What experience do you have when you say “I’m too difficult” but in the end you still want to try again? How hard does it take to become a very powerful person?

Zhihu joined KFC K COFFEE to initiate this question and answer for our generation. Through thinking about our true state and psychology, we can see every aspect of the youth, and give gifts to the youth who persist in the ordinary.

The world gives you a lot of confusion, we will accompany you to find the answer

This is a Moments message from six years ago. The spring in my memory was extremely cold, it was as cold as the bones. That was also the darkest moment of my life. I did not complete my graduation thesis that year as a Ph.D. student, and the dormitory of the school was not allowed to extend my residence. In that year, I had difficulty moving because of a herniated lumbar intervertebral disc, and even walking upright was a big problem. That year, I was defrauded of only 20,000 yuan by telecom fraud because I had not been beaten up by the society. There is no job, no income, and even the account is a personnel agent. The embarrassment can be seen in general! I thought about it that year, because I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone. Because I feel that without me, my love, my parents might have a better life. In that year, I often searched for university doctors to jump off the building, dreaming that I would become one of them, and dreaming about how reporters would write about me. But that year I finally chose to be strong. That year, I was lying on the hospital bed and completed my PhD thesis by voice recording. When I thanked the doctoral thesis at the end, I couldn’t help crying because it was too hard. In the following three years, the body began to recover and life gradually got on the right track. After several years of hard work, I finally collected the eight proofs of life. (Education certificate, degree certificate, marriage certificate, real estate certificate, driver’s license, university teacher qualification certificate, birth certificate, national social science certificate, senior professional title certificate) Although it is not to say that you will be happy, but finally you have become in this beautiful city A bitter green pepper. Marry the girl who will never leave me, have her own car and house, and have a smart and lovely love crystallization. I also have a side job I like, and I have made many like-minded friends on Zhihu. Although I still have to carry a monthly mortgage of nearly 10,000 yuan, although my father has recently undergone a major operation and has to empty his wallet again, I have nothing to fear! Nine out of ten people who are unsatisfactory in their lives have to rely on hard work to grasp their luck! Those who have been injured will eventually become the hardest armor on your body. As long as you don’t give up on yourself, no one can defeat you!


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8 months ago

I remember that before the college entrance examination, there were about ten days left. I just finished a Hengshui sprint paper that afternoon in the class. It was a particularly difficult one. Everyone didn’t do well in the exam. I remember that I made ten multiple-choice questions wrong. Standing in front of the classroom door on the fifth floor with a good friend, he said, “I want to jump from here. It’s a hundred.” I said, “Hey, it would be fine.” The tension before the college entrance examination was really everywhere. Pervading. Looking downstairs, the first and second high school students were coming and going, the bell rang, he suddenly gritted his teeth and said: “Go back and continue to do the problem!” Yes, only oneself can save yourself, we all understand This truth, while understanding the sad truth, desperately climbed up.

8 months ago

In the adult world, there is no retreat. Sometimes, the collapse is only a moment! The world of adults often collapses in an instant! IT Tobacco and Alcoholic Monk’s video· 2933 play Seeing this topic, I can’t help but think of a fellow programmer I’ve seen before. This colleague worked overtime until 11 or 12 every day, and his girlfriend didn’t bring the key when he went home. He had to give the key to his girlfriend after riding the bike, and he had to go back to work overtime after the key was given. Both the company and his girlfriend were urging him. In order to save time, he chose to go retrograde, but was stopped by the traffic police uncle. It can be seen from the video that I was calm when I made the phone call. In an instant, I started to drop the phone, kneel to the police, cry, and collapsed! It is said that contemporary young people are a broken generation, a generation that cannot be helped, and a generation that others say is sleeping. But it is indisputable that contemporary young people are the most stressed generation, with heavy work pressure, high housing prices, huge cost of living, parents are old, and children are still young. In the face of multiple pressures, contemporary young people really collapsed in an instant. But after crying and venting his emotions, life still has to go on!

8 months ago

Every adult submits to life during the day and surrenders to the soul at night, while walking forward with a heavy load for the sake of breaking a few silver pieces, while silently bearing this, shouting to inspire their own chicken soup, just to live like a look. 1. The collapse of adults is cost-effective. You need to hold down the urge to throw your phone with your remaining sanity, then crumple the napkin into a ball and throw it out fiercely. 2. The breakdown of adults depends on time and occasion. Never cry in the train of the last subway, or you will be secretly photographed and hung on the Internet every minute, and your sadness will become an artifact of others’ praise. 3. The collapse of adults requires respecting the old and loving the young, staggering the peaks. When the elderly in the family paid 80,000 yuan but did not receive the health-care mattress, the children rode the dog and spilled their toys on the floor. Please calm their emotions first, and then take the time to collapse. 4. The collapse of adults is platform selective. You can use your trumpet account to post more than a dozen complaints on Weibo, but you are afraid to forward a sad song in your circle of friends. 5. The breakdown of adults should be arranged as much as possible when there is not much work. If you have to get up early to go to work the next day, go to bed early the night before and don’t fall apart too late. 6. The collapse of adults requires literary literacy. In order to express dissatisfaction, you need to use various rhetorical techniques such as parallelism, metaphor, borrowing from the past to the present, and embodying feelings in the scenery, otherwise you will be inferior to others in the words that describe the collapse. 7. The breakdown of an adult should pretend to be a trivial matter. “Well, she got married yesterday. Oh, I used to like her a lot.” People who can describe important events calmly must have their own landscape in their hearts. 8. The collapse of adults requires waterproofing. If we painted delicate makeup today, we would endure crying while breaking down while self-repairing. We still choose to believe in beauty and persist in self-salvation. Everything is bitter. Only self-reliance, the ups and downs, is life.

8 months ago

In particular, I have paid attention to the group of candidates from Henan. In the past few years, there were nearly one million candidates in Henan, and the students there used a national volume (750 points). A large proportion of students in Henan have to go through the “Senior Years”. There are many reasons, the main ones that make people sad are “slip gears” and “three books of tuition”. There are not many good universities in Henan. If you go out to other provinces to give you not many places, the internal examination is very serious. Not to mention that the admission score line is very high. There are even worse, good schools have high admission scores. Children who often exceed 20 points in one book can’t register for one book. In order to be conservative, they can only register for two books. They try to bet on the problem of registering one book but also involves the problem of grades and grades. , Leading to the “big and small year” scores (ups and downs) of famous schools), students are extremely easy to slip. Slipping gear will face repetition. If you are admitted to the second book, you are still entangled, because if the score of the second book is not too much, the candidate can only apply for three. Henan is a large agricultural province with average per capita income. At that time, the tuition and living expenses of three colleges and universities for four years were a big burden for an ordinary rural family. Therefore, children from ordinary families are likely to face repetition after being admitted to the second book. The children in Henan who can be admitted to one and two books have made great efforts. Friends from Henan should be deeply moved. High school is really a hard study in a cold window. It is a journey of asceticism. However, the Central Plains culture firmly believes that knowledge changes destiny, and learning makes the future. After the hard journey, how many students have finished the college entrance examination, tearing books, venting, and throwing handouts in excitement are the release of their inner emotions. As a result, due to slippage, tuition fees, and other reasons, I had to continue to study for another year. After another high school third year, too many students went to repeat class reports in tears, and even reattached the torn books and handouts. The college entrance examination is only a month away, seniors and repeaters, come on!

8 months ago

There is no easy word in the adult’s life. It collapses silently and moves forward with heavy burdens. But afterwards, I still gritted my teeth and believe that tomorrow is still worthwhile. A woman in Hefei, Anhui, stopped her car on the road and broke down and cried because she was unfamiliar with the road and couldn’t find her way home. “I finally got off work today. I have been working for two weeks. I think I can go home early for dinner today, but I am blocked here again…” After comforting her, the traffic police on duty let her follow her motorcycle. , And finally guide the woman to the gate of the community, life is not easy, and cherish. It is said that men have tears and do not flick them lightly. Perhaps in adult dictionaries, tears are not synonymous with strongness, but when people are vulnerable, when we listen to the tears of others, we gradually realize the resilience of life. A post-95 man in Nanjing fell drunk at the Xinjiekou subway station because he was drinking with a client. While waiting, the man told the police that his surname was Zhang, 25 years old. When he talked about his hard work in the past few years, he burst into tears several times. . I don’t like socializing, but in order to sign a business order that night, I went out to drink with the customer, and I had to wait for the news if I could sign the order. The wife hurried over and saw her husband looking embarrassed, without a word of blame, and regardless of the dirt on his body, she hugged him with distress. At this time, Zhang, crying like a child, kept apologizing to his wife. “Baby, I’m sorry, I’m so useless.” There are inevitably times in life when I feel “so tired”. The years put different pressures on different people at different stages. We slow down and take a rest. Tomorrow will be full of vitality. One full day, we are still the Xiaoqiang who can’t die. Life is sweet and bitter. Wipe away the tears and continue to run forward, who can say that this is not a kind of bravery? It’s okay, I also broke down.

8 months ago

The breakdown of young people is often only a moment. Looks normal, can talk and laugh, can make trouble, can socialize, the surface is calm and the waves are already turbulent inside. At a certain moment, the emotions that had been suppressed for a long time finally broke, and he could no longer play the calm adult. 1. Late at night in Hangzhou, the guy was riding a bicycle retrograde, and he collapsed after being stopped by the traffic police. He dropped the phone to the ground, “This is the first time I have done this kind of thing, and I have been urging me here. I work overtime. I have something to do when I go back.” Kneeling down and crying, “I beg you, let me do anything. Yes, I have to pay a fine. I admit it and give you my ID card.” The traffic police was afraid that he would do something stupid, so he quickly comforted him and learned that the guy was under great pressure recently and worked overtime until 11 or 12 o’clock every day. The retrograde is because the girlfriend forgot to bring the key. He has to give the girlfriend the key before rushing back to work overtime. The traffic police comforted him, “Life is the same, everyone is carrying a heavy load.” 2. In a taxi in Beijing, the girl said to the driver, “Can you help me turn around and take me back to the place?” The driver turned around. Hearing sobbing from the back seat, the driver asked the girl what’s wrong? The girl cried, “I have been working overtime for more than half a month. I have my birthday today. I finally got off work earlier, so he told me to go back. So China Unicom and the bank sent me a message, wishing me a happy birthday, everyone else. Did not say anything.” The driver comforted her, “This is really not easy enough, don’t cry, I wish you a happy birthday, don’t be sad, it’s okay.” These are the moments when the young man collapsed, and the collapse is over. Pat the dust on your body, life has to go on. This is the real back wave.

8 months ago

The crash is not a complaint, it is not Versailles. The real crash happened quietly, torn apart in the middle of the night, and then reconciled with reality in the first round of the alarm clock in the morning, pieced together, and then ran. The collapse occurred on the construction site, nails pierced the soles of the feet, mistakes fell from the scaffolding, spent in pain, and still got up from the damp temporary underground work shed at 5 o’clock the next day, just to earn an extra 100 and pay the tuition. The breakdown happened when the one I loved died suddenly. I couldn’t help myself in crying, but I had to move on, because the one I loved wanted to be strong. The collapse occurred when the high-intensity 996 caused severe lumbar muscle strain and was unable to bend over, walked leaning, and couldn’t sleep in a normal posture. I wear a fixed belt to work every day, but I haven’t lost a day to work, just because the rent for next month has not been paid, and I spend every day in a cycle of pain, collapse, and self-healing. The collapse happened when, as a newcomer, without anyone telling him, he touched the unspoken rules and was reprimanded by the boss in public. His heart was angry and collapsed, and he wanted to slap the table and leave immediately. The next day, I went to work with a smile on my face, just because I really needed this job and needed this salary. The collapse happened when facing the marriage, facing Dashanyi’s house, car, three golds and the bride price, and there was nothing I could do in a short time, but I really loved her. Thinking of this, the pressure crushed myself, but the next morning I still pieced it together and went to work. Because I want to build a nest for the one I love, every piece of mud cannot be missed. I rarely say that I am difficult. I just quietly collapse, quietly build myself, and continue to live. Why, maybe I believe that love still exists, light still exists, and tomorrow will still come, and the world can still be loved.

8 months ago

At the beginning of the business, for three consecutive months, I only had the same dream every day-where to go to make money the next day. But I rarely talk to outsiders, whether it is a customer or a supplier, even in front of a partner, to complain to them about how low profits are and how difficult it is for me. (Except for the bargaining routine.) No need. When you talk about your own difficulties, after others have spoken the scene, you turn your head and think that you are unreliable, and you can’t bear it. Therefore, all the time, they have been hitting the swollen face forcibly at the fat man. No matter how big things happen, even if you pretend to be, you will show yourself calm and confident to deal with the problem. Shenzhen, the city, does not believe in tears. How did I survive the moment of “quietly collapse”? In fact, I didn’t get too much, I just forced myself to act. In front of outsiders, in front of myself, they are all acting. I can lie to others. Lie to yourself, you will definitely get better. Can stand it, I still have a chance. If you have softened, there will be no chance. Looking back, I myself became the indifferent person. No matter how many others crash, it won’t make me think too much. I survived this way, and most people who couldn’t fight Dad also survived this way. What’s so emotional? The city of Shenzhen, despite its glamorous appearance, is still the law of the jungle inside. The winner takes all, the loser gets out. If you can’t stand it, then consider yourself a failure. On the contrary, if you can be stronger, I will take a high look, even if there is a certain risk, I am willing to consider cooperation.

8 months ago

Last July, I joined a university, a local university. In October, due to a teaching accident by a teacher in the teaching and research section, he temporarily took over a course. No textbooks, you have to consider what you will talk about next time after each lecture. Invigilate exams for levels 4 and 6 each time, and change the paper once. Conflict with the school guard. Supervise 30 self-examined essays. 11 proctored exams at the end of the semester. Write the National Social Science Fund. 15 undergraduate thesis guidance. Post the project after blogging. Write your own thesis. Classes for adult students. I was forced to participate in a meal, forced to drink (I never drink), and I felt uncomfortable for half a month. Participate in postgraduate re-examination services. Forced to participate in the faculty sports meeting. Due to school reasons, the spiritual civilization award was cancelled, and the salary was reduced by 1,400 per month. A good friend had an accident. That was the last straw that overwhelmed the camel. After I got home, I felt that my state was not right, so I quickly called another friend. Suddenly howled. Friends hurried to persuade. I think he will swear if he says that. Hang up a few times in a row. Shaking all over, weeping. Somehow, I sleep in my clothes. The next day I was woken up by that friend’s phone call. He was afraid of something unexpected with me. Finally, I calmed my mood by buying and buying. Of course, after receiving the goods, I feel even more distressed. It’s all money!

8 months ago

I remember that day, I was at work all day, and I didn’t even have time to go to the toilet or drink water. The drawings were changed from page to page, and the leader made a small move. I had to do two hours of work. I thought that I didn’t need to work overtime when I got off work. I received a notice of modification just before I got off work. Because I lived close to my house, I went home and ate dinner, choked up and grabbed a few mouthfuls of food. Sitting quietly, tears began to fall. I was the kind of person whose eyes would swell as soon as I cried. I comforted myself that I could not shed tears. Just like that, I worked overtime. Go home at 11 o’clock in the evening. Putting things down and sitting on the ground, his mind was completely blank. Suddenly my mother’s phone rang, and at that moment I collapsed, tears streaming down my eyes. Picking up my mother’s phone, she insisted on speaking normally, and responded to a few “Uhhhhhh”. I also knew that my mother on the other side of the phone knew that I was wronged. My mother hung up the phone a long time ago, and she said, “Yeah, I cried loudly when the phone hung up, the floor was cold, and I couldn’t stand up. I don’t know how long I have been crying, I was tired, wiped my tears and got up to take a bath. As long as adults still have something to pursue, as long as they work hard, it is hard not to feel the pain. Even if it is funeral, it is a matter of strength. More crashing moments actually make me better understand life, understand my principles and standards, where I should release myself, and better understand how to control momentary emotions, take my time and continue working.

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