According to a CCTV news report and a report by Russian TV Today on May 3, local time, the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zakharova said in an interview that Russia will take measures to gradually break away from the US-centric world monetary system.
Zakharova believes that Russia has suffered economic sanctions from Western countries for a long time in recent years, and this situation will not change in the short term. Russia must find a new currency settlement mechanism to completely get rid of the US dollar and the US-led SWIFT settlement system. Dependence. Once the new mechanism is established, it can strengthen the international status of the currencies of various countries, and it can also minimize the economic losses caused by Western sanctions against Russia. (Xu Hongbo, headquarter reporter)

Oh, when Professor Lin Yifu brought a delegation from Peking University to Moscow University in February 2019, the Russian political think tank already expressed this idea. At that time, Professor Lin Yifu focused on introducing his research on economic transition, new structural economics and so on. But the Russian scholars were gradually bold in their speeches. In the end, I heard that China and Russia should join forces to disrupt the world financial order and strictly control capital flight. At that time, I thought that Russian was not good to hear (big boo). Later, a few of our Chinese students cross-checked our own understanding and discovered that it was the case. The Chinese textbook on the history of international relations intentionally or unintentionally missed a key historical fact that the Soviet Union did not join the post-war international financial and monetary system at all. It was not refused to join, but actively refused to join. What I see from the textbook of Russian national relations history. In other words, for Russia, its entry into the post-war international financial and monetary system is just a short 30-year event that began in 1990 and basically ended in 2020. That’s it. To be honest, the sunk cost is not high. Moreover, the price of joining this system is to face the international financial crisis every 8-10 years. Not only is there no gain, but there is also a negative impact. The Asian financial crisis of 1998 and the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 basically hit Russia’s face firmly. Teacher Pangda Peng also wrote some articles discussing the impact and impact of these two financial crises on Russia’s development path, and coupled with some scattered opinions of other scholars, the conclusion is that in the eyes of Russians, these two financial crises are basically fighting the battle. The credibility of the post-international monetary and financial system has been consumed cleanly. In other words, the intention to retire the ball was made as early as around 2010, and it was not made in 14 years. Therefore, Russia and China have different views on international social responsibility. Russia Many scholars have begun to believe that the international responsibility for the Yalta-Potsdam system ended in 1991, that is, with the disintegration of the Soviet Union as the limit. Since 1991, Russia does not need to bear any form of international responsibility for the Yalta-Potsdam system and post-Yalta-Potsdam (moral, humanitarian, etc.), and even some scholars do not recognize that the current international system is Yalta-Potsdam A variant of the system, bluntly, the Yalta-Potsdam system is over and gone. To put it simply, it is not guilty to do things. The national conditions of Russia are very different from China. That is, Russia is vast and sparsely populated, the contradictions between people and land are not prominent, and there are few labor-intensive jobs, even if it is out of world trade? The impact is also small. This is the core of Russia’s retreat. Most Russians, even those in the city, have their own small holiday villas on the outskirts, and there is a small piece of land where they can grow non-staple food. It is important to know that during the Soviet period, nearly one-third of the supply of agricultural products was realized by private land. Even if all channels for importing agricultural products from overseas are cut off, the impact on the quality of life will not be particularly large. Especially since 2014, the Russian government began to focus on subsidizing the accelerated modernization of agricultural production. Every year, the Russian government agency reported on Russian newspapers that there are many news about the progress of Russian agriculture. It is hoped that the ruling legitimacy of the Russo-Russian Party will be severely deteriorated by severely deteriorating the supply of daily necessities. Unrealistic. The contradiction between man and land is not prominent. After leaving the world trade, not only will it not bring about structural unemployment, but will create new local jobs. A large number of Chinese people have no conditions for self-supporting lives. They must rely heavily on international labor-agricultural products trade to maintain With the current standard of living, once all export-oriented labor positions are cleared, a large number of people will neither be able to cultivate land (or land), which is a huge burden on the national economy.


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8 months ago

Those who make money can never compare with those who print money​, so you have to change the currency system. The simplest meaning of dollar hegemony is that countries all over the world want to trade freely, so they cannot do without the dollar. Although the US dollar is the currency of the United States, it is the most important settlement currency and the most important reserve currency in the world, so shopping is in your own hands, and the money printing machine is in the hands of the United States. In this way, the United States has a certain degree of control over the pockets of most countries. This is really real power. Da Mao has now talked with Uncle Rabbit, so he has confidence. In the comments, there is a “only to die faster” and not to break away. It is quite eagle sauce to bleed Damao. The chronic death breaks away, he cuts his own carrion, and can still fight

8 months ago

This is the first cut to the dollar. Saddam, Gaddafi, including EU countries, can dream and brag, but they absolutely cannot replace the US dollar. It is not a technical problem, nor an economic problem, but a military problem—the old United States can be destroyed at any time. You shit. Russia is different. It has military capabilities that can rival the United States. Its economic relationship with the United States is only 20 billion U.S. dollars a year. These years, it has been subjected to various sanctions by the United States to the limit. It is barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes, and the United States cannot lift the table. . In fact, Russia’s move has already begun. In 2017, Russia still held 150 billion U.S. debt, and then it began to sell all the way. By 2021, there will only be more than 5 billion U.S. debt left, which means nothing. At the same time, Russia has continuously increased its gold holdings to protect the ruble. Russia’s energy is hard currency. You see that Germany is under pressure from the United States and will never let go of Beixi II. Besides energy, Russia has nothing to sell. You can’t buy Western technology and equipment with U.S. dollars. Imported civilian goods can be bought from China and Southeast Asia. They are both sufficient and cheap. In 2020, half of Russia’s total imports will come from China. Why must the US dollar be used to settle the US dollar platform, and still face the risk of sanctions at every turn? Therefore, Russia should have repeatedly weighed the pros and cons in making such a move. After all, when it is forced to a corner, rabbits will bite people. With the size of a polar bear, how can it be possible without jumping. With the Russian family wanting to shake the status of the dollar, the probability of success is not high. Even if the world has been miserable for a long time, after all, countries that have dared to make a war against the United States have grown three feet of grass. However, Russia’s move is of great significance. On the one hand, it shows that Russia has been completely disappointed with the United States. On the other hand, it is also taking the lead in sounding the clarion call against the hegemony of the US dollar. I don’t know what the effect will be, but it is definitely a good thing for us and the world. The difference this time is that a real political and military power bravely stood up and said no to the US dollar. Everyone would take a serious look. Sometimes, looseness is a signal, one card is not enough, then come to the second card, dominoes always have an upper limit.

8 months ago

This is the fundamental reason for the US’s softening attitude towards China and Russia. The instructor is the instructor. He said that “peace through struggle will lead to peace, and peace through compromise will lead to peaceful death” has been verified by the practice of the recent peak confrontation between China, the United States and Russia! On May 3, the U.S. Secretary of State Blincoln and the British Foreign Secretary unexpectedly said, “Our purpose is not to try to contain or suppress China.” This press conference was actually after Biden’s 100-day banquet. His younger brother Johnson came forward to organize an offline meeting of the Group of Seven G7 in London to set the tone. Does not contain or suppress China? Why is Meiying suddenly soft? First of all, it’s not just this press conference that it’s soft, but a number of powerful leaders in the U.S. Biden administration have intensively made similar statements. On April 27, TASS quoted a high-ranking US official saying that “the current US government has no intention of upgrading US-Russian relations.” Then on April 28, it was reported that Emperor Pudu was preparing to hold a Russia-US summit with Biden in the summer. On April 29, U.S. Intelligence Director Haynes stated at a hearing held by the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee that “China has no interest in starting war with the United States.” On April 30, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Catherine Hicks was on the line. At the seminar, it was stated that “the U.S. does not believe that conflict with China is inevitable.” A month ago, both the U.S. and Britain stated that they had only one tone: “How cruel!” In mid-to-late March, U.S. officials at all levels seemed to take After finishing the draft, he said to China and Russia like a repeater, “The United States should teach China and Russia how to behave from its strength and status.” In early April, a US general clamored: Let the Black Sea become irritable; a US captain clamored: It is necessary to have a tougher “free navigation” in the South China Sea, even if it creates bloodshed. From rude “teaching how to behave” and “raising bloody conflicts” to persuasion that “we actually don’t want to, you don’t want to” suddenly turned into warm-hearted persuasion, and deliberately selected two decorated female officials to express their stance. This before and after comparison, it seems that the United States has either had a coup or suffered from schizophrenia. Before talking about what happened in the middle, in order to reduce the number of people being fooled, let’s look at history. Is the “no containment or suppression” of the United States and Britain true or false? The above sentence has actually been said many times in the United States. Coincidentally, it was the period when the Democratic Party was in power, or more specifically, it was the period when the Obama Democratic Party was in power. When U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Biswar visited Central Asia on April 2, 2014, he shouted to Russia, “We do not seek to contain or suppress Russia.” “We seek to follow international norms, respect international law and relations with national borders.” December 2014 On June 5, the then-U.S. Secretary of State Kerry stated to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov that he “has no intention of going towards confrontation with Russia.” On June 2, 2015, the U.S. Security Council’s Director of Russian Affairs Graham published a column in the British media, claiming that “ Containing Russia is hard to work.” On October 4, 2016, the then US Secretary of State Kerry once again stated to Russia that “the United States did not seek to weaken, contain or divide Russia.” Looking at Blinken’s words again, do you feel the text of their speech? It seems to be the work of the same person, especially in comparison with the speech of US Assistant Secretary of State Bisvall in April 2014. It can even be suspected that either they are the same or a queen writer, or they are lazy incumbents. They copied and pasted it from the computer of the US Department of State, only replacing Russia with China. In the second half of Biswar’s exhortation, Brinken actually said it, but processed the three sentences into a “rule-based international order.” In fact, many people call Biden-Harris the US government Obama 3.0. It makes sense. How did the United States say that? As long as Russia relaxes a little bit of vigilance, the United States will pounce on it and bite a piece of Russian meat. Around 2014, not only did they manipulate the Ukrainian Color Revolution and prepare to pull Ukraine into NATO, but they also used sanctions to bleed Russia. Wall Street manipulated oil prices to hit Russia’s overall economy, which is even more routine. Let us look at what happened in 2014, which caused the United States to relax and say “do not contain or suppress Russia”? Russia will hold the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. The CIA judged that the Winter Olympics will divert Russia’s attention and have no time for other people, which will help the United States to take actions around Russia to gain spheres of influence and interests. In order to expand the opportunities for action brought by the Sochi Winter Olympics, in 2013, the Central American Conference, human rights organizations, environmental protection groups, and US government departments took turns on stage to promote the boycott of the Sochi Winter Olympics. In order to successfully host the Sochi Winter Olympics, Russia has to concentrate more energy and resources to deal with the public opinion attack launched by the United States. Among them, the American Congressman Graham is the most enjoyable one. (Note that some time ago, the United States began to hype boycotts of the Beijing Winter Olympics in the same way. We should be vigilant.) In October 2013, the US Central Intelligence Agency determined that the timing was ripe and targeted Ukraine, the core of the Near East (because the site was Anglo-Saxon). The core area of ​​the geostrategic theory of the World Island.) Begin to send intelligence agents to sneak into Ukraine, prepare to instigate a new color revolution in Ukraine, overthrow the pro-Russian Yanukovych Uyghur democratically elected government, and support the pro-Western opposition to seize power. A total of 36 color revolution experts were dispatched by the United States, among which Brian Fink, the leader of the US International Development Summer, was the head of the operation. In December 2013, Ukraine erupted in square protests, and the color revolution series of routines appeared. Under this system attack, Yanukovych was unable to defend himself quickly, and was pulled by the pro-American Ukrainian comprador in about three months. dismount. In this way, the U.S. has won a century-old strategic location with almost no effort (this is the proof of Biden’s son Hunter’s imperial misconduct in Ukraine). In response, Pu the Great felt something was wrong, and instead of following the American rhythm, he did not single-mindedly engage in the so-called Winter Olympics. Instead, he responded strongly to stop losses. In March 2014, the Black Sea wanted to rush into Crimea and voted to merge into Russia. Russia even learns from the United States, shaping and launching the beauty prosecutor Poklonskaya, an internet celebrity. Her beautiful and youthful appearance, pitiful look and uniform temptation, all of a sudden hit the hearts of men all over the world and became the dream lover of many men in the world. It also gives Russia extra points in the subsequent public opinion offensive and defensive against the United States. More than that, in the same year the four eastern Ukrainian states began to autonomy. Ukrainian comprador Poroshenko, with the support of the West, announced tough measures against the eastern region. The pro-Russian residents in the east quickly formed a militia and formally declared independence. In early July 2014, Poroshenko decided to resolve the eastern rebellion by force on the advice of US military advisers. Thousands of mercenaries from the 17 main brigades and American Blackwater Company were gathered, and more than 40,000 men from Georgia, Chechnya and Eastern European mercenaries in total attacked eastern Ukraine. But to the surprise of the world, the militia in eastern Ukraine wiped out more than 40,000 people from 17 brigades of government forces in a year. Thousands of Western mercenaries, Georgian and Chechen mercenaries of the US Blackwater Company were wiped out, leaving almost no prisoners. More than 2,000 members of Ukraine’s most elite “Golden Eagle” Special Forces also collectively turned to Russia. I thought I could pick up a soft persimmon, but I touched a hard rock. After Russia did not follow the rhythm of the United States and set the table to play hard, the United States began to say “do not contain or suppress Russia.” The argument for boycotting the Sochi Winter Olympics turned out to be the largest Olympic delegation sent by the United States. Now the United States is shouting “not to contain or suppress China” to China. What happened? Everyone must be curious. There are 3 direct causes and 2 indirect causes. First, in early and mid-April, China sent a combat aircraft carrier formation to cruise east to the Pacific Ocean, Russia’s tough Black Sea combat exercises, and China and Russia jointly acted closely during the same period, which made the United States feel tremendous strategic pressure. The United States was forced to cancel its plan to send ships into the Black Sea in mid-April, and frequently shouted “calm down” to Russia. Second, in mid-to-late April, after Russia announced its withdrawal from the Russian-Ukrainian border to test the true intentions of the United States, the United States again sent ships to test the depth of Sino-Russian strategic cooperation. Pu the Great’s response was to directly announce a large-scale recruitment of reserves, while China sent fighter planes to the Taiwan Strait with a 30-meter cruising attitude to show its attitude, telling the United States to “fight if you want to fight.” The third is that around the Naval Army Day on April 23, China released official announcement videos, using “green garlic”, “agree” and “Wu Tong” as metaphors of “winner”, “unification” and “army reunification”, showing China’s determination and will. On the day of the Naval Day, the top leaders attended the launching ceremony of 3 giant ships, which are strategic nuclear submarines, 055 large destroyers and 075 amphibious assault ships. According to the statistics of tonnage, the ships that entered that day are equivalent to the navies of most middle-powered nations in the world. In a follow-up media introduction, experts revealed that the nuclear submarine is equipped with a “Julang 3” submarine-launched missile with a range of 10,000 kilometers, which can easily cover the entire United States. The above are 3 direct reasons, followed by 2 indirect reasons: Fourth, China announced in mid-April that the economic growth rate in the first quarter of 2021 reached 18.3%, while the United States has the same beautiful data in the same period and is a leading Western country, but they all know it. It is the false prosperity that comes from printing money. And in April, the ISM manufacturing PMI actually announced 60.70, which is far less than the expected 65.0. The trend of economic recovery is full of uncertainty, and its expectation of the return of the industrial chain and supply chain is also chaotic. Fifth, the speed of vaccination in the United States has entered a bottleneck period. Most of the people who should receive the vaccination have been vaccinated, and most of the people who are suspicious of the U.S. vaccine will have to meet the so-called “herd immunity” standard before the American holiday. . Coupled with the collapse of the Indian variant virus epidemic, the United States will not hesitate to offend the first-mover advantage of inoculation sought by its allies, and it is at stake. The United States began to be skeptical of what it believed to be superiority. Therefore, remember that the United States and Britain’s soft tone does not mean that Angcru Saxon has suddenly become more moral. It is the result of China and Russia joining hands to face the struggle and making it timid and uneasy. It is the teacher who is right: Seeking peace through struggle leads to peaceful survival, and seeking peace through compromise leads to peaceful death! At the same time, we must remember how the United States stabbed Russia in 2014. The United States and the United Kingdom are not really trying to cooperate, but they are secretly stabbing a knife in pursuit of greater profits. Recently, its hype to resist the hustle and bustle of the Beijing Winter Olympics has not disappeared. The fifth column, driven by a funding of 300 million US dollars, has already attacked China with drafts and incited social confrontation! We must always remain vigilant: imperialism will never die! Give up the fantasy and prepare to fight! The first public account “Policy Debate”.

8 months ago

that’s good. If successful, it is recommended that the rabbit award a ten-ton pure gold medal to the bear. Now rabbits dream about how to kill the world dollar system. If this system is over, the United States will be over. However, the economics of the rabbit and the bald eagle are deeply tied. With the current strength of the rabbit, it is still not possible to turn the face with the bald eagle. However, gradually weakening the influence of the US dollar in the world is a long-term established policy. It would be even better if it could create a model country that is de-dollarized. If you want to try to create a sample of de-dollarized countries, there is no more reasonable country than Russia. Ka Dazuo and Saddam have used their lives to prove that small countries are not suitable for this sample. Looking around the world for a week, it seems that only Russia is suitable for this. The Kingdom of Destiny! The nuclear arsenal ensures that Russia has sufficient military self-protection capabilities. Energy and minerals ensure that Russia has sufficient capital access capabilities. Taking the world factory, China as a quasi-ally, ensures that Russia can obtain the most basic means of production and living. The rest depends on Putin’s determination, the rabbit’s ability to fool, and the American pig teammate’s operational ability. Gorbachev sighed up to the sky. . . If Russia finally becomes the first gravedigger to build the Tomb of the Dollar, the United States is the one who sold it the shovels. Of course, the United States still has the opportunity to buy back this shovel at any time, but does it still have this wisdom? I see Xuan.

8 months ago

Russia has to rely on the internationalization of the renminbi to achieve this goal. In fact, the internationalization of the renminbi is the only way for China to break the US hegemony. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about it. If China continues to develop under the current dollar-dominated system and does nothing, we may eventually stabilize at the level of Poland’s per capita GDP, with a nominal GDP per capita of approximately US$15,000. Therefore, China began to change this system in 2012. Whether a country can quickly produce high-quality ideal products is not important. As long as your country’s currency reserves are linked to U.S. dollar reserves, your economy cannot exceed the size of the United States. As long as you live under the yoke of dollar hegemony, you cannot break the hard ceiling of development. For example, although the EU has competitive products and a relatively large population, it is only stable at about 80% of the US economy. Why is this happening? Is it because Americans are smarter and more capable of working? No, it’s because other countries are selling products and services, and Americans are selling in U.S. dollars. So when your country’s central bank cannot print dollars, you cannot maintain unlimited linear economic growth. If China wants to break the upper limit of the U.S. dollar, it must appreciate our currency, ensure that the issuance and reserves of the renminbi are not linked to China’s U.S. dollar reserves, and increase the use of renminbi-denominated sovereign debt and other means as an alternative. Fortunately, China has been doing this since 2012. Now you know why some people in the West hate us so much. This also means that China must become a major importer, and trade must mainly use RMB. This is the meaning of the Belt and Road Initiative. In addition to the Belt and Road Initiative, a new economic strategy proposed by China is a dual circular economy, which sets China as a consumption-driven economy, giving priority to imports and consumption, while internationalizing the renminbi. It is precisely this set of monetary strategy, economic strategy and geopolitical strategy that China will break the dollar hegemony in 2035 and become a well-off society. Once a hole is pierced and China breathes the air of freedom above the ceiling of American hegemony, other countries in the world will want to follow suit. Only in this way can the world get rid of the shackles of the United States. Therefore, China’s surpassing of the United States is far more than just following the existing model. It is expected that China will automatically surpass the United States. China needs to implement many policies and structural changes to achieve this. With the disappearance of dollar hegemony, the days when Americans get free lunch by exporting inflation to the rest of the world are over. Without a free lunch, the US military, scientific, and cultural hegemony will collapse one by one. This is a long-term goal, and it may not be fully realized until the middle of this century. The renminbi breaking the hegemony of the US dollar does not mean that the US dollar is suddenly useless. It will still be one of the most important currencies. It’s just that the strength of the US dollar, RMB and Euro will be more balanced. The Chinese represent 20% of mankind. If the dollar hegemony is retained, it means that 20% of mankind cannot surpass 4% of Americans. The current situation is that 4% of Americans enjoy resources far exceeding their share.

8 months ago

Russia has no shortage of resources, the only possible shortcoming is helium. But in fact, there is helium in Russia’s oil and gas, which lacks a black technology to extract and store. Russia is short of people. Before the short version of agriculture, and then the Chinese went over to do some operations, meat, egg, milk, and vegetable food. After thinking about it for a long time, what can I buy with dollars? It seems to be able to buy some shares of American Internet companies. Is this useful? High-tech is not available, agricultural products are cheap, but Russia is not rare. There is no price-performance ratio for industrial products in the United States. What else can’t be bought with RMB? Saddam and Ka Dazuo wanted to do this back then, but now their graves are several feet tall. But the United States dare to move Russia clearly? It may be able to move, but these people who make the decision will definitely not get any benefits. I have already given money to the streets several times, and the result is obviously that all actors are useless. Let’s talk about Europe, who can I look for if Russia buys natural gas? Looking for the United States? So the question is, what can Europeans buy with dollars? Buy natural gas? It’s not in the national interest to have cheap ones and don’t buy expensive ones. Buy rice noodle oil? First of all, if you can’t spend so much, you have to ask the farmers if they agree. Buy Chevrolet? Europeans said it was a joke. It seems that I can only buy some stocks of Internet companies, but I am silenced every minute. Recently, a high price ticket is still brewing. Is buying stocks to send money? Look at NATO again. The German army has an eight-hour work system in accordance with the law, and equipment must be repaired by manufacturers. France will never bird the United States, and it is impossible for Alstom to be one minded with the United States in this life. The British navy has no money for overhaul. Should the U.S. borrow something? Scotland doesn’t stop, I’m sorry, I can’t participate in your big game. Italy, Spain and his like: “Are you sure you really want us to participate?” Waiting for our parliament to go through the process of funding. Greece, things have never been over and compared with Turkey. The Chinese boss has withdrawn. Can the first port of the Mediterranean be a good one? Benelux: “Since ancient times, we have been a democratic country.” I want to go to the top, but strength really doesn’t allow it. Therefore, the United States cannot do anything to Russia. Condemn and renew dog food for the opposition. However, if this dog food is in US dollars, it is equal to an enemy. To put it all together, the wheel of history has begun to turn, and it is a bit difficult to stop.

8 months ago

Russia is so hard-spirited, just like their current emperor Putin. In fact, the Russian Federation has long recognized this problem. It has significantly reduced its holdings of U.S. debt and tried to use international currencies such as the renminbi and other non-U.S. dollars in commodity transactions. This is done to reduce the damage the United States does to the Russian economy. The announcement has not been said yet, and the action has already begun. It is indeed Putin’s style. The Great News reported as follows: Russian press spokesman Zakharova said in an interview that Russia will take measures to gradually break away from the US-centered world currency system. Zakharova believes that Russia has suffered economic sanctions from Western countries for a long time in recent years, and this situation will not change in the short term. Russia must find a new currency settlement mechanism to completely get rid of the US dollar and the US-led SWIFT settlement system. Dependence. Once the new mechanism is established, it can strengthen the international status of the currencies of various countries, and it can also minimize the economic losses caused by Western sanctions against Russia. The global currency status of the U.S. dollar was established since the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944. After World War II, the old capitalist countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany have all declined, and the United States has become the biggest fortune in the war. Creditor countries. The status of this overlord has been maintained for more than 70 years, and it can be said that it is difficult to shake. Later, after the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, the petrodollar system was established. Once upon a time, the Middle East oil exporting countries represented by Saudi Arabia passed a resolution confirming that the U.S. dollar is the only pricing and transaction currency for oil. The U.S. dollar has once again become the world currency through its peg to oil. The importance of oil is self-evident, which makes various countries have to reserve a lot of dollars. And many of the reserve dollars have been bought into U.S. Treasury bonds. In this way, the dollar returned to the United States. I have to say that this is very American. Let’s look at some of our country’s initiatives: China has launched oil futures contracts backed by gold and priced in RMB since 2018. To use an analogy: the oil transactions in China and Iran before were all priced in renminbi, and then they were also exchanged for gold. In this way, the renminbi is gradually linked to gold, reducing the use of the U.S. dollar in bulk international trade. It can be said that to go to hegemony, first go to dollarization. It is imperative.

8 months ago

From a historical point of view, it is a matter of course for Russia to go to the present stage, and it is the last step. After the subprime mortgage crisis broke out in 2008, Russia actively lobbied China to dump US dollars together, and clearly stated that it wanted to destroy the US dollar system. Since then, Russia has been running wildly on the road of no return to dollarization. Until the first two years, Russia announced that it had completely sold off its dollar reserves and replaced it with gold euros and so on. Therefore, Russia’s announcement today that it will gradually depart from the US dollar settlement system is actually a derivative development of past financial policies, which is not unexpected. As for the impact of this on the world financial and trade system? I think the symbolic meaning is greater than the actual meaning. Because Russia’s economy accounts for a small proportion of the world’s foreign trade, it will have little influence without him. However, the de-dollarization of Russia and Iran does symbolize that the dollar system has been torn apart from the foundation of the dollar system, because it has shaken the cornerstone of the petro-dollar. The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia and Iran for so many years, but the result is death but not stiff, and it has dealt a big blow to the credit of the US dollar. And now that they have found a new settlement currency that can be relied upon in the entire industry chain in the east of the world, they will have more confidence in de-dollarization. Why does this make the United States feel bad?

8 months ago

Let’s compare the history of credit currency. If we come to the Netherlands in the 15th century now, we will find some very rare phenomena in the world at that time. A manufacturer gave another trader a batch of wool, but the trader did not pay immediately, but gave it. He was given a blank note, and the blank promised to pay the woolen payment in half a year, and then he loaded the woolen cloth on the ship and sent it to overseas for sale. But the woolen producer needs to purchase wool, and it is impossible to wait for half a year, so he wrote some words and statements on the back of this white strip, and then sent it to the wool supplier. If the wool merchant needs money during the six months, he can write on the back of the white strip and transfer the white strip. This blank note is called a bill of exchange, and the words written on the back are called endorsements. Finally, you find that this white bar has actually become a currency in circulation. That is to say, when the first trader puts wool on the ship and issues a bill of exchange, it is equivalent to being in the economy. In this process, a currency is created. In this process, there is no collateral besides the credit of the issuer. In the circulation process, the credit of the endorser will be added. If it goes well, half a year later, the trader will sell wool overseas and make a lot of money. After paying this sum, he will buy more wool and draw out more money orders. The chamber of commerce produces more wool and purchases more wool. In the end, the wool business will profit from this, and the entire economy will prosper faster. If this process takes place elsewhere, and the wool you want, then you must use real money to buy it. If you don’t have money, you need to pay for it on credit—sorry, there is no credit for small businesses. Then the trader had to save money for a long time to buy the goods. How long is this process, maybe half a year, maybe a year, or even a year later, he must reduce the quantity of purchases, then this process will limit the gross. The quantity of production further affects the quantity of wool purchased. In the development of the economy, finance (credit money) does not act as an accelerator, but as a rocket booster. In this process of economic expansion, inflation can be clearly seen. As long as a country is lucky enough and lucky enough, then the economy can expand at a geometric speed. Of course, if you are not lucky enough, then hehe. Then when you are unhappy and the economy is in recession, you will see deflation again. So long ago, the Dutch realized that the amount of “money” in commodity circulation is not equivalent to the precious metals in a country. Credit and people’s confidence in the market can create more “money”. On the one hand, the extra money can be used in the country to prosper the economy. Of course, prices will rise. At that time, the Netherlands was the place with the highest cost of living. On the other hand, it can also be used abroad. Dutch merchants use money orders to purchase foreign goods. That is to say, you exchange white slivers for products that others have produced through blood and sweat. In other words, relying on finance, the Dutch use the lowest Cost-paper and signature in exchange for things-it is more profitable than drug trafficking. Foreigners all know that the Dutch are playing tricks with swapping paper for things, but the Netherlands was the world’s largest trader at the time, and it was also a producer of boutique products. The Dutch can provide you with both quantity and quality of goods and services. Others can’t give you, so you have to do business with the slippery Dutch. This is the attractiveness of the economy to maintain their power to impose seigniorage on foreigners. Over time, “Dutch Paper” began to make strides to conquer the city, not only in areas with direct business dealings with the Netherlands. For example, if you want to do business in your hometown, but suffer from a lack of financing channels, so I heard that it is convenient to borrow money in Amsterdam and Antwerp, so you pack it up and go to the Netherlands. At the Dutch window, you negotiate various terms and interest, and the other party starts lending money. You find that you have received a piece of paper, so you timidly lie on the opposite side of the window and say: “Boss, change it, can’t Yuan have a big head?” This rule”. You weigh it for a long time, considering how difficult it is to borrow money in your hometown, so you have to accept it. Not only will individuals be short of money, but the government will also be short of money. In order to fight wars or build luxurious palaces for the king, the governments of various European countries also went to the Netherlands to borrow money. The Dutch gave you a piece of paper, and then everyone believed it. You become rich, you can buy arms, pay soldiers, and buy Italian marble and silk to decorate your palace. Of course, during this process, you may need to break into parts, or exchange some coins occasionally. These processes are handled by Dutch financiers. No one knows the “mystery in paper” better than them, so in the end, the whole of Europe They are inseparable from the financial centers in Amstel and Antwerp, and finally formed a huge financial center serving the whole of Europe and even far away in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. This financial center is produced every year from the mystery in the paper. The wealth will be more than that of making woolen cloth and operating a net export business with the Dutch. For decades, the United States has benefited a lot from their global empire, which includes a series of interdependent systems, a global financial system centered on the U.S. dollar and Wall Street, a global free trade system centered on WTO, and a U.S. military power. The core global defense system is a system that controls global ideology by means of “liberalism” and the export of American democracy (including force and penetration)-in addition to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. As the U.S.’s share in international trade, services, and various products decreases, this means that the global currency rule of the U.S. dollar is shaken. Therefore, today’s U.S. dollar is not dependent on U.S. economic strength, but more on U.S. Military strength-the same obedient countries that are willing to use U.S. dollars for international settlements have prizes, and the prize is the US military umbrella; those who are not obedient will naturally be rectified by the US military. After 9/11, the main force of the United States did not go to Afghanistan to arrest bin Laden, but went to Iraq to foster a puppet regime, because oil is the largest international commodity, industrial blood, and it directly affects the status of the U.S. dollar. If the supply of oil can be controlled, the U.S. dollar will be used to settle this commodity, and the supply will be used to mediate the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar. This is like the decline of the United Kingdom, by controlling the supply of gold in South Africa, strengthening the position of the British pound and continuing the crumbling empire. For half a century. If there is an army, there must be military expenditure, and if there is military expenditure, there must be national finance, and national finance means two sources, either to let Americans pay taxes or to borrow money. If it is to pay taxes, it will form a wealth transfer from the working class to the elite class, the latter making a fortune from the American empire, and most of the taxes that maintain this empire come from the working class. In the past, Americans were not opposed to paying taxes and were proud of being taxpayers. However, judging from the elections of more than two decades, no candidate who advocates tax increases can win the presidential election, because Americans have become more and more aware , The money is spent on a few people. If you can’t raise taxes, you can only borrow. For a country with an empire, this is very convenient and beneficial because they borrow US dollars and borrow as much as they want. They cannot sell national debt in the bond market. The Fed purchases and then the Fed issues U.S. dollars based on national debt, which is tantamount to imposing an “inflation” tax on global U.S. dollar holders. However, this will also weaken the foundation of the American empire—the global market’s confidence in the dollar. When this confidence weakens, it means that the status of the dollar is more dependent on the US military. Therefore, conservative Americans like Bush Jr. and McCain The elites resolutely oppose stopping foreign interference and resolutely opposing military contraction. It is not that these people are inherently warlike. They actually see that the American empire has reached a critical moment, and military expansion has become a life-and-death line for maintaining the U.S. empire. However, the refusal of military contraction means more military expenditure, more financial pressure, and more national debt. In the end, it will become a vicious circle, and finally a dead circle, especially when military expansion encounters some difficulties. When biting hard bones. The biggest impact in 2021 is the super-loose currency led by the United States. The 1.9 trillion yuan is only Biden’s appetizer, and there will be a 2-4 trillion return to work and production. Reminiscent of a story. The nobles in the capital raised funds to open an academy. The academy spent huge sums of money to speculate on the girls under the red flag. The top name is Su Yuanyuan. The piano, chess, calligraphy, color and art are all good, and the young masters of Wuling are all dumped and made a lot of fortune for the academy. . But recently, the girl Yuanyuan didn’t know what was wrong, she fell in love with a poor scholar, and often neglected the chic high-rollers who came to the academy. On this day, Li Gongzi in the capital city was also the son of Li Shangshu’s family, the shareholder of the academy. He wanted to come to the academy to prostitute Su Yuanyuan, but the girl Yuanyuan was busy talking about poetry and painting with poor scholars, and she was very interested. Single business pushed. But Young Master Li was not a waiter. The eyeliner in the academy quickly reported the truth to him. He knew that Girl Yuanyuan was paying for the poor scholars for free instead of coming to accompany her. Then Li Gongzi became furious, and led his family slave into Girl Yuanyuan’s boudoir, beat up the poor scholar, and then forcibly prostituted Su Yuanyuan. Let me explain here that the so-called academy can be compared to a global financial system centered on the dollar and Wall Street. The shareholders of the academy are the ruling group in the United States, and the popular girls launched by the academy are the dollar system. Through the dollar system, They can use a lower cost to form a profit. Generally speaking, the U.S. dollar is beneficial to the members of the ruling group because they can manipulate the process and details of the U.S. dollar in various ways, but sometimes these U.S. dollar systems can also hinder them—that is, they love the top card. Such things as poor scholars. When a similar incident occurred, the son of the shareholder Li Shangshu’s family violated the dollar system. Once this happened, the dignity of the dollar system was compromised—just like the top girl in the academy was humiliated. Before this happened, she was still above the goddess, but after this happened, she was worthless-and when the world began to despise the dollar system, then the dollar system was worthless. The United States desperately released water. It’s like the top girl in the college was humiliated. Before this happened, she was still above the goddess, but after these things happened, the U.S. dollar was worthless. The US dollar and Bitcoin are not irreplaceable. If the gold dollar roll is worthless, silver dollar rolls will be issued. If the bitcoin is not good, I will make a Dogo coin, gold wool coin, which can be invented and created at will. It is a bit difficult for the United States to harvest the world this time. No one bought the national debt he issued. When he went to Japan, he forced Japan to pay 106 million in military spending. Compared with Biden’s 1.9 trillion, this 106 million is not enough to stuff his teeth. If U.S. bonds cannot be sold, doubling world price inflation should not be a big problem. The United States desperately prints money, so we are carbon neutral, reducing production capacity and raising prices. Carbon neutrality is much higher than that of the environmental protection investigations conducted in the previous two years. This is the original shit basin that the West has held on our heads. Today, while they were zooming in on the water, they backhanded back the shit bowl they made. They can’t have tempers yet, they have to say: It’s so fragrant! Don’t you print the US dollar? In Europe, don’t you print the euro. I won’t be flooded with you. If you print money, I will appreciate. Originally, one U.S. dollar can buy RMB 6 goods. Now that I appreciate, you can only buy 5 yuan. So it’s too fragrant to use carbon neutralization to increase the price of export commodities. Not only can Biden not be able to suck blood from China, he also has to deal with domestic inflation, which is far from simple. The credit base of the U.S. dollar was anchored to gold in the first place. Later, he shamed after printing more and became an anchor to oil. Later, oil couldn’t support the dollar, and it anchored Chinese-made goods. In order to join the world trade in 1949 and 2018, we were willing to endorse the U.S. dollar at that time. Now it’s different. I’m not going to endorse you. I’m going to issue digital currency. Use the digital currency made in China as an endorsement. China has joined the currency settlement system. This means that RMB has also become a settlement currency, and it can be safely de-dollarized in the future. The attitude of Europe is actually to bet on both sides. On the one hand, it passed swfit for China, and on the other hand, it followed the United States to sanction our cotton. It is destined that Europe will not become king again. Now the US treasury bonds cannot be sold at all, and the rabbits are engaged in carbon neutrality and capacity reduction to increase prices, which is really worse for global inflation. Turkey is to demote itself first and be cut as little as possible. It is also reasonable for South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil to declare bankruptcy first. Labor and capital are bankrupt. You can’t cut much wool, so please let it go. That’s what it means. The governor of the Bank of China said today that China does not have upward inflationary pressure, and peripheral prices have risen to the sky. Why do we do not have inflationary pressure? The main reason is that RMB is appreciating. The currencies of resource countries such as Turkey and Brazil are depreciating drastically. Double effect and my country is mainly resource imports. Except for most chips, other industrial products can be produced by itself, so inflationary pressure is not big at all, because we are the seller. Foreign investment. Following the example of the United States during the two world wars, it issued RMB-denominated loans to countries that desperately needed China’s anti-epidemic support to purchase Chinese materials. While supporting the recovery of the world’s economy, it promoted the internationalization of the RMB. The significance of China-Iran comprehensive cooperation does not lie in Iran’s economy and military, but in Iran’s strategic location and massive oil. Iran’s strategic channel in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East is China’s forward position in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. China, Iran and Russia have joined forces to basically control the entire Eurasian continent, while the United States’ system of allies is basically marginalized, not to mention the presence of American countries. Venezuela echoed at the door. Russia, Venezuela, and Iran are all world oil powers. In addition, the Middle East countries have good relations with China. This provides conditions for China to promote the removal of petrodollars and accelerate the internationalization of the renminbi. China, Russia and Iran are already on the way to coordinate de-dollarization. It also shows that China is making comprehensive preparations for de-dollarization. Russia can be exchanged with rabbit RMB, he doesn’t use US dollars anymore. This is the strongest way to prevent cutting. His own ruble has depreciated, but the RMB in his hand has risen, and he loses less as soon as it rises and falls.

8 months ago

In fact, this decision is a bit late. The best time is actually in 2008, but Russia still has expectations of Western countries in 2008. At that time, Russia will not take the initiative to break away from the dollar-based monetary system, and even join the European Union and NATO. The impulse to join the Western family, but this expectation became weaker and weaker after the Ukrainian crisis. The Ukrainian crisis is not impossible to be resolved by diplomacy and negotiation, but the Western society’s attitude towards Russia is to kill them all, even if the business continues to sell oil and gas. The consensus on the elimination of Russia will not change. It will not be changed by Russia’s abandonment of Crimea. Abandoning Crimea will only bring Russia’s collapse again. No matter how hard we try, Russia cannot be in the current world system. Find your place and be a large gas station? NATO dared to pounce immediately. The military industry cannot be given up, but Russia, which does not give up military industry, is a huge threat to Western society. This contradiction is temporarily unsolvable. The Soviet Union used to build an economic cycle by itself. Russia was forced to do so. I was also forced to the corner. At this time, it is sooner or later to choose a monetary system centered on the US dollar. It is actually more than ten years later. The advantage of Russia than the Soviet Union is that the international situation has changed and China has become bigger. Ou Meng has a tendency to become independent. Russia does not need to establish a currency trading system again. It only needs to connect the currency trading system between China and the European Union. Many people say that the US dollar system is unshakable. In fact, this is a way of thinking. It is the ideological seal secretly engraved in the minds of consumers. Nothing is unshakable and indestructible. Russia can import almost everything it needs from Central Europe. Central Europe also needs Russian oil and gas and other minerals, ruble oil. Who dares to say that it must not be established? If you leave the United States, World Island can’t be played by yourself, it’s an abnormal thing.

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