. You are better than me. In the eyes of these people, the words “enjoy life” do not seem to exist, and every moment is a battle. The purpose of comedy shows is to bring joy to the audience. To put it bluntly, what kind of messy competition system, people set up, CP, these things are all to make the show good-looking and service. What’s the point of struggling with those scores? As an audience, it’s enough for you to get happiness from their performances. Why do you have to add to yourself and pay attention to the unimportant things? It is still Guo Degang’s words, “Be funny first, if it’s not funny, it’s too funny.” Comedy shows try to be funny, and audiences should also pay attention to whether the show is funny, not how the competition system scores high or not, if you think the show is not Funny, it means that this show is not a good show for you, so you can just change the show. It is completely wrong to output crazy output for things other than the show. I hope everyone can enjoy the show, instead of finding anger for themselves. The quality of this episode is still very good. Basically everyone’s performance is not bad (except for the main coffee). If you don’t enjoy such a good show that makes you happy, you will really lose yourself.

After watching the full version, I watched the cuts of Zhang Wei, Wang Mian and Yi Lijing at station B. The barrage and comment section on both sides said the same thing: this is not a talk show, but it is nonsensical enough and funny enough, ha Haha it’s over. This is funny enough to overwhelm the others. If not, you can see whether the barrage and comment area will quarrel about “Is this a talk show?” I watched this show and went happily, I care if you are in the traditional form of talk show. Isn’t it the way steaks can’t be ordered eighth well before, and coffee can’t be pretentious like garlic, in order to show a sense of superiority? Just a funny show, funny is over, so many “know the king”!


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7 months ago

This issue of Yi Lijing broke the news and interrogation talk show is too explosive! ! Losing to Li Dan may really be the home court advantage. Ask Wang Dongcheng: Is your combination three or four? Why do you want to spit out the conference separately? Is it because of disagreement? Ever wondered who pushed it if you fell into the water? You never thought about it, because you know someone will save you and ask Da Zhang Wei: Is your combination three or four? Would you recognize if those three people fell into the water at the same time? Did you know that they regrouped but didn’t take you? After listening, Da Zhangwei could only show an awkward and polite smile

7 months ago

Eggshell, although you don’t lack peace or love, you can’t sit upright for a long time. It must be a calcium deficiency (GAI). Li Ruotong is also in love with a rich businessman. How did this rich businessman impress you? He is very similar to Yang Guo. ? Will I also give you eagles? In the show, Li Ruotong can actually wear her school uniform when she was 17 years old, and she maintains a good figure. As a middle-aged woman, I am very puzzled, why do middle-aged women pursue girlishness? What do you want the girl to pursue? Rich middle-aged businessman?

7 months ago

Every time I watched the performance of Teacher Zhang Wei, I spent time yelling “I am crazy!” and bursting into laughter. fine, the neurosis is actually myself. The two people were completely excited on the stage, playing musical instruments, talking about raps, sketches, song solitaires, and even catwalks. The homophonic stems are the essence of the whole process, but the complaints are not left at all, the output is crazy, and they do everything they can. The whole place was so lively, it blew up everyone.

7 months ago

Hey, this Tucao conference is not a talk show conference. Why can it only be a talk show? Abandoning the tradition of speaking only while standing on stage, it is not an innovation to combine a variety of performance forms while ensuring the content of Tucao. Wang Mian also combined music and talk show at the beginning, giving people a completely new feeling: Oh, the talk show can still be like this! Santa always thinks about how to innovate the program, so he changed the competition system and the guest style. However, he did not expect that in these few games, Mr. Zhang Wei directly changed the form of complaints, drove the audience atmosphere, output content with high intensity, and heated up the whole venue. It’s getting dry. It’s really worth asking Da Zhang Wei this season.

7 months ago

I like Zhang Wei very much, I also like Wang Mian very much, I also like music talk shows, and I also like the Big Cock show, but I still think the show just passed the show and even said it was disappointing. I didn’t say that the show is not funny. I laughed aloud as I watched it, but it did not break away from the framework of Da Zhang Wei’s manuscript. Homophonic stalk, music stalk, and dense information are the characteristics of Da Zhang Wei’s manuscript. And these characteristics have been seen on the stage of “Variety” for a long time, and this time there is no such an amazing stalk like “Babi Cage”! I thought that Wang Mian and Da Zhangwei could cooperate to reach a higher level. I wonder if Wang Mian takes the lead, it would be better to have a quieter music style!

7 months ago

The best of this issue is very exciting. I have two best groups in my mind: Yi Lijing, Da Zhangwei & Li Mian. They are the ultimate of their respective styles, any content, as long as the ultimate, will be wonderful. Yi Lijing is serious about vomiting, and his performance style is extremely cold and sharp; other guests often ridicule the non-core slots of the vomiting objects, but Yi Lijing directly hits the core slots of the vomiting guests: Wang Dongcheng’s Fahrenheit “Past Events “(Those who understand here will think it’s very explosive, Li Xueqin is very excited in the background), talk show loves to fry CP, Li Ruotong’s emotions (this is not a slot, but it is indeed a topic for aunt), Yang Li’s “swearing at men” Labels, the past of the Huaer band, and even teasing about my love (Tucao Zhangwei Tucao himself), and I can also use Li Ruotong’s topic to talk about the current social phenomenon (girls and middle-aged wealthy businessmen). Here I even smell a little bit about Li Ruotong. Gossip in my mind: Background: After Li Ruotong walked through the low tide with his rich businessman boyfriend, he got a breakup.

7 months ago

Da Zhang Wei & Wang Mian are the ultimate in nonsensical style. The great teacher is really a variety show wizard, and his stage will always make the audience laugh wildly. Their performances are very clever. They sing “This is Love”, “The Price of Love”, “Because of Love So Love” and “Love is One Word”, which are both homophonic stalks, but also pull the effect of the “short” stalk to the extreme over and over again. And this Li Dan, Da Zhangwei, and Wang Mian were actually helping Yang Li, using a playful way to extract Yang Li from the topic of confrontation between men and women, telling the audience: This is just a performance, and Yang Li is just being pushed to the stage. It’s just a topic symbol before.

7 months ago

Li Dan has the home court advantage; and Wang Dongcheng also spares no effort to complain. After the “Tucao Conference” went viral, many guests did not dare to really complain about others. Instead, they turned to self-destructive Tucao. Wang Dongcheng actually ridiculed the “past events” of taking off the sea. “Tucao Conference” is becoming more and more like a platform that helps artists present different sides; Zhang Shaogang successfully reversed his word of mouth through the show; this season, I feel that Yi Lijing will also be one of the beneficiaries of the show and let the audience watch To the other side of her life. For example, in the past, serious news anchors in Taiwan successfully transformed through “Kangxi is Coming”, “Tucao Conference” seems to have the same function.

7 months ago

The votes of Yan Hexiang in the third phase and Yi Lijing in the fifth phase are outrageous…

Especially in this issue of Yi Lijing VS Li Dan, Li Dan has obviously collapsed almost entirely, okay? ? ? In this case, it is ridiculous to get 189 votes…

From the first season to the fifth season, the Xiaoguo culture has changed, and the original intention of watching the show has also changed.

Watching this show now is just to watch the stars who want to watch the past.

7 months ago

Tucao, the best in the audience, a quiet, concise and stalking, sentence-to-sentence, this kind of complaint, pierce into the heart! It was definitely written by her chief writer, because other actors have the problem of too long foreshadowing, lively, the best in the audience, the king group, what they are, it is not good, but it is funny, the lively is really lively, people I can’t laugh or cry, this kind of look is like Da Zhangwei’s routine. There have been too many shows by the next door, Li Dan, what is this? The audience is still very important. For the face, Yan Hexiang should not lose in one issue, too lazy. Now, fooling the audience, the energy density is too low, as a talk show is unqualified, as a boss is good, I am very curious how he will talk about it when he meets Chizi! Yang Li is also the fault of most talk show actors, lack of acting, poor control of facial expressions, and typhoon is not stable enough, really should learn the phase acoustics, cross talk also learn how to quickly create talk shows, cross-border talk show effects are good , Especially in different fields, it would be nice to invite Luo Xiang once,

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