In the one-to-one program in 2021, Yi Nengjing discussed with many parents about the education of chicken babies. During the period, a parent asked Yi Nengjing “the prerequisite for natural freedom is financial freedom”. Her response is this:

Do I need pen and paper for painting? Do I need to write the text? Do I have to buy a piano for the aesthetics of music? The text is in my head… The real talent is the meaning given by God, that means everything Talents are hidden in nature, so true talents do not cost money at all. All you have to do is to cultivate the highest aesthetic value.

How do you comment on this response?

In fact, we can’t see those talented people who are hardworking. I know a boy who is very talented and very good at painting. He rarely socializes. He spends almost all his free time painting and has 10,000 hours. The plan, the level of effort, and the high degree of self-discipline often make me feel ashamed. I don’t dare to contact him easily because I am afraid of disturbing him. I can only leave a message if I have something to do. He is talented and works very hard. He also improves his painting. It’s expensive. I attended a Blizzard training class last year. The lecturer is at the top level of Blizzard. The training fee is only 17,000. He usually draws his favorite paintings. When he wants to improve, he will take orders and make money. Participate in training to improve yourself; I mentioned to him that some illustrators can earn 30,000 or 400,000 yuan a year. He said that if he is a direct order, he can earn that much in one year. He said that many families develop that level. The illustrator of, there is no hundreds of thousands that can’t be piled up; he has been relying on his own efforts and has spent at least 70, 80,000; talented, plus hard work, also need to spend money on resources, no money at all Almost impossible

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8 months ago

The chicken and the duck said that when these parents ask about natural freedom, what they are actually asking is, is the premise of financial freedom for my baby to be able to achieve results? Instead of really thinking that their children have any talents, they simply think that they have a lot of talents, and then they are buried by the evil capitalism… In fact, it is cruel, they just have no chance to try their talents. , If you have the opportunity, you will find that nothing is actually…Of course, Ms. Yineng herself is also the master of non-eating meat…

8 months ago

Talking about this issue and speaking of this point of view, I noticed its footing. Yi Nengjing, in my opinion, is a person with “financial freedom”. From her point of view, her point of view is also reasonable. Because in her opinion, she thinks that all the resources it occupies are obtained “for free”. To put it another way, we are poor people, it’s a world of difference. I grew up in the country. The eldest brother at the time looked at the thick pile of “pasture paper” we bought to do calculations, and was extremely envious. Because they are writing and drawing on the slate. Don’t get me wrong, my “papyrus” is like this: because it’s cheap, it’s yellowish. As for the pencil, I used a very hard 5H because it can be used for a long time, although the handwriting is very light. Then there is the learning environment. Her children will not be in a rural elementary school, so there is no need to consider teachers. Finally, there is life pressure. When I was young, I used to help my family… She has a babysitter, a driver, and a bodyguard. It’s not a miserable sale here, just a comparison. We believe that everyone is born with talents, all kinds of talents. Whether you can dig for the rest of your life is another question. The ordinary me may have a gift for golf. Actually, I haven’t touched a golf club so far. May have a talent for piano. But even my parents in the country have never seen a piano…I want to learn to paint, and the price of paper, pen and dye is so high. Want to play football, too useless shoes. …Not to give an example, it’s all tears! Talent is released by money!

8 months ago

Maybe Yi Nengjing’s so-called “real talent” refers to a very small number of examples of God enjoying food and eating~ I have also seen people tell such stories that his deskmates often take out some bark and grass roots for him to taste. He couldn’t taste the different tastes at all, but his deskmates said all kinds of tastes are all right. Later, he dropped out of school at the same table to be a chef, and heard that someone came from abroad to taste the dishes at his table. Later, he was invited to go abroad at the same table and took the whole family away. This is a typical example of God enjoying food and eating, but the chicken baby anxiety we are discussing is the vast majority of ordinary people. Everyone is basically on the same horizontal line, and there is no natural distance like flying birds and swimming fish. The ordinary talents of ordinary people, ordinary people are all on the same track, pursuing all aspects of development, it may not make much sense to highlight one aspect. In addition, many “real talents” must also be cultivated at a high price, such as art. Even in sports, if you want to achieve a certain achievement, you need to spend a lot of money on training, not just running on your own. In the end, the free resources that many people have at their fingertips may be something that others will not be able to possess even after their entire lifetime. You have a house in a big city, and there may be a free library and art gallery next to it. I live in the mountains, maybe only fresh air is free. All in all, “true talent does not consume money at all” cannot be established.

8 months ago

Ninety years ago, a baby boy was born in Xinghua, Jiangsu. Both of his parents are poor local farmers, it is not easy to live, and there is no money to send him to school or to cultivate hobbies. Almost his entire childhood was spent in the War of Resistance Against Japan. When I grew up a little bit, I started to be a herding baby, and she played well. Before joining the army at the age of nineteen, his best “talent” was herding cattle. After joining the army, he received a Mosin Nagan rifle made in the former Soviet Union. This gun has been in service for more than half a century, and at that time it had been discontinued in the Soviet Union. Even so, in the motherland at the time, this outdated bargain was already considered a good thing. After the outbreak of the Korean War, New China urgently purchased 36 infantry division light weapons from the Soviet Union, including a large number of Mosin Nagan rifles. In the later period, production equipment and technical materials were purchased, and it was finalized as a 1953 rifle. This is something. As mentioned earlier, this recruit from Xinghua had been poor since he was a child, so naturally he didn’t have the money to learn how to shoot. Let’s say “but” next. But after just two months of simple training, he participated in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. Using that old rifle, he killed 214 enemies with 436 rounds in 32 days, creating the highest number of cold shots killed by the Chinese People’s Volunteers on the Korean battlefield. Record. He is Zhang Taofang, who became famous in World War I and was hailed as the “Volunteer Sharpshooter”, “Cold Gun Hero”, and “Shangganling Sniper God”. The Mosin Nagan rifle, as mentioned earlier, was a bargain at the time. How much did it cost? It was about US$40 that year, which is the price of a cow. The cow-herding baby is also the landlord’s cow. He doesn’t have one in his family. If he could own a cow back then, he was already a rich peasant. The Zhang family has no cows, can’t afford a gun, and will not buy an old cow for several generations and then sell it for Zhang Taofang to practice shooting. If he hadn’t joined the army, and hadn’t the country’s military spending to purchase guns, Zhang Taofang would never have a chance to touch a gun in his life. His talent is only to “herd cows” and would never know that he could be a sharpshooter. I roughly understand what Yi Nengjing wants to express. She believes that children can write and draw on the ground without having to spend money on paper and pens, and even draw them in a decent way. If you like music, you don’t need to buy a piano, just humming in your mouth can become a tune. This is talent, and the formation of talent does not cost money. It’s just that this kind of “talent” of drawing on the ground and humming in the mouth is the same as playing with water and slingshot. At the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Xinghua produced thousands of herding cows, many of them were able to play slingshots accurately and steadily. But Zhang Taofang didn’t kill the enemy by bullets. No money, no gun, charged with a slingshot and stones on the battlefield, the 20-year-old’s life may be gone in less than a minute, and the 214 enemies may have their hands covered with blood after drinking wine and singing. It’s a peaceful age. It’s easy not to shoot a gun, but when you go to school, get a promotion, or even find someone, you still have a time to “charge into battle.” Parents spend money to train their children to buy paper and pen for him, who is squatting on the ground, so that he can try to become a painter. It was to buy musical instruments for him who hummed, so that he could try to become a musician. It is also a gun for the cowboy who is very slippery with a slingshot, so that he has the opportunity to transform into a brave warrior. The cowherd baby who can touch the gun may not become the gun god, but Zhang Taofang, who can’t touch the gun, will definitely not become the gun god.

8 months ago

The real talent does not cost money, that is the “love” in the child’s heart. However, most people don’t have the “real talent”, so they need acquired guidance and training to finally cultivate “time” into a talent. The difficulty for parents is that their knowledge is limited, and they simply cannot see whether their children have “talents.” Cultivating children’s aesthetics is a very money-consuming process; and in many cases, it takes a little luck to find someone who is “capable” to cultivate children’s aesthetics. Many parents have no talent, no love, no aesthetics, and their children’s talents, love, and aesthetics are basically gambles on luck.

8 months ago

In fact, a truly gifted baby brings the greatest burden to parents. As a parent, I think at least we must try not to waste, or be worthy of the child’s talent. So if the baby is of ordinary talent, the parent’s obligation is relatively small, and that’s the case anyway. But if the baby has a very high talent in a certain aspect, at this time if the parents do not act, in fact, there is a lot of psychological pressure. Because own inaction means obviously delaying the child. Of course, the premise of this establishment is that parents do not have excessive expectations of their children, not to mention the kind of silly fork that cannot do it by themselves and has to rely on the baby to do it.

8 months ago

Everyone must have watched the recent popular TV series “Little Will”. Let’s start with “Little Will”. Many viewers have watched this drama. I must have a bit of empathy for the experiences of the two families of Unlimited Chicken Babies. Educational anxiety is a common phenomenon in our Chinese society in the past 10 years. For this reason, in the past 10 years, several TV dramas focusing on education anxiety have become popular. The TV series “Little Willingness” is in the same line as the previous “Little Joy” and “Little Farewell”. They are all novels of the same series written by the same author, and then they were adapted into TV series. The famous line of the mother played by Haiqing in “Little Farewell” clarifies, “If you can’t get into a key high school, you can’t get into a key university,…you’re the end of your life.” How do you look at it? This kind of educational anxiety? Yi Nengjing’s words came from her talk show “One Talk One in 2021” on Watermelon Video, which specifically discussed this issue. It is those parents who hope that their children will become dragons and their daughters will become phoenixes. They hope that their children will win at the starting line, and hope that their children will be able to enter key high schools and universities in the future. They are forced to go to various tutoring classes, cram schools, and talents as if they have been beaten up. Class, nurture children in all aspects. This is called a chicken baby. Why do you want a chicken baby? I want to start from my personal experience. In the Zhangjiang area of ​​Shanghai where I live, there is a very special private junior high school—Zhangjiang Group School. How awesome is it? In the pre-admission process of the Shanghai Senior High School Entrance Examination in 2019, Zhangjiang Collective Middle School’s pre-admission to Shanghai’s four prestigious schools (Shangzhong, Hua Er, Fudan High School, and Jiaotong University High School) ranked first in Shanghai. It can be said that as long as you enter the Zhangjiang Collective Middle School, you are equal to entering Shanghai’s Big Four with one leg. It basically guarantees the advantages of taking college entrance examinations after 3 years. And the reason why this Zhangjiang collective school is so good is because it can pinch the tip in advance in the process of Xiaoshengchu. Everyone, look at Zhangji’s 2019 Admissions Guide. It mainly interviews candidates who apply for Zhangji school. As for the content of the interview? You know. Due to the reputation of Zhangji School, a large number of outstanding students of the right age in Shanghai want to squeeze in, so the school has a lot of initiative to recruit the best students. Zhangji is like this, and so are other private junior high schools in Shanghai. Therefore, in the past 10 years, parents in Shanghai have always thought that they must send their children to these awesome private elementary schools and private junior high schools, so as to ensure that they enter the Big Four and then enter a good university. But private elementary schools and private junior high schools do not enroll students through examination results, what should be done? What kind of standards must you meet before you can enter a private junior high school like Zhangjiang Collective Middle School? Of course, the better your child is, the better. What is an excellent method? Excellent mathematics scores, fluent English conversation, preferably a piano ten, won the domestic painting competition first… etc., in short, your child should be excellent in all aspects, in all aspects You can get it all so that you can stand out in the interview at Zhangjiang Group Middle School. Therefore, a large number of Shanghai parents started various tutoring classes and various talent classes when their children were still in kindergarten. In a word, “You can’t lose at the starting line!” Otherwise, you will not be able to pass the interview at Zhangjiang Group Middle School. , You can’t get into a key high school like the Big Four in Shanghai, and you can’t get into a good university. Now, do you understand? Some people ask, does “Little Will” reflect reality or sell anxiety? In fact, if you understand why the private Zhangjiang Group school is so good, you can understand it. In the past 10 years, these private junior high schools in Shanghai used their enrollment routines based on not only your academic performance but also your extracurricular performance, such as Mathematical Olympiad, talent, and even three generations of parents. Did your parents graduate with 985? These may be the advantages for your child to stand out and be admitted. So this drives many parents crazy. Well, actually speaking of Yi Nengjing. In the interview, she talked to her parents about this educational anxiety problem, and she said that she didn’t want a baby chicken. But living in Shanghai, she also enrolled her child in 6 tutoring classes before; her child immediately faced the problem of getting up and down. Why do you think she enrolled so many tutoring classes for her children? Isn’t Yi Nengjing a baby boy? It’s not because many private kindergartens in Shanghai have learned about private elementary schools and private junior high schools, and they are also engaging in various interviews and enrollment. Therefore, when Yi Nengjing said, “True talent is not costing money at all”, I feel that she is just saying the right thing. There is no denying that talent does not cost money, but it still costs money to develop talent. The formation of a piece of uncut jade is indeed natural, but does it take a lot of effort to carve this piece of uncut jade into a beautiful jade? If you don’t develop more talents of one kind or another for your children, how can you ensure that your children can smoothly enter well-known kindergartens, well-known elementary schools, key junior high schools, key high schools, and eventually enter key universities? So as long as this kind of education anxiety still exists in our society, there is no solution to such things as chicken babies. In the final analysis, it is necessary for our society to change this infinite educational environment. Because the infinitely involved educational environment will inevitably lead to excessive pre-education. Fortunately, Shanghai has already begun to make changes. At the beginning of 2020, Shanghai introduced a new education policy. Speaking of it, it is “Citizens are recruited together, and privately run the lottery.” What does it mean for this citizen to recruit together? That is, public schools and private schools must enroll students at the same time, and private schools must enter through lottery. And this lottery live broadcast, to ensure openness and transparency, there is absolutely no inside story. This means that if you want to go to those awesome private elementary and junior high schools before, you are completely lucky. In this general environment, the private Zhangjiang Group school we mentioned earlier has changed from private to public. Because it knows that it is no longer possible for it to recruit students, it is better to simply change it to a public institution. This is the beginning of changes in the overall educational environment in Shanghai. Then, one year later, in March 2021, Shanghai introduced a new policy for senior high school entrance examinations; according to this policy, even if you are comparing second-rate and third-rate junior high schools, as long as you ensure that your academic performance is among the best in the school, you may be directly assigned to the four majors Prestigious school. In the final analysis, this policy is also to solve educational equity, minimize parents’ educational anxiety, and reduce the degree of parental education. So, in the final analysis, if we want to solve the problem of education anxiety, we still have to rely on our society to work together to create a good environment. Shanghai’s two successive new education policies in the past two years are just the beginning. It’s hard to say what the future effect will be, but at least we are working hard in this direction, right? I hope that our future parents will not fall into such excessive education anxiety again, and stop the scenes of “Little Will” and “Little Farewell”.

8 months ago

Provide a different way of thinking: As a person who can play with words proficiently, he can see that the expression of this sentence is very wicked. Yi Nengjing’s original words are like this: “True talent is not costing money at all.” In fact, she should express: “I think the talent that I understand is not costing money at all.” Don’t underestimate the “I think” and “I understand” that have been removed. These qualifiers can greatly reduce the impact of the original words. The original words are expressed in a state where “socially implicit truths are discovered”. Reading the original words, people’s subconscious mind will pay attention to the “truth” itself, and will not consciously give up questioning. Reading the first sentence, you have a feeling of being educated, and you subconsciously compare your current situation with this view. This is also the source of anxiety; reading the second sentence, you will think that this is her subjective understanding. Consider whether what she is doing is the same as yours. Being able to recognize other people, even celebrities and experts, is what he said “real” is true, or she thinks it is a clear way of thinking. In everything else, remember this clear line of thought. Under the above premise, it will be much easier to understand what she said, and the anxiety will also be much reduced. Whether to spend money to tap out talent, whether to spend money, and how much money to spend, should be a matter for each family to decide independently. “True raising children is to raise children according to their own lifestyle and level,” I said, what do you think?

8 months ago

As an art student, I would like to ask, does cram school cost no money, or painting tools cost no money? If you don’t have money, you want to take the road of fine arts, do you dream? As a writer, I can’t imagine Yi Nengjing’s IQ can reach this point. Without the investment in books since childhood, how could it be possible to write things out of thin air? Want to write something. Twenty years ago, stamps alone were a huge burden. Now, how can a writer work without a computer? Doesn’t the computer need money? As for music, didn’t Lang Lang confess his family bankruptcy? What teacher did Fu Lei find for his son Fu Cong? At the level of university president, ordinary people’s families can’t even see each other, but they really don’t need money, because money can’t handle it…so that he later told his second son that the family didn’t give your brother that kind of condition. Top talent, without a top family, will only obscure everyone. To cultivate aesthetics, you must first show your children beautiful things. Every beautiful thing needs money to appreciate, from simple animation, to movies, to concerts, to art exhibitions… At least you have to pay for the travel expenses? Can you see a fart when you look at famous paintings on the Internet? I can’t see the details… Listening to music online is hard to find without loss, let alone concert-level sound… Yi Nengjing…

8 months ago

As a teacher of the art children’s training class, I personally think that this sentence is not a big problem. We usually do well in certain aspects that we usually say verbally. Some of them are real talents, and some are just the results of the teacher’s training through a lot of training, forming a subconscious reaction in the child. But one thing to know is that children’s interest in a certain field will soon disappear, which means that they don’t last for a long time. This explains why children have a situation where they don’t want to learn after they have mastered it to a certain degree. After all, the training process is too boring. This kind of ability demonstrated through skill proficiency is not called talent, but training achievement. The real talent is to start from one’s own hobbies, to learn spontaneously, to find information, but also to endure (or even ignore) boring practice for a long time, and to constantly discover one’s own progress in the process. What’s more, you can extract the core logic of learning yourself, so as to achieve success in other fields. This is called talent. As institutional teachers, our responsibility is to let the children have a preliminary understanding of beauty, and in the process try to find out whether the children have this talent. If so, let the child gain confidence and a reason to continue in the process of painting. If not, at the very least, knowing what is beautiful and ugly is enough. (Of course, I will communicate clearly with parents) This is what quality education has always said about “teach students in accordance with their aptitude”. We don’t want future children to be the same assembly line products, but unique people with their own characteristics.

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