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After the end of this article, the respondent will release most of the photos of the places that have appeared in this article, as well as some photos of people and objects, which can be regarded as the wishes of friends. In addition, before the end of this article, you will not log in Zhihu Salt Selection. This is a promise made by the answer to everyone and will let this batch of friends read it completely. The original intention of this article is to share, and all plagiarism and infringement are strictly prohibited. This article has authorized Zhihu. If there is a bad behavior, the respondent will conduct corresponding rights protection and litigation with Zhihu. I hope everyone can get happiness from the story. Life is far more absurd than the story. To follow up, you can directly click on p in the directory and pull up to go directly to the latest updated part. The table of contents is clickable, just click on the chapter table of contents. Thank you for every support, and thank you for sharing this story with others. All the friends who are active and have wonderful reasoning in the comment area have been registered in the document by the respondent. If one day this story appears in the form of a book, the respondent will write the ID of these friends in the thank you column. Let everything begin, it’s time to start, I wish you all a happy reading. My second uncle in the old building can be said to be not only mysterious, but also weird. When I was seventeen, I learned of the existence of this second uncle. And why should I say that he is mysterious, because in the mouths of many relatives, he died a long time ago, and he died soon after I was born. I probably only met him once when I was a baby, but the memory has long been buried deep in the brain. A relative who can’t remember his appearance and has passed away long ago does not feel so bizarre, it seems normal. But what I have never figured out is that there is no trace of my second uncle at home. There is no grave, no letters, no photos, not even his clothes or things. At that time, my grandma had not passed away. As the second uncle’s biological mother, I never saw her mention the second uncle, and kept the second uncle’s things. In the whole family, my generation of peers, no one but me knows that my father has a younger brother. This is really not made up, I swear by Tian Ling Gai. How did I know that I still have a second uncle? It was on New Year’s Eve that year when my father drank too much and was muttering in the house. I heard him. The next day I forced him to ask him, and he told me this. But what is even more outrageous is that I asked other relatives privately, but everyone said differently about my second uncle’s death, and even my mother’s statement was different from my father’s. According to his father, the second uncle was doing paintwork for someone in the town, but he was pushed down from the stairs and fell to death. The mother said that she seemed to have died of illness. Not to mention why they didn’t have a unified caliber, but their evaluation of my second uncle was unusually the same. In the eyes of my parents and generations, my second uncle is a lazy and indifferent person. As for why there is nothing about my second uncle at home, why there is no grave, I have never asked, because I can feel that my family avoids this question so much that when I mention my second uncle, my father quickly wiped his tears. , Not to mention, it’s too sad to think of it. But I didn’t give up, because I don’t believe that a living person can just disappear without a trace, and can leave no trace. I can feel that the elders in my family are hiding something from me, so I don’t expect to get anything out of their mouths, I have to rely on myself. Our hometown is a village in the mountain. The whole village has the same surname. A large ancestral hall has been built in the village. There are many tablets of genealogy in it. I went there specifically and found my second uncle’s name on the side of my father’s generation. But on the contrary, it is even more difficult for me to understand. As you may all know, the previous generation’s surname’s generation character arrangement was very strict. For example, my father’s generation is a light character generation, so all his immediate family members of his generation are all three-character names like surname + light + X, such as x Guangming, x Guangying, and so on. But my second uncle alone does not have this generational character in his name. His name has only one character, Kun. This is very abnormal. If it is our generation, it is completely normal, but for those of our father’s generation who grew up in the mountains, it simply violates family rules. When I really decided to start the investigation, there were very few old people in the whole village. The vast majority of middle-aged elders were also working outside. The village can be said to be deserted on weekdays. I can almost say that I went from house to house looking for the old people I knew better, and then pretending to be homely, mentioning my second uncle intentionally or unconsciously. As a result, there are only three situations for the old people. The first one is that they don’t care, and don’t know if they are selectively deaf. Anyway, they automatically block the word Uncle. The second is to pass by one area. At most, there may be a flash of recollection in your eyes, and then you say that you and your second uncle look like you, and then never mention it. The third type is more straightforward, asking three questions. After a long investigation, I only learned two things, that is, my second uncle, who died before meeting, once had a lover, and the girl was pregnant at the time, but the two of them failed in the end and the girl disappeared. Without a trace. The second thing is that my name is given to my second uncle. But apart from this, there is no useful information. To be honest, it’s very frustrating, knowing that if these layers of mountains want to cover up a person, it’s too easy. This year, I went back to my hometown to rest alone, and I went to the grave for the elders. I also encountered auditory hallucinations on the way. It was in the afternoon, and the sky was gray. When I burned paper for my grandfather, maybe it suddenly occurred to me. I subconsciously chanted my second uncle’s name and burned him some. Then when I finished, I got up and walked down the mountain, but suddenly I heard someone calling my nickname. The voice was a man, very clear and careful, but could not tell the distance. I heard a total of three voices, but when I turned back, there was nothing but a dry field. I think it may be difficult for me to know the truth of this matter in my lifetime. ——After going to the grave this time, my thinking has also changed a lot. In the past, I always felt that even if some of what my father said was false, there would always be the truth. At that time, I thought about it, maybe my second uncle was not dead at all. I think it is possible, but I really can’t think of why the family has to tacitly cover up the traces of the second uncle’s existence. Is it any good for them to let the second uncle disappear from the family memory? I feel that since a person can live in one place for more than 20 years, it is impossible to have no traces of existence. Something must be left behind. But the old house has been demolished, and I cannot get information from it. This is really frustrating. I walked alone on the mud road in my hometown. I remembered that the second uncle who had long since disappeared might have also walked here more than 20 years ago. Everything in the family, household registration books, and elders’ ID cards are all hidden by my father. I don’t know where it is. There is no point in rushing to find them. I lay in bed thinking for a long time, and decided to go to the place where my second uncle used to work. It’s funny. According to my father, my second uncle used to work in another place, but he didn’t earn a cent after working for several years, and the whole family didn’t know where he was. Then one day, the second uncle suddenly came back, and then went to work in the town where his father worked, doing some small work for others. I drove to the town and found it a bit ironic. From elementary school to junior high school, due to my father’s work, I would go back to this town every weekend to live, but for more than ten years, I had no idea that another close relative was there. Traces have been left here. Because the time interval is too long, the town has long been eccentric, and it is simply too difficult to find the place where the second uncle had worked. But I remembered what my father said. According to my father, my second uncle was ignorant and went to KTV every day after he came to town. Later, he got drunk and provoked people at KTV, and he was killed by others at work. The town is naturally small, so a KTV from more than 20 years ago should not be too hard to find. I first went to a barber shop in the town, where the female boss was the elder who watched me grow up. Seeing that I came back suddenly, she was very surprised. I also sat down and chatted with her, and then deliberately or unconsciously mentioned what KTVs are there in the town. She only said that I was invited by a friend, and she talked about a few, and I asked if there is one that has been open for a long time. She told me that there was a KTV when she first opened the town. According to the address she gave, I worked a long time to find it. The town is not big, but there are many streets. There are many small alleys where people can’t find the south, east, west, and northwest. When I got to the ground, this KTV really appeared in front of me. To be honest, it was very shabby. I think my father may never think of it, but I can actually find this KTV that has existed for more than 20 years with just a word of his mouth. I’m very nervous and anxious. I don’t know if the boss has changed, and I don’t know how the boss will react when I say the second uncle’s name. But I got in after all. ——Furthermore, this KTV room is a bit shabby, but it feels like a K-karaoke hall more than ten years ago. Inside is a dark corridor, maybe I came early, the whole room is silent, all the doors are ajar, it is estimated that they have just been cleaned. I yelled at the front desk for a long time, and finally called out the boss. The boss looks like he is about 40 or 50 years old, a middle-aged man, wearing a black coat, and his hair is messy. When he saw me, he was stunned for a moment, and then he asked me what I was doing with a little irritability. Without circumstance, I told him straight to the point that I’m here to find someone, and have I seen X Kun. However, there are always many differences between reality and imagination. I didn’t ask anything. The boss didn’t know anything about it. He even suspected that I left it here to make up and deceive. So all the clues were interrupted, and I found a restaurant and sat there, feeling very tired for a while. It’s hard to describe this kind of feeling, but it’s really frustrating. I ordered a green pepper shredded pork rice bowl, and when I was filling my stomach, I suddenly had an idea and thought of someone. This person’s surname is Liang and he runs a private clinic in the town. He and my father have a close relationship, and even his son and I have grown up since childhood. It was such a coincidence. I calculated the time. According to my father’s previous statement, when he first came to the town unit, he met the doctor surnamed Liang. Then it can be deduced that after they met, I will be the second. Uncle just arrived in town. There was not much time, so I hurried to find Uncle Liang after eating. His son is still studying at the University of Medicine, so he is the only one in the family. His wife and his youngest son are studying in Chengdu. Uncle Liang was sitting on the first floor asking for a doctor. He was surprised to see me here. He asked me if I came to see him, or if there was something at home. I said it was okay, saying that there was a former friend in town on his birthday. I drove over to accompany him, and then passed by you, so I came to see you. I sat down and chatted with Uncle Liang. Through the topic, I got to my second uncle. I happily said that I saw a picture of my second uncle at home some time ago, and I didn’t know what he was doing in the town before. Uncle Liang also smiled when he heard the words, and told me that he recognized my second uncle. He is very handsome, but he has a bad personality and likes to drink. He went on to say, which street your second uncle lived in before, and your dad and I went to see him together and drank in his house. After talking, I hurriedly said goodbye, looked for the address along the way, and finally found this house in a demolition area far away from the town. Here are all houses that are about to be demolished or have already been demolished. The ground is full of ruins, overgrown with weeds, and a dilapidated scene. It is estimated that it has been several decades since I visited the house. What’s more, I always have an obscure fear in my heart for this dilapidated old-fashioned building. This is probably because of the memory of my family when I was young, and it was also in a cramped, dilapidated room. The sky is gray, and if there is no green grass all the year round, it seems that there is no anger at all. I stood downstairs and looked at this house. The breath of life has carved eye-catching traces here. There are pots and pans scattered around, broken glass, and some balconies even hanging many clothes, so that I don’t know if anyone lives. But after thinking about it, I felt a little desperate. I don’t even know which room my second uncle lived in, or whether the house he lived in has changed owners in the past two decades. Do you really want to find one after another. I looked at the windows full of black shadows, it seemed that there were people standing there everywhere, peering at me from a distance, and I shuddered a little. This is the end, you still have to bite the bullet and go in. I just took a step on my front foot and heard a cough in the next second. The voice was very clear, and for a moment, I felt I hit a ghost. I stiffened and looked around. It turned out to be an old man riding a bicycle home. The old man was wearing a blue Chinese tunic suit, and there was a large pocket on the back seat of the bicycle, which was stuffed with waste. It turns out that there are really people living here, so surprised I hurried forward to say hello to the old man. But the old man turned out to be dumb, and his nerves seemed abnormal. When he saw me coming, he just held the bicycle still and stared at me. His eyes are like glaucoma, and his entire face is like wrinkled tree bark, which looks extremely crippled in the gray weather. At that moment I wanted to scold someone, to be honest, because I was persuaded


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7 months ago

It should be me… I disappeared every week and on New Year’s Day and I couldn’t find anyone. Every night at 9 o’clock in the evening, the phone shuts down and I get up before 6 in the morning. There is always a strange sound of reading in the room. There is a room at home that no one can enter except me. When I enter, there will be thick smoke from the window. Is it easy to be a Taoist priest?

7 months ago

Yes, I think it’s quite infiltrating. It was a female colleague who left without resigning. I still remember that it was my first year of employment. A group of new people came to the office, and the team leader asked me to bring a new person, a woman, who was married. When I was not familiar with her at first, I felt, are people with this face healthy? It was pale and bloodless, and I was not familiar with it at first, and I couldn’t ask people if you were not in good health. A few days later, during the lunch break, she sat opposite me and suddenly said to me, do you believe in Pen Xian? I was eating dinner. I was surprised. I looked at her. After a few seconds after she looked at me, she smiled. She smiled with her pale face. I thought it was quite scary. I said, “I have watched TV, and I know something about it.” She told me that she had asked twice. She asked for a pen fairy for the first time. In the evening, she and her husband were at home with a piece of paper on a table. , With Chinese characters on it. Two people hold a pen and then read the spell. I can’t remember the specific steps. It was four or five years ago. I only thought of her when I saw this problem today. Let me just talk about the key point, she said, after the operation spell is finished, you can ask, is the pen fairy there? Then she and her husband held the pen, and the pen moved by itself and drew on the “yes” on the paper. At first, she didn’t believe in this thing. Then she asked, how many children will I have? The pen moved to the “two”, and she and her husband looked at each other, and instantly felt that the pen was not accurate at all. At present, she and her husband have been married for more than two years and have no children. (Two more years later, she really gave birth to a son and a daughter, and then she really believed in it) She said that after the first invitation, why did she believe it later, because she still asked One question, she asked, what is the last name of my husband’s boss? When the brush reached “Wang”, she and her husband didn’t dare to gasp. Her husband’s surname was Wang. Then she asked again, how many children does her husband’s boss have? The stroke was on “three”, and according to what she and her husband knew, the husband’s boss had only two children, one son and one daughter. It felt boring in an instant, and later sent Pen Xian away, and the couple didn’t mention it again. After the first time, suddenly one day, her husband called her and said that his boss had three children, and one of them died of illness when he was a child. He also heard gossip about it among colleagues. She and her husband were still shocked and sweaty. When I asked the pen cents for the second time, I prepared a few questions before asking. Hahaha (there is a lottery number issue that everyone is concerned about). She said that later she learned that not every time I asked was a pen cent. The second time she asked, are you the same as the last time? The pen reached “No”, and then she asked, will my husband and I grow old together? When the stroke reached “Yes”, she felt happy for a while, seeing her husband’s eyes full of love, and then she asked, what is the lottery number for this issue? That pen made the first three words “I don’t know” (I really wanted to laugh after I heard about this) and I said, “Could it be an ancient pen fairy? I don’t know the lottery winning number?” My colleague laughed and said, who knows, I asked a question later and planned to send the pen fairy away, because it is bad for people after a long time, and the pen fairy will not want to leave. If the pen fairy does not leave, There will be big trouble. I asked, “What else did you ask?” She said, her husband asked, when will they get rich? When the pen reached “No”, his husband became angry, and when he let go of his hand, the pen went straight off. She was terrified at the time because Bi Xian had not been sent away. The next day her husband fell ill and said that he was very unwell. It continued for two or three days and still did not see anything wrong in the hospital, but it was Uncomfortable. She told her family about this, and also asked the pen fairy, maybe she didn’t send it away, and then the family found a goddess to show her husband. After reading it, I realized that the second time I invited Bi Xian was the landlord’s mother, and the first half of the month had just left. Then, after burning the paper and reciting a pass, the next day the person will be fine. This matter is over, the next two people have been more than a year now, and they haven’t been invited again. She also asked me, “Do you want to invite a pen immortal?” I shook my head suddenly, and I said, I don’t think I have much to ask, I like to recklessly. I was scared to death at the time, and thought to myself: Who would dare to play such a thing? . . . On the third day after she told me about this, she didn’t come to work, didn’t answer the phone, and couldn’t contact the company. Even if I quit my job voluntarily later, I still don’t understand why I didn’t come to work? Normally, if you don’t do it, you will also talk to your colleagues or something, saying that you don’t want to do it, what? Anyway, it’s just like the world has evaporated, and you didn’t come to work silently, and you couldn’t get in touch. It’s urgent. The contact phone cannot be reached either. This matter still seems quite mysterious to me, mainly she is a woman, her face is white and there is no blood at all, you say that she has the same face as the person who is going to be engulfed, I believe it. Maybe what she said is still concealed from us, maybe more than two times to ask pen cents. Because I heard my grandmother say that when dealing with unclean things, people’s essence, qi and blood will be exhausted, their complexion is not good, and there is no bloody color!

7 months ago

I met a blind fortune teller on the roadside in Chinatown next to Soho in New York (not the one in Flushing) in August last year (19 years). Because it was so special, I also wrote it down on my notebook. At that time, I rushed back to New York to start school. At that time, the plane landed at 11 o’clock in the evening, and it was almost 1 o’clock in the morning after I left customs to pick up my luggage. I arrived at the hotel almost 2 o’clock in the morning. I left my luggage and swiped my phone to scan until dawn. +The next morning I had to catch the bus early in the morning) It was too boring and too sleepy at 5 am and 6 am, but I was very hungry and couldn’t sleep because I was afraid that I would have fallen asleep. I decided to go and see Chinatown. Is there any delicious breakfast nearby? When I arrived in Chinatown, it was almost around 6 o’clock. There are already a lot of people who start to work in the morning, which is kind of crowded. There are a lot of street vendors (there is no urban management) selling everything, I don’t care about these, I just want to go to the morning tea shop I’m looking forward to online. When I passed by a small stall, a gray-haired grandfather with round sunglasses and a gray coat called me and called out my last name directly! The main reason was that I directly shouted out my last name and I looked back subconsciously; although it is one of the top 8 surnames in the common family, it is still relatively common, but I am sure that the only person around me who looks back is me, and the old man is also facing I watched it. Then I pointed to myself to confirm to him whether I was calling myself, and he nodded to confirm…I was puzzled by two points: first, how did he know my surname; second, how could he be a blind person? One of a group of pedestrians nodded in this direction accurately, knowing that I didn’t say a word along the way (I thought he was not blind at first, knowing that he noticed the blind fortune-telling words written on his booth) I naturally walked over Question: What did the old man ask me for? Old man: Mr. x (me)… (said some very mysterious terms about the Five Elements, Eight Diagrams, Shanhaijing, Yijing, etc.) The old man with 10 knives will help you count a hexagram to solve your doubts (in his tone) I’m very confident and have a strong voice, and I feel like I’m being pinched to death.) Me: How do you know my last name, sir? (Highly suspected of being a liar) The old man smiled first, and then said: Ten dollars counts as a hexagram, to relieve worries and troubles. The young man did not deceive me. At that time, I had 10 dollars in cash in my wallet, so I gave it to him. , Has a voice function, can report the amount to him), and then ask him: help me calculate a divination, by the way, how do you know my surname old man: Hey, I just call out casually, you and me meet is fate (stop feeling Deceived) Old Fu Rong counted a hexagram and asked for my birthday, so he started to operate. While waiting for him to operate, I was thinking about whether to slip away (I feel cheated, just be a charity, don’t waste my time for cooking) Old man:… (a bunch of metaphysical terms) The current situation changes around Mr. X’s birthday next year And there will be disasters; next year Mr. X will pass through southern Tibet, but Mr. X and southern Tibet have an indissoluble bond. It can be said that they are mutually reinforcing and restrain each other. You should be more careful; the old man gave you a bracelet to keep you safe and happy… (About me Some future messages and suggestions) I felt very disgusted at the time. After all, it was said that there were disasters around my birthday and it was bad luck, and I have never passed through southern Tibet since I was born, nor have any international flights flown there. On the other hand, I feel that he doesn’t want to be blind anymore. He is so skilled that he can’t feel that he is a handicapped person… So I felt cheated, but I didn’t think too much about it. It’s just a charity, and it’s not. I didn’t find anything. I asked for a body bracelet. I don’t usually bring any decorations on my hand (including watches, I don’t like to wear them), so I put this bracelet in my wallet. It’s not a big deal. Of…but I don’t feel scared until now: my birthday was at the beginning of February, and the new crown broke out at the end of January this year…Although I was still in the United States at that time, it started to break out in the United States in mid-March…. …When I returned to China in August, due to the epidemic, I did not take the routes I used to take. When I returned from New York, I transferred from Egypt to my country, so for the first time in my life, I flew over southern Tibet (in It was confirmed on the plane that I would fly over southern Tibet several times, and then I started to be scared.) But I happened to take the wallet with the bracelet, and then I arrived in the country with a smooth wind… Now it’s weird to think about it…

7 months ago

My grandmother is a Gu breeder in Miao Village.

Before she died, she gave me the King of Gu-Golden Silkworm Gu.

At that time, my throat felt cold, and the fat, fleshy silkworm chrysalis ran down my esophagus and into my stomach. Then a fishy smell churned in my esophagus.

Grandma said, this golden silkworm Gu is alive, if I can’t surrender it within a year, I will definitely die!

7 months ago

At the end of August 2007, my grandmother became seriously ill.
My mother told me that my grandmother was suffering from cancer, which was the advanced stage of gastric cancer. There should be no cure.
When I met my grandmother, her life had entered the final moment.
There are many people gathered in the old house. Except for my aunt who is far away in Karamay, Xinjiang, most of the relatives have returned. I met my second aunt, my uncle, several cousins, and others. Grandma was lying in the bedroom with the back of the sun. When I walked in, I smelled a musty smell. I feel sour. Grandma is a clean person, but she is also an old man after all.
Mother said, “Mom, Lu Zuo has come to see you!”
Inside the yellow bed, there is an old lady who is dying, her hair is snow-white, her skin is like old pine bark, her face is black and yellow with old age spots, her eyes are dull, and her crooked mouth still has some salivation. The mind is completely unclear. This is my grandmother, an old man close to death.
I held her chicken-foot-like hand, and she didn’t react at all. After a while, she glanced at me and fell asleep again.
My mother said to me, “I can’t recognize anyone anymore.” She shook her head and sighed.
I stayed in Dunzhai for two days, and my grandmother was always in a state of haze and never woke up. Several relatives were discussing whether to send grandma to the city hospital for treatment, but they could not reach a consensus. My brother-in-law said that we should respect my grandmother’s opinion and stop tossing back and forth-his family’s conditions are not good, and he has already spent a lot of money on my grandma’s illness.
At this time, one of my cousins ​​who was taking care of my grandmother ran to the main room and said that grandmother was sober and called us over.
“You are Lu Zuo” Grandma lay on the bed with dim eyes and looked at me. I nodded, and she asked, “When were you born?” My mother interrupted and said, “A Zuo was born in 1986 and 21.” Grandma shook her head hard, and asked, “When were you born? ……month.”
“August 20th, the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month,” I said.
Suddenly, grandma’s eyes lit up, and then she coughed loudly, and there seemed to be sputum in her chest. I patted her on the back. After a few minutes, she finally vomited a thick black sputum. Then she raised her head and said, “Master, you are finally here.”
Grandma’s spirit suddenly improved a lot, and she could actually get out of bed. She directed her uncle to dig out a small clay jar in a clearing behind the house. The mouth of the jar was thick oiled paper used to make umbrellas earlier. Along with the jar unearthed is a wooden box with a thick thread-bound book with yellow pages.
Grandma pushed her daughter away, and tremblingly came to the short coffee table with the clay jar. She muttered in Miao language, shaking and waving her hands in the air. This lasted for about ten minutes, after which she suddenly uncovered the oil paper.
It was dark inside, and after a while, a golden silkworm pupa crawled out.
This silkworm chrysalis is fat and fleshy, about the size of an adult’s thumb, and its eyes have degenerated into black spots. There are dozens of pairs of feet on the plump body, and two pairs of soft, paper-like wings are attached to it. I stared at the black spot on its head, not at all fat and cute, but felt a strange light radiating from it.
Grandma is still speaking the vague Miao language, grunting, I haven’t learned it before, so I don’t understand.
Suddenly, her finger pointed to me.
The silkworm chrysalis turned into a golden thread, and suddenly got into my mouth amidst the exclamation of others.
There was a cold in my throat, and I felt something flowing down the esophagus and into my stomach.
Then a fishy smell churned in the esophagus, and I suddenly found it difficult to breathe, as if the lobe of the lungs had been eaten away, there seemed to be a piece missing in my heart, and another organ in my body. With the stinking smell, the overwhelming nausea pulled all my thoughts away. Inexplicably, I felt a numb scalp and passed out.
Grandma died, the day after she woke up.
She walked peacefully. Before leaving, she took my hand and told me many things. She said that the food she gave me yesterday was called Golden Silkworm Gu. It is the king of Gu, which can prolong life, strengthen the body, and have many uses, but because of Gu It has been in the box for too long, so it is poisonous. On the first and fifteenth day of every month, at 12 o’clock in the morning, when toxins are involved, there will be painful pain. If you want to detoxify, you only have to find dwarf mule hatgrass to eat.
Grandma also told me that this Golden Silkworm Gu is alive, and if I can’t surrender it within a year, I will definitely die—”If you don’t enjoy the life of the Golden Silkworm Gu, come down and be my company.” Except for the Golden Silkworm Gu. My grandmother also left me a broken manuscript called “Twelve Ways to Suppress the Mountains”.
Chapter Two: Gu Poison Attacks, Need to Find a Remedy
“The Twelve Methods of Suppressing the Mountains” has twelve parts, including altar dipping, sermons, witch doctors, cultivating gu, talisman, curse, divination, praying for rain, realizing dreams, body disease, worshiping gods, and solids. The whole book is copied in traditional characters, with many scribbled notes, catalogs and experiences interspersed in the middle. The thickness is half a finger, and there are some mixed feelings recorded in the last chapter.
Because it is a traditional Chinese character, it is hand-copied, half of the text is half white, and there are still a few pages, which makes it very difficult to read.
My mother was worried when I was doing my grandma’s funeral, but I didn’t pay much attention to these things. Apart from looking through the thick book when I was idle and bored, I was so busy with funerals that I almost forgot about the Swallowing Insect Gu. Thing. On the third day of the funeral, I packed up my bags and prepared to return to Dongguan. My mother left me at home and waited for another two days.
“Why” I asked her, and my mother told me that tomorrow is the first day of the new year, to see if what my grandmother said is true.
The mother said with a frown, “She never tells her family. Alas, she was going to let me take over, but I was afraid of bugs, so I refused. Later, she didn’t mention it again. Why did it get you? Oh, I knew I wouldn’t call you back.” I laughed at my mother and made a fuss, but I didn’t care. I promised to stay at home for a few days and find friends to play with.
The next day, I came back from a home where I had a drink. It was late at night, but my mother did not sleep.
She asked me why I didn’t listen to her and didn’t stay at home and be well. I saw her pale and biting her lips tightly. I thought she was sick. It was already eleven o’clock in the evening. My mother said that she was not sick, and she and my father were sitting in the main room, accompany me solemnly, waiting for the arrival of twelve o’clock.
I found that there were two bundles of red cloth and a few handfuls of mugwort on the door beams of the main hall of my house, and there were some small pieces of millet beside the wooden threshold. Seeing their heavy heart, I felt a little uncomfortable myself. Seeing that I still didn’t believe me, my mother told me something about the past: meristem seedlings and mature seedlings of the Miao ethnic group. The seedlings are isolated from the world, while the mature seedlings are. It was Sinicized, mixed living, not living in stockades, not offering sacrifices, but not even speaking the Miao language. My grandmother lived in Dunzhai all her life, and she was a seedling village in her early years. At that time, the authority of the patriarch was greater than the sky. The only thing the patriarch was afraid of was my grandmother. When my grandmother was young, she was a beautiful woman from all over the world. Many people were greedy. Later, she didn’t know what happened to her, so she learned witchcraft from the goddess in the Miao Village in the deep mountains.
The goddess of Miao Village is just a kind of name, there are males and females, and the goddess my grandmother and my grandmother are talking to is a man.
The Miao people are good at raising Gu, especially the Miao people on the Shiwan Dashan side. In the early years, the mountain was not developed and it was inaccessible. Venomous snakes, centipedes, lizards, earthworms, toads and other poisons were scattered all over the mountains and plains. When you see more, you will gradually understand the toxicity. My grandmother’s master was a master of gu raising. Before 1949, even in the entire western Hunan region, he was quite famous. But then he died. He died in a mountain nest with no one to care about. The intestines of the corpse were pulled by wild dogs to a length of five meters, and all of them were white maggots.
Later, my grandmother became the goddess of Miao Village.
In 1950, there were bandits in Xiangxi. A bandit leader from Xiangxi passed by Dunzhai. He fell in love with a girl in the village and wanted to rob him. Later, he found that there were too many barbarians in the Miao village and they were not afraid of death. Levy some food to go. Grandma just murmured a few words to them, and said nothing. Later, the liaison officer of the People’s Liberation Army in the town told the people in Zhaizi that the 18 bandits entrenched in the Qingshan realm, including the leader, were all killed and died of vicious diseases. Hundreds of worms came out of the corpse. Now, it is honeycomb.

Mother intermittently told me many old stories about my grandmother. Some of these were told by honest grandpas, and some were told by old people in the stockade. Only then did I know that I had always been regarded as a feudal superstitious grandma, and there were still such beautiful things when I was young. It wasn’t until the 1970s and 1980s that the administration went to the countryside, and the stockade gradually got in touch with the outside world. The grandmother began to fade out of the eyes of outsiders.
“When you went to work, we all stopped. As a result, your grandmother helped you to see the incense. She said that you are as good as a jade and you need to suffer. Letting you go to the outside world and suffer a little bit will be helpful for your future life. So, You still have to thank your grandma for being like this.” My mother said. I smiled and didn’t catch up. Over the years, I have also known some things about fortune-telling. This thing pays attention to the fictitious and the real, and it belongs to the category of psychology.
At this time, the electronic clock in the hall suddenly went to twelve o’clock and clanged.
My mother suddenly stopped talking, and looked at me in fear with my father.
I was puzzled by the sight, and I cast my sights on the glass decoration beside the shrine of the main house. I saw my face in the mirror withered like gold leaf, terribly yellow, and black stripes wandering on my forehead. I stared at my eyes, a sharp pain rose from the left side of my abdomen, wave after wave, raging like a tide… I looked at my mother as if she was talking to me, but what was in my ears. I couldn’t hear it, and then I felt that the world was destroyed—but I was not unconscious.
Then I felt a mass of things wandering between my belly.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soh
The pain lasted for ten minutes, and my brain was sober for ten minutes. Every bit of pain was clear and vivid in my eyes. Then the world was distorted, and there seemed to be all kinds of evil spirits crawling out on the ground.
Later, I heard that someone quantified the level of pain, saying that if you calculate the pain value of a broken rib, a woman gives birth almost ten times. I always thought that my pain should be twice that of childbirth—because I also broke my ribs several times later.
When I recovered my consciousness, I found myself lying on the ground, sweating all over my body, as if I had just been fished out of the water. My mother and father were trembling with fright and were afraid to come and help me. A pool of water on the ground, sweat, and my incontinent excrement and urine made the hall smelly. My mother was cursing the soul: “You old immortal, even your grandchildren are killed. You deserve to die forever. You immortal, don’t come and pester my family Lu Zuo again…”
She scolded very badly. This is the custom in our hometown. If the elders die and come back to find their relatives, they must be scolded back. But my hands and feet were cold, and it took a long time to believe that this was not a dream, and I got up shivering.
I suddenly thought of a question. Today, it should be my grandmother’s first seven.
That night I studied the book my grandmother left me for half the night. Because the handwriting was too scribble, the mood was complicated, and I was always in fear of the unknown, so I didn’t find much.
Early the next morning, I took the county shuttle bus to a tertiary hospital in the city. After I registered the number, I had a full body checkup, which cost nearly 6,000 yuan. However, in the afternoon, the doctor told me that my body was very good and very healthy, and I didn’t have the sub-healthy state of ordinary people, and my body function was gradually changing in a good direction. In the perspective films I took, I didn’t see anything more inside the body.
I truthfully told the old doctor who received me about my situation. He was silent for a long time and told me about two possibilities: 1. Psychological or mental hallucination pain. This kind of thing often occurs in drug dependents, mentally ill patients, taking stimulant drugs, neurogenic plant pollen, etc.; 2. There are many things in occult science that cannot be explained by science, such as the situation I encountered. Yang Gu has a long history, and it spreads in South China, Treasure Island, Fragrant Island and many parts of Southeast Asia. Someone suggested that Gu is actually a virus nourished by poisonous insects, but he also didn’t know. If it is true, then it is useless to seek medical advice, only to find relevant people to solve it.
Our place has always been a place where ethnic minorities live in concentrated communities. Now the administrative unit is not called a city, it is called a Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. The old doctors have been here for decades and naturally they know a little bit, but maybe the hospital has regulations, he is very To be honest, I dare not say much about these, just tell me to look for it. I had no way and refused to go. After being entangled by me for a long time, he told me that there was a goddess named Long Laolan in the Miao Village under Jinping County, which was said to be very effective. When I heard this, my face turned white after a brush.
My grandma’s name is Long Laolan.
On the way home, Agen, my partner who opened a jewelry store in Dongguan, called me and asked me when I would go back. Something happened in the store. There was a little girl who looked at the counter who did not do it. She was usually the most convinced. I, I will go back and persuade her if I have time. There were only a dozen people under Agen and I. At that time, there was no labor shortage in Guangdong, but the girl he said had a very good business and it was a pity to leave. But I was not in the mood to care about these things, so I asked her why she quit.
Agen said that the girl’s boyfriend is a stick (that is, a bad guy), and if she doesn’t do anything to raise her, her salary can’t support the two people’s lavish spending, so her boyfriend persuaded her to go to sea. Agen said that going to the sea means to be a chicken. Most of the prostitutes in Dongguan are migrant workers. This situation became more serious after the 2008 financial crisis. Pursing my mouth, I couldn’t help thinking of the girl with big eyes and bright like two wells overflowing with water.
I told Agen, I have something to go back here, let him tell the girl, either I help her find another honest man to live well, or get out, never show up in front of my eyes-I don’t bother to see this Kind of slut.
A Gen sighed on the phone, I remembered that A Gen seemed to be a little bit interested in that little girl.
After I got home, I began to study the “Twelve Methods of Suppressing the Mountains” carefully, and after half an hour I found the record of the Golden Silkworm Gu that my grandmother gave me.
This is within three days of the Dragon Boat Festival on the 5th day of the lunar calendar. The snakes, eels, centipedes, frogs, scorpions, earthworms, big green caterpillars, praying mantis, cockroaches, four-legged snakes, spiders, and black-headed iron ants have been caught within three days of the Dragon Boat Festival. A large earthen clay pot made of brownstone is sealed in a large pottery jar, so that they can kill each other and swallow each other. The more poisonous eats the less poisonous, the strong eats the weak. They pray once a day before going to bed and once a day when they wake up to pray. In the end, only one remained. The shape and color of this one have changed, and it is called Golden Silkworm Gu.
And this was the first step. The only thing I swallowed was refined by my grandmother for decades, and it was used to make my natal Gu.
This kind of golden silkworm Gu, which has been isolated from the world for decades and lives in the darkness all year round, has a very violent temperament. The talent is suitable and will not die immediately. Of course, this is only the first step. To completely suppress the fierce nature of the Golden Silkworm Gu, one must take a kind of grass.
This kind of grass is called dragon fern

7 months ago

Mandrill wild monster, Xiangqian dwarf mule
Dwarf mule is regarded as a curse in many local dialects. For example, in Baodao, it means punk, but in our hometown, or in the area of ​​Hunan and Guizhou, it can only be used to express one meaning: mandrill wild monsters.
There are many rumors about mandrill wild monsters everywhere, and I will not repeat them one by one.
The dwarf mule I am talking about is a kind of mandrill rumored in the mountains in my hometown. They are short, no more than tens of centimeters, and always wear red straw hats. Their outer skin is green or purple. Some people say they are red and fluffy. They always appear in groups, and they like to be cute and playful. For example, they will turn the lunch that farmers take to the ground to stone, or poop in the pots and stoves of the mountain people who have offended them. For example, some people in mountain villages go to the ground to eat mud in the middle of the night and feel that when they return home to sleep. Very full-this is the bewilderment of the short mule.
The red straw hats they wear are made of dragon fern straw. This kind of grass is said to come from the age of dinosaurs tens of millions of years ago.
Of course, these are just legends. When I was in high school, I lived in the dormitory of the school, and every classmate had a story like this.
It can’t be said to be true, nor can it be said to be false, but the students from the village on the west side of Qingshan Realm say it most.
I studied the broken book for a whole day, and when I ate in the evening, I told my parents that I was going to take a trip to Qingshan Realm—whether it is a blessing or a curse, or a curse that cannot be avoided. To be honest, I have lingering fears about the kind of pain that happened on the first night of the first year of the new year. The pain is simply beyond the range that humans can bear. For a certain period of time, I even thought of dying.
Mother looked at the portrait of grandma on the shrine without speaking, sighed and shed tears. My father said that my brother-in-law was in the Qingshanjie Forest Farm, and I was looking for a short mule, so I went to my brother-in-law. He stayed at the forest farm and guarded the forest hut, so the two of them could have a caregiver.
That night my father hung up the phone and I set off the next morning.
My uncle is a formal employee of the County Forestry Bureau. He works on forest protection and forest fire prevention in remote forest farms all the year round. The green mountain boundary is a boundary to the west of the county seat. It is a virgin forest that is inaccessible to people because of high mountains and ridges, birds and beasts are hard to fly. The county forestry bureau has a station there, and my uncle is on duty in the deepest forest hut.
I set off in the morning, transferred from the county town to the village, then transferred to the forest farm, and then walked along the mountain road all the way to the forest hut. After some tossing, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon. It was summer at that time, and the sky was still bright, and there was no cell phone signal in the deep mountains and old forests, but fortunately there was a telephone line laid in the early years, so my uncle was notified and stood at the slope early to wait for me.
I gave him some gifts, wine and cigarettes, and he happily accepted them.
Their shoulin hut is a lime-painted house (that is, a brick house), which is very different from the wooden house I have seen along the way. There are only two rooms, one kitchen and one bedroom. A pot of meat has been boiled in the kitchen, and the fragrance is wafting from a distance. There was also a person inside, a thin man in his thirties, who smiled at me hehe, showing his smoky yellow teeth.
My uncle introduced me to his colleague, Li Decai, and asked me to be Li Shu. Li Decai hurriedly declined and said he was good brother. He said that he had met me at his uncle’s house before, how good a young man is. Eight or nine years have passed in a flash. At that time, he was still an offspring who hadn’t been asked by his aunts and aunts at that time. , Now the children are dragging their noses and running around.
Li Decai’s face was dark, his skin was very rough, and there was a scar on his left face. He looked fierce, but he was kind.
We sat down to eat, the pot was boiled with rabbit meat, and there were two enough, both of which were beaten a few days ago. The job of guarding the old woods is very boring, and my uncle and the others will often use air guns to shoot wild things, secretly, and no one cares. The vegetables are picked from the vegetable plot next to them, and they are also fresh. I drove the wine I bought and chatted with them while drinking. The uncle already knew what I was coming from, so he scolded my grandmother out of drunkenness: “She’s just an old beggar who engages in bugs and superstition all the time. Now she’s dying, and it’s going to harm you!”
I was already a little scared of these things at that time, and since she was my grandmother, I didn’t follow his words, but Li De Caishun also cursed a few words. After eating meat and drinking, I talked about the dwarf mule. I asked the uncle if he had seen him. The uncle laughed and said that he had lived for almost fifty years, but he had never seen one. It was all rumored by others. Made up.
He has spent his entire life in the deep mountains and old forests, protecting forests, fire prevention, and catching wood thieves. If he believed this, he would have been scared to death.
But Li Decai glanced at me with hesitation. I asked him if he had seen it before, and he said no.
After eating, I took the initiative to clean up, but my uncle refused to let me go and said to take me outside while it was still light. When I got out of the house, the sky was slightly dark outside, and the setting sun was not visible in the lower part of the forest. I only saw the sunset reflecting the sky on the opposite mountain, which was brilliant and golden. We walked slowly along the mountain road covered with fallen leaves and branches, and my uncle coughed as we walked. He is an old smoker, but he dared not smoke when patrolling the forest, he just coughed.
The shoulin hut was on a small hill, and we walked several hundred meters. Uncle told me some interesting things about keeping the forest. In fact, this work is very boring. Every day, I walk on iron feet. I am cautiously guarded. I am very tired. However, he talked about something in a nearby village, which interested me: the nearest village is called it. Segai, Segai is located deep in the mountains. The fields are all terraced with slopes and ridges. The forest is also a state-owned forest farm, so it is very poor and clanging poor-some people go out to work and never come back in a lifetime. There was an old bachelor in the village. Because there was an old lady, he didn’t leave. He worked hard in the fields. At the age of 38, no woman would like to follow him. One day the year before last, he suddenly went to a gold shop in the county town to sell gold. It was a big pile, worth hundreds of thousands. Last year, the price of gold was 240 gram, his tuft was more than three kilograms. Later, Huang Laoya from the gold shop pressed him to 200, and he sold it for almost 300,000 yuan.
I said good luck, this guy didn’t know where he picked it up.
My uncle said yes, he said that he was lucky, and his ancestral grave was smoking. After he came back, he was going to start a small business in the town. However, people just can’t be too proud of what blessings and misfortunes rely on. Later, Huang Laoya brought a group of people to him and said that the tuo tuo he gave was placed in a safe, and it turned into bullshit that night, and asked him to pay back the money-how could gold become a bull? Shit is clearly bullying the old bachelor. As a result, a bunch of people couldn’t agree, Huang Laoya slapped the old bachelor, and later a lawsuit. Somehow, the court convicted the old bachelor of fraud, which was released this year.

7 months ago

The one who came to invite me is really someone who knows my heart. When I get rich, I will give you a mask made by yourself. Although I live far from death, I still encounter a lot of neuroses. Speaking of mystery, this is what my friends and I find the most mysterious. In order to be afraid of being hunted down, the following are all pseudonyms. My friend, Xiaohong, is single and has a good family background, and her parents are open-minded and favored, so she can play with her own temperament and is not in a hurry to find a boyfriend just because of marriage. His dad spoils her so much that he can’t find the big deal. Dad will support you for a lifetime. Until one day I met us mysteriously and said, ‘‘That cough cough, I’ve met my lover. ‘’At that time, we were talking about how various cats felt like they were ignoring her, thinking she’s going to have sex by herself. As a result, people just slapped the table and yelled: ‘’I’m tricking my friend! ‘’At that time, the whole cafe was quiet. Three seconds later, someone couldn’t help but laughed, and then everyone laughed wildly. The boss also smiled and said to our table: ‘My little girl, you’re still right to play with friends, but why bother to smash the table and drop the cup? What you know is that you announce that you are playing a friend, but what you don’t know is that you are going to smash our place. ‘’ There was another burst of laughter in the audience, Xiao Hong was still a little bit stretched, and buried her face in it after taking a cat. After smiling, we finally found out that she seemed to be right. Xiao Orange pulled away the cat and said seriously: “Xiao Hong, don’t hide your face behind the cat. Let the organization explain it to the organization. Don’t be burdened, fight Leniency. ‘’Xiao Hong just haggled and said crookedly, that boy they met when they went out together, he was very handsome and very handsome and gentleman…………. Anyway, everyone understands that when a girl falls in love, she feels that there is nothing in the sky that she likes, so we just sit and listen to her. After listening to her talk nonsense for about an hour, we summarized useful information as follows. The boy is called Xiaolan, a part-time lawyer, lives in Luhu Villa District, and his car is Volvo. He is single. It sounds very good, our eyes light up at once. How can we give up with such a big gossip that can enter the eyes of her old man’s law? Then we waited for Xiaolan to make his debut. Then she contacted less and less, even silently. We thought that she didn’t care too much when she saw Lu Wangyou. After all, she was still alive and occasionally greeted her on WeChat.

7 months ago

Yes! And it appears so strange, it is like a bug in the card world!!! Speaking of which, this person is an old lady who is more than sixty years old, and she should be a monk in her dress. At the beginning, I didn’t pay attention to this person. Only occasionally I heard my grandmother tell me: “Today there is a nun who praised the flowers you raised is so beautiful!” There is a small flower garden in my house, which is my world, and I will plant all kinds of flowers in it. . There are always people who love flowers, so I never cared. However, after a year of spring, when the flowering season was the most prosperous, and when the roses were blooming in the spring, my grandmother said to me again: “A nun is passing by today, praise your flowers are so beautiful!” Another year passed, spring. The grandmother said: “Today a nun said, your flowers are so beautiful!” I was very sensitive, so I became a little more careful. It’s another spring, and my roses are blooming beautifully. My grandmother suddenly said to me: “A nun is here today, saying that your flowers are so beautiful!” I finally couldn’t help but asked, “Grandma, do you know this nun?” Grandma thought for a while and shook her head. . I asked again: “Have you seen it nearby?” What I want to say here is that my grandmother is a little smart nearby. There are all kinds of people in the area, and there is no one she doesn’t know. Just listen to her reply to me: “I am not here, I have never seen it before.” After I heard it, I added: “But why does she say such a sentence every year when the flowers bloom?” Now it was my grandmother’s turn to wonder. “What is the time when the flowers bloom every year? Who? What did you say?” I said, “There is a nun, what you said, I ran over today to praise my flowers so beautifully!” Grandma laughed after listening. “Yes! There is a nun today.” I asked, “Don’t you remember? It has been many years since I planted flowers. Every spring, a nun came to praise my flowers. It looks good.” Grandma thought for a while, and then said, “Who always remembers this~” I said: “It’s inexplicable~” Grandma: “I think you are quite amazing~” “…” With these doubts, in the spring of next year, I will He stayed in the flower garden intentionally or unintentionally. Seeing that the rose is about to reach its full bloom, I suddenly felt a strange feeling in my heart for no reason. That day, I stood pruning under the peach tree. I vaguely heard the sound of footsteps, and somehow my mind began to “bump” non-stop, there was a kind of excitement about to know the truth. So, I quickly walked towards Qiangwei, but my legs didn’t know what was wrong, and it was a bit sour and could not keep up with my heart. I finally saw her, she was just an ordinary monk dressed up. When she saw me, she was taken aback for a moment, and then she smiled: “This flower is so beautiful.” I subconsciously returned to her: “Thank you!” Then, she suddenly reached out from the cloth bag slung over her body, as if to do something. , I quickly stopped her with eyesight and hand: “People who love flowers shouldn’t pick flowers.” When she heard this, her eyes seemed to flicker, and then she whispered: “I am not~” Then there was silence, a long silence. After a while, she looked at me and suddenly laughed: “You’ve grown up.” Before I could react, she left slowly. Leave me with a dazed look. Another spring. When my grandmother saw me coming back from get off work, she smiled and said, “Guess what, there is a nun today…” Before she finished speaking, I went on to say, “A nun said that my flowers are so beautiful.” Grandmother I was stunned and pointed to me and said, “How did you know? You didn’t go to work?” Actually, I was pruning in the flower garden a few days ago. When I saw the spring in the garden, I faintly felt that the man was coming. Up. I even amusedly left a sign next to the rose: People who love flowers don’t fold flowers~ Seeing that I didn’t reply, my grandmother said: “That person left something for you.” This time I was stunned, grandmother. I took it out of my pocket, and suddenly flashed before my eyes the picture of the person pulling out his hand from the cloth bag last year. Maybe… Maybe, that person didn’t want to break my flower. Is it really my villain’s heart~ I looked at the things spread out on my grandmother’s hands: a red date, a candy. Hahaha, does it look like a bug? Every time I go back to spring, when the flowers bloom, I think, it seems that a cycle of reincarnation has begun. An old nun who has never lived before will come, and he will definitely come. She would say exactly the same thing: “You are so beautiful.” But the question is, it seems that no one remembers her except me?

7 months ago

My father, he can meditate, just the kind that doesn’t feel numb all night. I was convinced. I learned from him when I was a kid. I couldn’t do it in a few minutes. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t have numb legs. I often wake up with leg cramps and pain in the middle of the night. I can’t help but call my dad over. He helps me rub my legs. The thief is useful. I will feel the place where he presses it. It’s not an illusion), the pain will disappear immediately. When I was young, I met an old man, or uncle, with black hair and short beard. My father called his uncle but it seemed that he was not much older than my father. When we met, he gave me a bell. My father was very angry. Ask him to take the bell back and warn me very seriously not to accept it. I never saw that grandpa again after that. There is still a wave of my dad who doesn’t see each other very much (not once in a few years), and he has not introduced him to friends (my mother seems to know each other, but she doesn’t say anything, it’s nothing to ask), because of others. I’ve seen many friends, uncles and uncles. There are only a few old classmates he is still in contact with, and one of them is my elementary school teacher. So occasionally he said to meet his old classmates, but I know that those old classmates didn’t meet at all. Here I even doubt if he has an affair, but it is impossible. My father is very honest. My mother is the first and I am the second. All the wages are handed over to my mother, and if I have some change, I will give me red envelopes to buy fruit. One more thing, once he went to a party with an old classmate I didn’t know, and when he came back, he was drunk. I helped my mother move him back to the room and heard him talking intermittently, which probably meant, “Wang Yao (this sound, I don’t know if it’s these two words) This kid is married today. He was still so young and chased me and called Master, asking me to buy him some snacks (snacks). Xiaofan also has something for him. Give it to him today. His senior brother was the best man and looked very handsome. When he was a child, he cut his hair and cried to death…”Oh, it turns out that my dad has a disciple behind me! More than one! ! ! But when I asked him, he had an expression that I didn’t understand what you were saying. Forget it, biologically, this dad can still deny Zhedi.

7 months ago

Five years ago, I went to work at the Wenzhou factory. In the park, I often see an uncle wearing a white shirt, black trousers and leather shoes, and a delicate haircut, cleaning up. Unless it is rainy, every morning at around 8:30, I will see him sweeping the floor when I enter the gate of the factory. Every time I see him, I feel that he is in a good state of mind. After seeing him for a long time, I slowly go from greeting him to chatting together during the break. I usually smoke, and once I chatted with him and took out a cigarette for him. He said he doesn’t smoke now. I asked him if he used to smoke, but now he has quit? He said that when he was an official, he smoked one or two packs a day in Zhonghua, and then retired. If he bought cigarettes, he would spend more than half of his monthly retirement salary, so he quit smoking. Since he is from Hunan, he speaks with a heavy Hunan accent. He said he used to be the secretary of the “Petrochemical Bureau”. I didn’t know for a long time what he meant by “Petrochemical Bureau”? I didn’t know until later that he was talking about the “Judicial Bureau.” After gradually getting acquainted, I realized that this uncle was unusual in life. He graduated from high school at the age of 18 and went to join the army in Hainan. He stayed in the army until the age of 40 and worked at the regiment level. In the army, he once won a second-class merit and a third-class merit. After that, he voluntarily asked to change jobs to his hometown and work in the local government. Many of his family contemporaries are soldiers, and the highest position is his brother-in-law, who served as a lieutenant general, who once liberated Hainan Island. When I found out, I also joked with him and asked him why he couldn’t find his brother-in-law in the first place, so that he could get his position higher. His lover used to work in the local supply and marketing cooperative, but was laid off after the supply and marketing cooperative was cancelled. He also did not use his power to seek a position as a civil servant in the government for his lover. He also has three daughters and a son. The eldest daughter and the second daughter are both teachers. The youngest daughter wanted to study art after graduating from high school, but he didn’t have support, so she ran away from home and went to Wenzhou to work. His wife also cleans the factory where his little daughter works. What he eats and uses in his daily life is also very simple. Once I asked him: Your retirement salary is quite high, why don’t you live a better life. He said: His son works at Wen Medical University and wants to save money to buy a house for his son. Every day he goes to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening and gets up at 6 o’clock in the morning. He also often advised me to get up and go to bed early, but at that time he liked to play, and without his perseverance, I would still go to bed late every day and get up late. One day he approached me and said to me: Xiaoshuai, my hometown is building a highway in the rural area, and my house needs to be demolished. I have to go back to deal with it, and I might not come back later. Saying, take out a piece of paper and give me “the above is my phone number, I hope to be able to contact in the future” (after he retired, he returned to the government the house in the government compound and moved to his home village) due to the loss of his mobile phone , The contact between my uncle and I was also interrupted. Over the past five years, I have often thought of the honest uncle who dedicated his life to the country and did not covet the country’s cheapness.

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