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When it comes to fashion brand clothes with big-name textures at civilian prices, everyone must have more common brands like Zara and H&M in their minds. In addition to these brands, there are actually other cheap and fashionable fashion brands that are worthy of everyone’s attention. Women will always feel that their wardrobe lacks a piece of clothing, so you can’t go wrong with cheap and fashionable clothes. Here are a few fashionable and people-friendly clothing brands~ The design style of ASOSASOS Shangwang Store is very big. Asos’s “imitation star clothing” made a sensation throughout Britain. In the past year alone, ASOS’s sales reached 81 million pounds. . According to ASOS executive manager Nick Robertson, the imitation clothing of supermodel Kate Moss, known as the “world’s most well-dressed woman,” is one of the most popular products on the website. In addition, “Desperate Housewives” Eva and other celebrities who frequently murder entertainment reporter Films with outstanding clothes are also highly sought after by consumers. “InStyle” magazine, “Marie Claire” magazine and other fashion media have reported that ASOS fashion online store is the most fascinating and leading fashion trend online store. The design of its own brand is not only good-looking, but also high-quality and inexpensive, which is deeply loved by everyone. The British high-street brand TOPSHOP and its sub-brand Miss Selfridge are both very popular brands in the UK. TOPSHOP is more of a big-name design and Miss Selfridge tends to be girly and cute. The price is close to the people, and there are many celebrities to wear. It is one of the big-name fast fashion brands recommended besides Zara. River Island in the UK, the high-street brand River Island is well-known and well-known. Like all high-street fashions, River Island is extremely sensitive to trends, with insect graphics, lace, nude colors, and military styles. .. Almost every season’s popular highlights can be found in the store. And the rich variety of men’s and women’s clothing, bags, and shoes for various occasions can also allow you to get one-stop shopping for new items in a season. Compared with other brands, its more sophisticated texture and workmanship will definitely make you feel value for money. No wonder celebrities from Beyonce to Kelly Rowland are willing to become his fans.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Style: Retro, relaxed, boyfriend style. I have bought things in this shop for at least 4 years. Isn’t it an old fan?

Sisters and brothers, it’s almost okay to visit this store, treasure store, I have been collecting for many years, the products basically do not have the same style on Taobao, I like originality, and always support it. No matter socks, pants, coats, underwear, stockings, thermal socks, I think it’s very Have a sense of design!

9 months ago

Insulate from fashion if you can’t afford big names? That’s because you don’t understand the high sense of parity! ! ! For ladies with clothing, you can wear 50 RMB clothes for 500 RMB. Girls who don’t know how to wear a brand-name dress look like street stalls, so girls’ age is not a problem, cheap clothes are not a problem, knowing how to wear them in life is the most important thing! Such girls have some fairy clothes on hand, which are not only good-looking, cheap and good-quality, but they are definitely too late to meet each other! ! ! 1/Shop: “Tide clothing hurtmyself” Price: 20~200 Style: Specialize in thick legs, fashion, retro Maya~ Their clothes are super suitable for student parties, the price of fried chicken is cheap, the price of fried chicken is high, and the fabric is very comfortable. The quality of the workmanship is really good, you can’t see the extra thread, it looks good and it’s very individual, and it fits my taste quite well. The attitudes of their little sisters are very good.

9 months ago

Korean men’s wear is more inclined to commute.

A store that interprets the Korean urban style very well. The styles are exquisite, and the back of the upper body can indeed make the posture more upright. The texture of the fabric is also remarkable in men’s clothing at the same price.

Wearing a suit and walking in the CBD is a completely calm collocation. Relaxed, versatile and stylish

Very suitable for dating.

Probably my impression of this store is that it will not look as childish as a student, nor will it be as rigid and mature as a commuter suit. Elegant and romantic salt young man. It feels like that.

9 months ago

City Mingyuan Style Store…

The owner will often re-engrave some big-name products for improved designs. Compared with ordinary men’s wear, the design is bolder, and more runway elements will be introduced.

But the smart thing is that the store owner will not overplay the fashion elements. It should be a boy who can satisfy the pursuit of fashion.

9 months ago

ins wind…

I don’t know how to summarize the trend that has become popular in the past two years. It is probably a kind of American street mashup with Japanese fresh Han Faner(?)

The owner himself is an ins internet celebrity, and the treasures in it are all bought by him personally, which is quite diligent. For students who have a certain ability in dressing, it is easy to choose their favorite style.

9 months ago

The internet celebrity shop. I also watched this shop grow from a small shop, and now it has also transformed into a designer brand. Very pure Han Faner high street aesthetic. I have purchased it, and the version is very prominent. The control of the oversized style and size will not make people look bloated after wearing it, which is already great. The quality of materials and workmanship are decent. A shirt has been worn for about four years…It can be said that it is very recommended.

9 months ago

Let’s share some of my favorite shops. Because I’m still a student party, I usually choose cheap shops and pursue cost-effectiveness. First, the old port’s leisure system. The first thing I want to say is my favorite niche shop, the version of his clothing. The design is more relaxed and casual. The clothes are very textured and definitely worth the price of the clothes. The design is also very young and cool, and it is more inclined to young students. <img src=”https://pic1.zhimg.com Old Port Idle System 2021 Spring/Summer 2021 New Street Personality Blue Sky White Cloud Butterfly Print Loose Taobao ¥ 115.00 Go to buy​<img src=”https://pic1.zhimg.com Old Port Idle 2021 spring and summer new street personality full version of leopard print print loose lazy style Taobao ¥ 115.00 to buy​<img src=”https://pic1.zhimg.com Jiugang Idle 2021 spring and summer 2021 new product trend candy color personalized tailoring Post a pure color straight Taobao ¥ 115.00 to buy 2. Dean PINKSPINK likes the dean’s clothes very much, and the colors are very bold. The design of the style is also very cool, the photos are very good-looking, and the appearance is very super fried when worn out. It is high and has its own characteristics.

9 months ago

Cinderella Studio

The clothes in this store are very American retro, and the styles and colors of the clothes are also very Hong Kong style, which is particularly good to match. Then it looks very nice if you wear it out to take pictures. The price can be said to be a conscientious price, and the quality is also completely acceptable.

The little devil is a national trend, I believe everyone has heard of it more or less. His clothes are a bit expensive, but they are of good quality. Then his clothes are relatively simple overall, and it is quite versatile with a little bit of his own.

9 months ago

NOPMOB skin store

NOPMOB leather bag shop is also a shop with its own style. Then there is nothing to say about the cost-effectiveness, the color of the clothes, the use is very clever and special.
, Pinkwink little starry night

Pinkwink Little Starry Night’s clothes are particularly fairy tales, which are suitable for small girls to wear like a princess who walked out of a fairy tale. The quality is also good and the price is very high.
Lin Siyue

Lin Siyue’s clothes give people the feeling that they are particularly clean, casual and comfortable. Mainly in pure colors, it is very good to match the clothes and the price is very high.

9 months ago

Since you want a civilian price, you can achieve a big-name texture. Then I strongly recommend choosing the basic model. Because only the basic model can avoid other costs such as design and pattern to the maximum extent, only considering the low cost of the material can it be as close as possible to the texture of the big brand. When it comes to basic models, one brand that cannot be avoided is Uniqlo. To a certain extent, the basic models are a big support for Uniqlo to get started. I personally think that the closest thing to the big-name texture is definitely Uniqlo’s designer collaboration series. In 2017, Uniqlo launched a new series, “designer collaboration models”. In this series, Uniqlo selected several of the world’s top designers to work together. Use the gimmick of luxury goods to get your feet firm once again.

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