I revisited it again today. In the play, the play style against these three masters is more inclined to defeat one by one, and the decent side does not have a team fight.

Tianciandiqi first killed the twelve-way Tan legs in seconds, and then punched the Hong family iron line into a half-blooded state. Finally, the Golang Bagua stick appeared. These are all masters, but they are all crippled by the sky. The two masters died in a group fight, so I would like to ask you to analyze which side has the better chance of winning if you fight in a team battle.

Disappearance is not necessarily stronger, but it will win. Win in the arena experience. The trio lost in experience from the very beginning. After the strength of the trio was exposed, they were chartered to drive them away. This was the right choice, but they didn’t understand. The axe help find someone to retaliate immediately. As a result, the retaliation was arranged. They basically didn’t do anything, didn’t prepare, or even thought they would be retaliated, and lost at this stage of the war. In fact, the magical special effects are removed, the ineffective technique is classic but sophisticated. In real life, in the evening when people are busy with the most tiring time of the day, the young footman walks alone on the small road. He is not able to pay attention and has been followed behind. When he is found, he has been wrapped in a sack and hit a sap. The leisurely shopkeeper closed the shop alone. A gangster who was neither strong nor weak came in to make trouble. The shop was in a mess. The irritated shopkeeper couldn’t bear to smash things and hurriedly drove the gangster out of the shop. As a result, he was ambushed and injured as soon as he left the house. Even if there is no piano sound, you can use a gun. But this trap is not only that, the key is to fight for help. The seriously injured shopkeeper has nowhere to escape, forcing Goro to gossip stick. This was the only confrontation that was slightly positive. Specifically, it used a long-range weapon to aim the seriously injured iron fist frontally, forcing Goro’s Bagua stick to block frontally, and to die from the front. If the Goro Gossip stick ignores the life and death of the iron wire fist, he can leave directly, or he can attack the world in a different direction, or even go out to grab the axe gang leader in the car. But they are sure he won’t. If he could, he wouldn’t be an enemy of the Axe Gang. The Condor Heroes have experience, and after revealing their identity, dealing with the trio didn’t slow down afterwards, they went directly to the Axe Gang base. If the Huoyun Cthulhu came here, he would always tie his hands and feet when fighting at home. If the axe helped a step slowly, then it would be meaningless for the Fire Cloud Cthulhu to come. This is the Jianghu experience.


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7 months ago

This question is a good question, but I will first be a five-person master internal force ranking: 1 Tiancan; 2 Iron Thread Boxing; 3 Bagua Cudgel; 4 Ground Absence; 5 Tan Tui. From the movie Kung Fu, Iron Thread Boxing can only be used in Tian Mai. With 11 strokes, Tan’s legs were dead for six rounds, and the two of them were killed by Tianchou without 20 rounds. On the other hand, they had to fight with the gossip stick and the gossip stick in more than 30 rounds to win, but the Tan leg iron wire fist After less than twenty rounds, Tian Can returned to Qin to help Di Lai, and A Gui was still defeated and killed. Therefore, it would be unwise to let Tan Tui and Iron Xianquan fight against Tiancan, and it would be unwise to single out the gossip stick. If you watch the movie, the gossip stick saved Tan’s legs, and Tan’s legs helped the iron wire punch the ground. Then it should be able to win, at least a tie. The gossip sticks take the opportunity to single-handedly defeat the Tianma, and there is no ground. Must die. But if Diqian gets rid of the two and returns to the piano, the result is that the gossip stick and the red tasseled spear are shattered, and the gods are hit. The iron wire fist uses the iron coil to separate the gossip stick to help him carry a blow, because the inner force of the iron wire fist is in the gossip stick. Above, there is an iron coil that can block the sound of the piano. The iron wire fist will be shaken off, and the gossip stick will turn around to help trouble because of being separated, and the Tan leg will shoot and catch the iron wire fist at the back, like the three masters. They will retreat all over, and the two sides will be tied for the time being. At this time, if the charter wife makes a move, the three masters will be saved. . .

7 months ago

Twelve-way Tan leg coolie: strong personality, stubborn, strong endurance, legs walk a single sturdy path, strong and fast, like a person, like a heart, the strength of the leg can kick down a wall, and walk towards the rigid . Tiancan’s temptation to Aqiang is from weak to strong: to move a branch is a six-story temptation; to cut a branch is a five-story building; to flip a crock pot is a four-story building; to kill a cat is a three-story building; since you If you don’t see anything, just turn off the light and let you fight, and you don’t need to do anything to fight against a master who is only two-story. You don’t need to know that you can win Aqiang without counting, and Tiancan really wants to enjoy Aqiang. The fear and panic before his death, as soon as the sound of the piano passed, A Qiang’s body was divided into two points, and his fingers moved. He wanted to accuse the opponent of sneak attack but felt that it was not. His life was gone, and a master died. What was crippled and lacking was the function, and this section was not performed with special effects, which means that Aqiang couldn’t see the function and had no function, so he didn’t use special effects to perform. Compared with the fairness of Tiancang, Diqian’s approach is a despicable sneak attack. Jiqian tested out that A Sheng’s strength was three or four floors. He attacked directly on the opposite side of the black cloth. A Sheng dodges a counter-attack and is caught by the ground. A Sheng’s internal strength is shaken, and the ground is backed by the shock. Three or four steps, this shows that A Sheng’s internal strength is above the ground, but when A Sheng and Tian Can fought for the second time, he fell back to the ground with a knife and blood flowed to his neck. Compared with A Gui, he was shocked. The inability to evade means that A Sheng’s internal strength is above A Gui and below the Heavenly Deprivation. In addition, when A Gui single-handedly challenged the Heavenly Deprivation, A Sheng did not step up to help and try his best, and the two of them are doomed to fail.

7 months ago

Which one is higher than the inner strength of Diqian and Agui? The movie hinted, but many people didn’t see it: Agui’s red tasseled spear was shattered by the gas shield. If the internal force of the ground is above the Agui, then the ground will attack Agui, and Youtiancan use the sound of the piano to attack Agui. It’s the same as victory, why is it not a land shortage but a natural attack? Because the internal strength is not as good as the two of them, they can’t shake them! Therefore, only Tian Can counterattacked the shot. In addition, the five elements of Asheng belong to gold, but the four-story building is wood, and the five-story building is gold and wood. Therefore, the lack of land cannot win Asheng. A Sheng fell downstairs when the three masters bid farewell, which also showed that A Sheng had instability in the next game, and foreshadowed that A Sheng was kicked by the ground and dragged to the square.

7 months ago

This kind of performance in the movie is actually far more amazing than arranging team fights. Team fights will not make the audience worry, and will not reflect the unscrupulous and insidious cunning of the bad guys. Think about it if the good teammates have never fought, then the audience will have a strong psychological gap, what? The evil triumphed and killed justice in this way. This sense of shock would be useless even if the contractor came out later. The movie must be based on the plot that the audience would like the most. There are many things that need to be considered. It was decided after discussion and negotiation of the entire crew. So team fights are not realistic. Then let’s talk about who has the best chance of winning in a fight. First of all, it is reasonable to say that the Goro Gossip Stick can be opened with its four or six points. It should be no problem (you can see it in the movie). Tie Quan and Tan Leg are the main players. , It should be very comfortable to cooperate, but the crippled piano is the main body. In terms of fist and kung fu, they are really not very popular and rely solely on the methods of the piano and the Yinren. Therefore, in the fight, they are all hitting the dead, and the inability to win is bigger. (Personal thoughts, don’t spray if you don’t like)

7 months ago

I feel that the world is incomplete, the two brothers are comprehensive, can fight iron fist in close combat, and the other brother can release long-range harassment. If you can’t beat it, there will be two players. The two brothers must cooperate in the killer business all the year round. Look at those three. For many years incognito, their skill is bound to decline; even if you ignore this point, the three are close combat and are inherently disadvantaged; they are definitely not as good as others without training and cooperating with each other. The chartered couples are different, close combat Tai Chi, long-range can roar, and the couple can wear a pair of pants. So even if you are in a group, you can still win. What’s even better is that they have enough experience in the arena, strategy first, and each defeated. Iron line fist, gossip stick, twelve-way tan legs, definitely better than ordinary people, and the rest can only be played by three people in business, admiring each other for a long time, and the reputation is well-deserved. Their mutual admiration and defiant self-proclaimed that they are singing and singing is not a kind of irony. In short, the three of them are martial arts, and the two brothers are murderers, not the same person, and not the same level. (I only talked about the movie “Kung Fu”, my personal opinion does not involve reality)

7 months ago

If the three masters work together, they may be in a tie with the world, or they may be defeated by the piano duo. Because Heaven and Earth also said it personally when talking with the Axe Gang, it is very tricky to have the three masters together. Therefore, in the end, the world is incapable of choosing each way to break to find the trouble of the three masters. It can be seen that the two sides should play a team head-on with half a catastrophe, and it may be more certain to win. In terms of actual combat performance, Coolie Qiang was sneak attacked from behind, let’s not say. The iron thread fist and the ground gap close combat have mutual contact, but the injury of the iron thread fist seems to be heavier and at a disadvantage. The gossip sticks can block the attack of two people with one pick and two, and can counterattack close. The performance is the best of the three masters, but it can’t resist the double ensemble. Personally, I think there should be no problem with the gossip stick singles without one of them. Therefore, it can be inferred that if the iron thread fist and the gossip stick are combined, they can fight against the inadequacy of the world who does not send out ghost soldiers. Analyzed from another angle, both iron thread fist and gossip stick can clearly see the opponent’s air blade, and then make a block, which is much stronger than Tan Chukui strong in the face of the air blade. Strong coolies may not be as effective as the other two masters if they participate directly in the group. But later, when fighting against the charter party, he used a full blow and used the ghost weapon’s ult. The power is obviously stronger than the air blade when it is against the gossip stick. This ult may be unable to resist by the three masters. So to sum up, I personally feel that the actual performance of the three highs in the movie is in line with the evaluation of Tianmai. If the two sides fight head-on, they are similar in strength, but Tianmaimai has a greater victory. After all, these two people playing the piano are internal attacks, and they are relatively cheap. If they make a big move, the three masters will not be able to deal with it, unless the three masters can break the piano close up.

7 months ago

The coolie was strong, and he died of conspiracy. Desperate is a professional killer, and coolie is a coolie that understands kung fu. When it comes to killing people, coolie’s strong cards are more than even worse. Iron line fist, died of distance. The crippled attack method is mainly long-range, and Iron Fist basically has no long-range attack skills. No matter how strong the battle skills are, you will be blind if you can’t meet the opponent. Wu Lang Bagua Cudgel, this one really died after fighting hard, and he has basically forced the destructive skills into self-destructive skills. It’s not ashamed to lose in the end, it’s one hit two at any rate. To be honest, I think that as a professional killer, it is the most embarrassing that the sneak attack Iron Thread Fist could not be directly won.

7 months ago

Where can I find a friend in the end of the world? The strength of the two blind men crushed the three migrant workers. It doesn’t matter whether you break them one by one, or in a team battle. Blind people are sure to win. what is the reason? When the axe helped the blind man over, the blind man must have heard of the stunts of these three migrant workers, so what does it mean that the blind man can take the order? Explains the family tradition of despising these three. What Hong’s iron line fist, twelve-way flicking leg, and Wulang Bagua sticks are all martial arts styles. You didn’t see how the blind treated Lion Roar Gong.

7 months ago

If it is a duel of life and death, there is no place to bury the dead. It can be deduced from the situation in the movie that Goro’s Bagua stick can withstand long-range attacks from the crippling ground after using the Yang’s gun, and protect the Hong’s iron wire fist behind him. So the three of them only need to fight back and retreat beyond the crippled range. If it is placed in the place of the Pig Dragon Walled City in the movie, then the three people only need to escape into the room, and they will be helpless. Then Wu Lang Bagua stick monitoring (to prevent tracking and being found unable to retreat) Hong Jia Tie Xian Quan does remote support. Twelve Road Tan legs shook off his arms and ran towards the axe gang or the police station, grabbing some guns. Judging from the behavior of Goro’s Bagua Cudgel that first knocked out the axe and the gun, the masters of their level were not immune to the power of bullets. Even if it was deficient in blocking the Yang’s gun, it was deemed to be able to block the bullet. But they were blind, and they could not foresee the attack from behind. At the same time, because they are blind, they cannot use the plan of grabbing guns (even if given to them, they can’t aim). Therefore, if the life and death duel is not about martial ethics, the trio can fight the sky without abandoning a soldier. The mutilation is suddenly dropped to the remote. If it is a duel of martial ethics, then I am very optimistic about the trio. The Twelve-Route Tan Leg has no weapons, and the flesh and blood body can’t resist the crippling and lack of a move. The iron ring of the Hong’s Iron Wire Fist can withstand one move, and the second move will hurt your muscles and bones at the beginning. Although the Wulang Bagua stick can withstand attacks, as the distance gets closer, the frequency of the crippled piano sound attack increases. In addition, there is still a tactic that is crippled by heaven and earth. It is difficult to say whether the Gossip Stick can block this trick at close range. I think it can’t be blocked, because this trick is a face-to-face attack, unlike other piano sounds. Point line attack. At close range, Goro’s Bagua Cudgel can’t defend his whole body with just a gun. So in the case of martial arts, I tend to be defeated by a trio. Unless you come up, brush the five people within a few meters. The ground is short and close strategically to defeat Hong’s iron line fist. From the point of view of the role of long-range attack, Tiancan’s melee ability should not be higher than the lack of ground. When the trio cannot use long-range attacks, the trio can defeat the crippled by playing more and less.

7 months ago

It must be a crippled win, and it is obvious that they have a gap in rank. Masters in Kung Fu can be divided into several ranks. At the first step is Zhou Xingchi of the Tathagata Palm. Has reached the level of transformation. Fire Cloud Cthulhu can be dropped in seconds at any time. The second step is Zhou Xingchi and Huoyun Cthulhu, who have just opened up the second line of Ren Du, their attack defense has reached the superhuman level. The third step is that the charter wife and his wife are slightly inferior to Huoyun Cthulhu in attack and defense, but they have a powerful force that can hurt the second step. But you can only win by surprise, you must rely on the odds of the props to win. The fourth step is the double killer. Their attack can achieve murderous incarnation. It can be said that they have mastered a certain kill but are limited to the use of props. There are three heroes on the fifth ladder. They don’t have control of the operation of qi. They can reach the quasi-four ladders only with their fists and feet, but they are helpless with two fists and four hands. In fact, it’s just like Dragon Ball masters Qi and people who don’t master Qi. Yamucha has a good fist and kicks, but the turtle fairy slaps him into the air. In fact, the tragic death of the three heroes is also related to the breakup between Stephen Chow and Sammo Hung. Traditional martial arts does not meet Stephen Chow’s expectations…

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